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If outsourcing to Asia sounds just too risky, and if you would prefer a development team that is located in Europe, shares your approach to work, and still is reasonably priced, consider building your own nearshore software development team in Ukraine. With development centers located in 4 major Ukrainian IT hubs - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv - we can help you set up a dedicated nearshore development team from scratch. 

About Daxx

Daxx is a Dutch-owned technology partner, connecting companies with talented software developers in Ukraine. 

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On the market since 1999, we have helped more than 300 businesses worldwide - in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the USA, and the UK - build their nearshore development teams. 


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One of our core priorities at Daxx is to help companies worldwide address the lack of qualified local specialists in their region through nearshore outsourcing and developer relocation. Take full advantage of the largest IT talent pool in Europe with the custom IT outsourcing and nearshore software development services at Daxx. 

How to Build a Nearshore Software Development Team with Daxx – The Process

What makes the Daxx model unique is that every developer you hire is carefully selected to meet your specific needs. We don’t have a bench, and don’t lease our own developers to you. Instead, you’ll get hand-picked specialists from a pool of pre-qualified candidates. Here is how we do it.

  1. Collecting the information on the project and its requirements. First of all, our recruitment team will get to the core of your project needs and requirements (technology stack, required experience, specific domain expertise, or background) to make sure the candidates we offer perfectly match your expectations.
  2. Research and prequalification. Once we have ascertained a good understanding of your requirements, we search our database for suitable candidates. After you receive the proposed developers’ CVs, you can evaluate the candidates and select the ones you want to interview.
  3. Interview. You will then talk to each of the pre-selected candidates personally. There are no limitations as to the number of candidates you select, or the number of interview rounds you wish to conduct.
  4. Offer. As soon as you find the right candidate, you can make an offer and start working right away. We handle the paperwork, office set up, and onboarding processes.

Your developers will work from one of our bespoke development centers in Ukraine, while our administrative teams take care of payroll and team retention.

Read more on how we work or find answers to the frequently asked questions about our model.

Nearshore Outsourcing with Daxx: The Benefits

Transparent business model

We don’t charge for the CVs we offer, or for the number of interviews you conduct. There are no hidden fees or upfront payments. You pay only after you start working with your developers.

No-hassle recruitment

Don’t waste your time on tedious research and pre-evaluation. We will do that for you! All you need to do is review the CVs and interview the best candidates.

Scalable teams

There’s no need to look for another technology partner when you decide to scale up: Your team grows with your business. Likewise, if you need to decrease your team size, all you need to do is to give us a month’s notice.

Any technology, any level of experience

With Daxx, you gain direct access to the Europe’s largest IT talent pool. This means you can hire developers with any skill set: Java, PHP, Python, full-stack developers, or other technology you should need

Direct communication

By hiring with Daxx, you take full control of your nearshore development team and can communicate with your engineers directly using the tools and approaches you find most convenient. No third party interference, no miscommunication.

On-demand consulting

If needed, our service delivery director is ready to jump in at any point and help you solve any issues. In addition, we offer agile consulting services to help you set up an efficient cooperation process with your nearshore development team.

All-round support

Your nearshore development team is safe with us. From equipment and software to payroll, taxes, and team building, we cover all aspects of administrative and HR work, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your product.


Learn How to Build Nearshore Team with Daxx

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Still not convinced? Find out why over 300 companies have chosen nearshore outsourcing with Daxx.

Why Ukraine? 5 Facts about Nearshore Software Development in Ukraine

With over 100 international R&D centers in the country, there is a good reason why many major global companies, including Samsung, Boeing, Siemens, Oracle, and Magento, have chosen Ukraine as their nearshore outsourcing destination.

  •  Large talent pool

Ukraine has one of the largest IT talent pools worldwide: around 185,000 tech specialists and counting (some 36,000 tech students graduate from the country’s universities every year). 

  • Convenient time difference

Ukraine is only one hour ahead of most European countries and has a more convenient time overlap with the US than other popular outsourcing locations.

  •  Favorable location

Ukraine has direct flight connections with most European cities, as well as convenient travel options to the Americas and the Middle East.

  •  Good cultural fit

The Ukrainian mentality is similar to the work ethic of most Western European nations, as well as the US. Due to the minor cultural differences, it is easy to communicate and work with Ukrainian developers.

  • High English proficiency

80% of IT workers in Ukraine speak English at an intermediate level or higher.

To learn more about Daxx and its services download our presentation.