No Need to Lose Knowledge Because of IT Outsourcing

September 18, 2013

A lack of experienced and proper IT specialists is a real threat to Europe. This shortage grows more acute and will obstruct innovation in our knowledge-driven economy in the short run.

Outsourcing would be the answer. Despite the fact that the term has picked up numerous negative connotations over the last twenty years, which is due in large part because of the (wrong) image that outsourcing also involves risks with respect to loss of core knowledge and vendor opportunism that is compounded by the distance separating the client and vendor.


How to Hire .Net Developers Offshore?

August 23, 2013

IT staffing is very different from the way recruitment agencies work. The power of these firms is that they offer not just recruitment services, but the full package: organizing a workplace and equipment for your team, providing remote team management tools for you, offering subsidiary staff (e.g. accountants) and management staff. Besides, when you hire .NET programmers with an IT staffing company, you know the HRs who will be pre-selecting the candidates specialize in IT personnel. This means they have a vast IT talent pool at hand and are trained to identify the most suitable candidates.

Tips for Hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

July 31, 2013

These days the number of ruby on rails developers is constantly growing, however many of them can lack experience that is required. At this rate it is important to develop a strict and clear hiring strategy and practice, in order to find the best candidate and make sure that this is the person, who will perform well and contribute significantly day-by-day.

An Interview with Gregory Young on CQRS/DDD/ES

July 11, 2013

Gregory Young is one of creators of CQRS, an independent consultant and serial entrepreneur, a well-known trainer on DDD/CQRS/ES and frequent speaker at international conferences. Valeria Kokina from Daxx talks to Gregory Young about the essence of DDD/CQRS/ES, when it worth using it and how to get started with DDD/CQRS/ES, about Ukrainian developers and his seminars in Ukraine.

Daxx Has Supported a Three-Day Class by Gregory Young in Kiev

July 02, 2013

Daxx's employees took part in a three-day class by Gregory Young, an expert n Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES). Daxx supported the event by providing the space for class.

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