Senior Full-Stack Developer


ID : 544

Erfahrung 7 jahre
Standort Kyiv

Serhii has 7 years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer. He has a strong knowledge of databases, DevOps, and cloud technologies like Docker and AWS. 

On the previous project, Serhii developed a product from scratch till its final release.

Serhii regularly explores and masters new technologies, for example, he is an active student at Udemy courses. Serhii is open to knowledge sharing and has mentoring experience.

Technische Fähigkeiten:

  • Front End: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React/Redux ecosystem, Webpack, Monorepo/Lerna
  • Back End: Node.js, GraphQL, Rest, npm, yarn, Eslint, Localstack
  • Testing: Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Cypress
  • DevOps: CI/CD, Docker, Bitbucket PL, Jenkins, TeamCity, AWS, serverless
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, DynamoDB, Redis, Mongo


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