Table Tennis for IT People: Daxx Dnepropetrovsk Participated in IT Table Tennis Cup

February 24, 2015

Ukrainian software developers know how to work and how to have fun. This February, 40 Ukrainian IT teams met in an annual table tennis competition, and Daxx Dnepropetrovsk team was one of them.

Looking Back at 2014: What This Year Was Like for Daxx

January 19, 2015

2014 was both a challenging and great year for Daxx. We continued growing and establishing new relationships with our partners throughout the world. We contributed to the growth of IT in Ukraine and explored new horizons globally. And, most importantly, we made sure Daxx is a great place to work for our teams and a trustworthy partner for our customers! Let’s take a look back at the highlights of 2014 at Daxx.

State of Ukrainian IT 2014: Trends and Stats

December 18, 2014

Learn more about the IT trends shaping Ukrainian IT labor market in 2014. How many developers are there? Who is in demand and what is the supply? This and more in our post, based on IT stats by DOU.

C# and ASP.NET Interview Questions: How to Test a Remote .Net Developer

December 03, 2014

Offshore .Net development has become a good alternative for Western businesses: at much lower costs, you can hire .Net developer team that will deliver the product at the same quality level. When you are setting up an offshore .Net development team, there are many aspects to consider. The coders will become a part of your company, so personality and the ability to cooperate are essential, but assessing their technical expertise remains your key goal.

Why Tech Startups Have Difficulties Recruiting Great Developers (and What They Can Do About It)

November 25, 2014

For tech startups, it’s the developers that make or break it. When your business is only entering the market, you need a strong technical team to have your back. Moreover, you need people who are experienced enough to find solutions independently, but risky enough to put up with the atmosphere of uncertainty that is characteristic of tech startups.

The reasons why your startup still hasn’t hired the programmers it needs can be one — or all — of the following.

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