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Core Team

Build a cross-functional team of engineers, UI/-UX designers, PMs, and DevOps who will handle the full scope of your technology needs while you focus on the marketing of your product.


Extended Team

Hire developers who function like a remote part of your internal team. Work with them directly and foster corporate values you love.


Remote Office

Quickly set up your own remote development center. Start with any number of developers and scale as you grow.

Why Daxx


Our Experience

We’ve been building dedicated teams across the globe for 22 years. More than half of our clients reside in Europe, with the Netherlands and Germany taking the lead.

US clients make up a large portion of that, and our collaboration with Grid Dynamics (based in Silicon Valley) has amplified our positions.


ISO Certifications

Daxx has obtained the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Certification and the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, achieving all statutory, regulatory, and documentary requirements. Daxx is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Flexible Cooperation Model

Your team, your rules. In our model, you manage your developers directly—as though you were working with in-house ones. You don’t just hire someone to fulfill the tasks, you have someone working on fulfilling your vision together with you. You don’t pay for recruitment, you can scale as you need and end cooperation with one-month notice.


Transparency and Our Custom Approach

Our clients highlight the professional attitude they experience at Daxx. We have a simple and transparent cooperation model and provide our clients with realistic expectations. Daxx has enough capacity to deliver high-class services and exercise an individual approach to each client.


Business Culture

Founded by Dutch entrepreneurs, Daxx has an enduring history with Dutch culture, which is reflected in the company’s values and the way we do business. A Dutch results-oriented mindset and open-door management style create a working environment where each developer has a chance to grow.

What our clients say

Haneen Dabain

I’ve had a reliable partner in building a product that I needed for my company. I’m a technical person working directly with Daxx developers, so I can evaluate the code and confirm that the quality provided by Daxx developers is really good.

Haneen Dabain



Arco Westbroek

“I'm really happy with Ukrainian developers. And one of thereasons why is because working in the IT industry is reallyhigh in rank in Ukraine. A lot of people want to work thereand that's the main difference if compared with othercountries. It's a very attractive sector for Ukrainian people,meaning they are ready to adjust to your timeframes,without the need to ask for that – it's just the natural flow.”

Arco Westbroek

Head of Products


Arco Westbroek

Getting the guys engaged is actually very simple. The engagement was already there. This is one of the surprises I had working with my Ukrainian team. Ukrainian developers are not just doing tasks, they are interested in the product, want to cooperate, and bring their own ideas. They show all these types of initiatives.

Rogier Roukens



Ready to work with us?

4 Steps to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine with Daxx


Tell us your needs

Share your business needs, team structure, technology expertise, and salary expectations with us. Based on that, we prescreen and shortlist the best-fitting candidates and pass them to you.


Interview and hire engineers

You personally interview those candidates, taking as much time as you need to conduct interviews using your preferred methods.


Start working

You manage the new hires directly and focus on your core role, while we handle all office and administrative hassle and ensure a comfortable working environment for your remote team members.


Ongoing support

You receive a dedicated HR/Client Manager on the Daxx side, so we are always here to help with any questions and proactively solve any requests you might have.

Ready to work with us?


What are the costs associated with setting up a team?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are no costs associated with setting up a team with us. We’ll provide your team with everything it needs to get started, including a standard hardware/software setup that works for 95% of our clients, equipment, furniture, office supplies, and support staff. If a client has special requirements concerning the workstation, they cover the expenses related to its purchase and setup.

What types of tech professionals can you help me hire?

We will help you hire front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers with expertise in Java, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, React, .Net, Scala, PHP, Python, C#, C, C++, Drupal, Magento, Symphony, as well as iOS and Android mobile software engineers. And if you want to extend the capacity or set up a cross-functional team, we’ll help you hire QA engineers, software analysts, Scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, and support engineers.

How do you attract talent?

We have direct access to more than 200,000 tech specialists in Ukraine as well as our own database of prospects we’ve been gathering since 1999. While searching for suitable candidates, our highly experienced recruiters use their networks, internal communication channels, and stimulate our developers to refer their peers. Our recruiters use the strong employer brand that Daxx has established..

How long does it take you to build a software development team from scratch?

Typically, all in all, it takes 4-7 weeks to hire a developer in Ukraine. Setting up a team of 20 developers would, for example, realistically take you between 8 and 9 months.

Where do the developers work from?

In pre-COVID-19 times, when you hired software developers in Ukraine with us, they worked exclusively from Daxx’s offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Due to frequent lockdowns and restrictions, we now allow the clients to become more actively involved in this decision. Many of them allow their developers to work from home (at least for now). We still supply them with all the necessary hardware and retention services of course.

Why Outsource to Ukraine?

Mature Tech Industry

Ukraine is on its way to developing into a global tech powerhouse and is currently 11th on the list of top offshore software development countries in the world. The IT sector in Ukraine is growing five times faster (25%) than the global average (4–6%) and is the 2nd largest export services industry in the country. Nearly $5B revenue was generated in 2020 and $8.4B is expected by 2025. Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, ranks 8th in Europe as the best city for startups.

Vast Tech Talent Pool

The number of Ukrainian software developers in 2015 was 74,000. By 2017, this number reached 166,000. In 2020, the number of tech specialists in Ukraine reached 200,000. Ukraine’s talent pool receives a regular influx of 30,000 young tech specialists who graduate from Ukrainian tech universities every year.

Companies like Samsung, Oracle, and Microsoft have already discovered and started leveraging not only the quantity but also the quality of Ukrainian talent, establishing offshore offices and hiring software developers in the country.

Great Tech Expertise and English Command

Ukraine is among the “Top 10 Countries with the Best Software Developers in the World” according to HackerRank, with a much larger tech talent pool and more competitive outsourcing rates as compared to Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. More than 79% of Ukrainian software developers speak intermediate and upper-intermediate English.

Ukraine also boasts the largest number of developers specializing in C++ and Unity 3D. The country is second in the world in the number of JavaScript, Magento, and Scala software engineers.

Close Cultural and Geographic Proximity

Your Ukrainian team is just a short flight away. There are direct flights from Kyiv to all the world’s major tech hubs—London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, and San Francisco.

Convenient Time Difference

We are 1 hour ahead of most European countries and 7 hours ahead of the United States. This time difference allows us to lead synchronized communication with our clients.