How to Evaluate E-Commerce Developers

December 10, 2013

Not every store owner understands how important e-commerce developers are for their e-shop. But when you think of how many buyers could walk away from an online store that does not function properly, you want to pay even more attention to the professional level of the e-commerce developers you are considering.

So, how do you evaluate, say, a Magento developer when they apply for a position with your company? Here are some useful tips.

How The New Motion Cuts IT Costs and Why Electrical Driving is the Future: An Interview with the CFO Sander Nijssen

November 29, 2013

Have you ever wondered how companies offering innovative solutions cut their own costs? Sander Nijssen, a CFO at the New Motion talks about IT cost reduction and their own solution to electrical driving. 

Daxx Gathered for Corporate Party in Kamyanets-Podilsky

November 21, 2013

Around 100 team members from our 3 Ukrainian offices came together in a picturesque historical town in Western Ukraine.


Daxx Contributed to Agile Programming Movement by Supporting Agileee 2013

November 19, 2013

Agile Eastern Europe, the largest annual conference in Eastern Europe covering Agile programming and Scrum development, was held in Kyiv this October.

Daxx, an international IT staffing company with activity in Ukraine, is pleased to announce that it acted as an info partner of Agileee, the largest and best-known event for Agile developers in Eastern Europe. By supporting this conference, Daxx hopes to contribute to the growing popularity of Agile model in Ukrainian IT industry.

Best Native Technologies that Help iPhone Developers Create Great Apps

November 11, 2013

iOS apps are as far from traditional desktop software as iPhone is from a traditional Windows PC.

Now, what tools do iPhone developers use to create these fast and fabulous apps? The technologies are numerous, and the best thing about iOS is that it provides the developers with truly handy native tools that empower them to create great apps. Here are the best native iOS technologies, most of which are new to iOS 5.

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