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Daxx is a tech partner with more than 20 years of experience in helping companies around the world hire software developers in Ukraine. We’re one of the best employers in the country with high standards of recruitment and an above-average retention rate which enables us to hire high-performing Ukrainian software developers for our clients.

How to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine with Daxx?


Hire one developer or an entire team

With us, you can hire Ukrainian software developers and retain them with ease. We have five offices and an entire department of recruiters and HR Client Managers to find developers in Ukraine and retain as many specialists as you need — whether you're searching for one software developer or an entire cross-functional team.

Pay only after you hire a developer in Ukraine with us

Hire a developer in Ukraine through our model. Our main benefit is that we hire software programmers exclusively for your project and place them in one of our offices located in Ukraine's biggest tech hubs — Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Lviv. As our client, you’ll be charged only after we've found the tech specialist you need, not before.

Forget about the back-office hustle

While you’ll be comfortably managing your team using the tools and processes you’re used to, we’ll be busy taking care of retention, payroll, and all the necessary paperwork.


When we need a developer, Daxx is able to provide the first candidate for our team within a few weeks, which is a really flexible model. 

Phillip Eischet—RightNow Group Co-Founder

How to Hire Software Developers?

Wondering how to hire software developers for your product? You can pick one of the options:

  • Hire software developers with an outstaffing company like us
  • Search and hire software developers directly from the market
  • Delegate work to software developers in an outsourcing company

Why Hire Software Developers in Ukraine with Daxx?

  1. Daxx is one of the top employers in Ukraine with above-average developer retention rate, strong employer brand, and a solid grip on the local tech talent market of more than 200,000 tech specialists and software developers for hire.
  2. Daxx is a part of Grid Dynamics, a public (Nasdaq: GDYN) technology consulting and engineering services company for Fortune 500 corporations. Being a part of a public company, Daxx shares data about its financial well-being in Grid Dynamics’ annual reports, thus enabling you to make an informed decision before setting up a long-term collaboration.
  3. The Microsoft Gold, the ISO 9001:2015, and the ISO 27001:2013 Certifications verify that Daxx delivers world-class quality services and takes great care of security.
  4. Our company size enables us to cater to the needs of SMEs as well as big businesses and to find an individual approach to each client.
  5. With Daxx, you can hire a software development team in Ukraine and expand it from one engineer to up to 50+ people.


Why Hire Software Developers with Daxx?

Daxx is a Netherlands-based company founded in 1999. We’re the third-best IT employer in Ukraine with five offices in two countries that house 400+ software developers and other tech specialists.

Our multinational team has helped more than 300 companies worldwide—in countries including the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Australia, and Israel—build their dedicated software development teams in Ukraine.

We use the dedicated team model to make each step of our collaboration easy for you. Our specialists will guide and consult you on how to launch and manage your dedicated team.

cities to hire software developers in Ukraine

Cities to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine


4 Steps to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine with Daxx

How to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine - Process


  1. Share Your Requirements with Our Recruiters

    We begin by gathering all the information about your prospective teammate: technology expertise, location, salary expectations, and soft skills. The more details you share, the better candidates we find for you.

    Our recruitment services are absolutely risk-free. We open a position that lists your requirements and our dedicated recruiter begins the search and leads all the communication between you and the candidates.

  2. Select and Interview Engineers

    What's next? You receive the resumes of the candidates that match your description. Then, you take as much time as you need to conduct interviews with all the prospects.

    Ukraine is the second-biggest tech talent market in Eastern Europe, which gives us higher chances of hiring software developers with robust experience.

  3. Hire the Best Software Developers and Start Working

    When you hire remote software developers with Daxx, they become part of our retention process. Your developers are working in comfortable offices and participate in corporate knowledge exchange and team building events.

    The software developers you hire with us report to you directly and work for you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week—just as they would if they sat right next to you.

  4. Retain Your Software Developers with Our HR Manager

    From day one, the software developers you hire with us become part of our retention process. Your developers are working in comfortable offices and participate in corporate knowledge-exchange and team building events.

    Our HR manager facilitates performance reviews, evaluates job satisfaction, and gathers your feedback on the developers’ performance.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Software Developers with Daxx?

First, we offer a transparent cooperation model, second, we guarantee efficient recruitment, third, we provide high-quality retention of your team of Ukrainian software developers.

Flexible Cooperation Model

With Daxx, you can be flexible with your team size and composition—scale your team up and down without having to cover the related expenses. Just give us one month's notice before you want to scale your team.

We use a transparent cooperation model in which our client directly manages remote developers and we get involved only if requested.

Our recruitment services are absolutely risk-free. We open a position that lists your requirements and our dedicated recruiter begins the search and leads all the communication between you and the candidates.

ISO-Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Daxx is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2013 Certification that guarantee high standards of software development in Ukraine recognized worldwide.

Clutch and GoodFirms rate Daxx as a Top Software Development Company in Ukraine.

Efficient Retention Services

Daxx has above average retention rates among Ukrainian tech companies thanks to the department of HR Client Manager.

Back-office Operations Management

We take care of all the back-office hassle by running the administrative operations, payroll, taxes, and paperwork on our side. We set realistic expectations and keep you updated and engaged at every stage of our cooperation.


We have the same goals, which creates a special team feeling and I think our Ukrainian developers are a really important part of that.

Rogier Roukens CTO at Vive


Why Hire Software Developers in Ukraine?

The tech industry is the fastest developing industry in Ukraine with an estimated 200K tech specialists working in IT by 2020. Between 2018 and 2019, tech industry exports grew from 28% to 30.2% which amount to $3.2 billion and $4.17 billion respectively according to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Why Hire Developers in Ukraine?

Why Hire Developers from Ukraine?


We chose Ukraine as a leading destination for software development, because of the quality of services, the time zone, and the mentality.

Nitsan Elmalam CIO at Lamina Technologies


Great Tech Expertise and English Command

Ukraine is among the Top 10 Countries with the Best Software Developers in the World according to HackerRank, with a much larger tech talent pool and more competitive outsourcing rates as compared to Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic.

More than 79% of Ukrainian software developers speak Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate English.

Large Tech Talent Market

Ukraine has the second-biggest tech talent market in Eastern Europe, which means that our recruiters choose from 200K software developers to hire the best-fitting ones for your project.

More than 200K tech specialists are expected to be working in the tech industry by the end of 2020—not least thanks to 36K young tech talents graduating from Ukraine’s 402 universities and colleges annually.

Close Cultural and Geographic Proximity

Your Ukrainian team is just a short flight away—there are direct flights from Kyiv to all the world’s major tech hubs—London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and New York.

Convenient Time Difference

We are 1 hour ahead of most European countries and 7 hours ahead of the United States. This time difference allows us to lead synchronized communication with our clients.

Share Your Requirements and Build a Development Team with Daxx!