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Build Your Remote Team Nearby with Daxx

If you’re lacking tech talent locally and are concerned about the cost efficiency of your project, consider nearshore IT services provided by Daxx.

Grid Dynamics is a tech partner with more than 14 years of experience in remote digital transformation projects at an enterprise scale and now we give access to a world-top engineering talent pool with mature tech expertise and continuous delivery practices.

Nearshore IT Services Provided by Daxx

We can help your company overcome the talent shortage, make the most out of the latest technologies, and boost revenue growth by providing the following nearshoring IT services:

Dedicated Software Development Team

We help you to accelerate your business with a cross-functional software development team, our cooperation models are flexible enough to meet your unique needs: 

  • We find developers with digital transformation experience based on your requirements and business pain points and suggest proven solutions for you to scale up.
  • Members of your new extended development team are working full-time on your project while you focus on business needs. 
  • We take care of continuous delivery for achieving business KPIs while you focus on a product and prepare to grow. Infrastructure, developer retention, and administrative support are managed by us so less hassle and more productivity for both teams.

Team Augmentation

Our developers are aiming to work on your current project full-time.


We deploy agile pod teams to provide you with top 10% engineering talent:

  • Screened developers with access to an internal technical training program
  • 14+ years of distributed collaboration culture-proven in over 1,000+ digital transformation projects

Dedicated team

We deploy a team that works solely on your project if a project scope requires that amount of engineer's time.

Remote office

We provide a remote development office (either nearshore or offshore) for you to maintain a healthy product development lifecycle. Use of our cloud work environment ensure cost efficiency & productive work at any timezone. 

To find out more about Daxx nearshoring IT services, please refer to the complete service overview.

Why Choose Grid Dynamics as a Nearshore IT Service Provider?

Grid Dynamics is a tech partner with more than 14 years of experience in remote digital transformation projects. We have built over 1,000 products for Fortune 500 companies, with the majority of them implemented by distributed teams.

Grid Dynamics Is One of the Top mid-size digital transformation companies

  • We have helped Fortune 500 companies build new digital products and deliver quality experiences for their customers.
  • Secure connectivity to corporate and client infrastructure over VPN and VDI.
  • Our average time-to-hire is 4–12 weeks depending on the technological requirements & cooperation models.

Grid Dynamics Uses an IT Outsourcing Collaboration Model that Guarantees Complete Predictability, Transparency & Collaboration

Within our outsourcing model, team members are 100% Cloud Ops and work with 20% higher productivity.

Our models guarantee quick results delivery as we improve our tech talent skills to help grow our clients & their products.

Daxx Meets the Needs of Businesses of Different Sizes

We deliver high-class nearshoring IT services by dedicating time and special attention to the requirements of each individual client. We help companies by hiring a few developers and scaling up to a larger remote cross-functional development team when and if necessary.

How to Hire Nearshore Software Developers with Daxx


Step 1.                                               

Collect Requirements                                                                     

  • Share your business needs and desired team size. 
  • Collect your requirements and identify your expectations during intake calls and workshops.

Step 2. 

Start Working                         

  • Get screened developers shortlisted by Daxx in 6-10 weeks (in agile POD model) and you focus on business needs and goals.
  • Daxx recruiters find relevant candidates matching the needed job profile or match you with a delivery manager that will gather all the necessary team.

Step 3. 

Get Support

  • Build an open and productive relationship with remote developers with 24/7 support from Daxx.
  • We assign a dedicated HR/Client Manager who is always in contact with you and your remote team, and ready to handle any aspect of your cooperation.

Daxx Nearshoring IT Services Are Recognized by the Global Tech Market

Forrester named Grid Dynamics a leader among midsize agile development service providers. We provide several engagement models for our clients, either project-based (managed services) or talent-based (dedicated team).

Why Choose Nearshore IT Services?

By choosing nearshore IT solutions, you’ll get: 

  • 4x faster augmentation

With our internal resources, we can ensure you can get a team to work with you as soon as possible to continue working on product features & development + complete set of agile tools and practices for transparent development and management. 

  • Cost efficiency

You can cut budget costs associated with in-house recruitment, vetting & onboarding as well as other FTE downsides while getting engineers with 95% MSc & Ph.D. qualifications.

  • Geographical proximity

Unlike offshore, nearshore development team has benefits of better time synchronicity which results in easier communication & co-creation. One to three-hour time zone difference is a win for distributed development & engineering. These similarities ensure that you will have an easier time communicating with the future nearshore software development team