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If you would prefer a development team that is located in the nearest time zone, shares your approach to work, and still is reasonably priced, consider building your own nearshore software development team with Daxx. With our domain knowledge and top 10% of engineers from the market - we can help you set up a dedicated nearshore development team from scratch. 

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation, and scalable engineering, connecting companies with talented software engineers to grow their business.

On the market since 2006, we provide engineering services for Fortune 500 companies - and now we deploy teams to meet strategic & productions goals for you with setting up nearshore development teams. 


Learn How to Build Nearshore Team with Us

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One of our core priorities at Grid Dynamics is to help companies worldwide address the lack of qualified local specialists in their region through co-creation and agile PODs. Take full advantage of our tech expertise with nearshore software development services at Grid Dynamics. 

How to Build a Nearshore Software Development Team with Us – The Process

We deploy PODs & augment your team to achieve ease of scalability and provide innovation to our customers. Nearshore teams are organized to deliver the best quality as quickly as possible. Here is how we do it:

  1. Discovery. First of all, our team will get to the core of your project needs and requirements (technology stack, required experience, specific domain expertise, or background) to make sure the candidates we offer perfectly match your expectations.
  2. Research. Once we have ascertained a good understanding of your requirements, we build and manage self-sufficient project teams specialized in a required stack according to business needs.
  3. Delivery Manager. You will focus on business priorities when we give transparency over delivery progress without worrying about staffing.

Nearshore development team will work from one of our bespoke development centers in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, or Latin America (options are being discussed with sales representative).

Nearshore Outsourcing with Daxx: The Benefits

Transparent payment process

We offer payment based on the number of developers you need plus operating costs. There are no hidden fees or upfront payments. You pay only after you start working with us.

No-hassle recruitment

Don’t waste your time on tedious research and pre-evaluation. We will deploy a team you need in weeks!

Scalable teams

There’s no need to look for another technology partner when you decide to scale up: a team can grow with your business as requirements change. Likewise, if you need to decrease your team size, all you need to do is to give us a month’s notice.

Any technology, any level of experience

With Daxx, you gain direct access to Grid Dynamics' large IT talent pool. This means you can hire developers with any skill set: Java, PHP, Python, full-stack developers, or other technology you should need

Direct communication

By hiring with Daxx, you will have a transparent delivery process of your nearshore development team and will focus on actual business action points. No additional need to get on micromanagement level with our self-sufficient teams, no miscommunication.

On-demand consulting

Our delivery manager is ready to jump in at any point and help you solve any issues. He ensures an efficient cooperation process with a nearshore development team.


Learn How to Build Nearshore Team with Us

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Why Grid Dynamics? 5 Facts about our tech knowledge

  •  Top 10% Talent

We are a global company that hires top engineering talent in the US, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe. 

  • Convenient time difference

With our pool of locations, you can choose between offshore and nearshore team options.

  •  Agile co-innovation

We bring architecture, IT management & expertise to achieve business needs and ensure continuous delivery.

  •  Structure

Self-sufficient nearshore teams containing developers, UX/UI designers, DevOps engineers, automation engineers, and any other tech talent needed for you.

To learn more about Daxx and its services reach out to us via contact form.