Your Offshore Software Development Team Has Productivity Issues? Here’s How to Track It Without Being Overcontrolling

June 24, 2014

So, you have set up your own software development team offshore. You have carefully selected the people, who have both the necessary skill set and the right personality for remote collaboration. You are making an extra effort to keep your remote developers motivated and involved in the life of your company - but their productivity is not quite at the level you expected. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

Identify a Good Offshore JavaScript Developer with These JavaScript Interview Questions

June 20, 2014

With an offshore JavaScript developer, it can be more difficult to assess the depth of their knowledge and their experience with JavaScript, but the right JavaScript interview questions can help. So, here are some must-ask questions for a JavaScript developer interview.

10 Best Time Tracking Software Tools for Your Offshore Developers

June 15, 2014

For businesses that hire developers offshore tracking the time is a must - and fortunately, they have all the means to do that effectively. Journals and spreadsheets are long gone, replaced by smart time tracking software with numerous handy features. Here are some of the best time tracking tools a team of offshore developers can use.

How to Manage your Distributed Software Development Team

May 29, 2014

How to manage your remote software development team? What tools to use to maintain internal documentation? How to deal with bug tracking? Do cultural differences influence a lot? How to increase productivity of your distributed team? Daxx team shares its experience with you in this article. 

5 Rules You Should Follow to Acquire Top IT Talent

May 14, 2014

You don’t have to be a Google-level company to acquire great talent: whether you hire offshore developers or set up your own software development team onsite, there are golden rules that will help you attract and select top-notch coders.

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