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Daxx Helps Dutch
Companies Grow Their
Development Capacity

Daxx is a Netherlands-based technology partner that helps tech companies hire long-term developers in Ukraine. Daxx has been providing IT outsourcing services to Dutch companies since 2009. Over 40% of Daxx clients are Dutch businesses. Check out the TenderApp and Carerix case studies. 

What Does Daxx Do For Dutch Businesses?

We help Dutch businesses solve the developer shortage problem in local markets by recruiting a team of Ukrainian developers that will become full-time employees, working from one of our offices in Ukraine
It is a flexible solution that has already allowed a number of Dutch companies to quickly scale up their development teams and continue to grow.


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There Are Many Companies in the Netherlands, But Not Enough Software Engineers

Talent shortage in the Netherlands

Talent shortage growth is the main challenge for Dutch companies

Any tech company that wants to scale quickly will face the competition of large Dutch employers like Booking.com, TomTom, Shell, and bol.com. Software engineers in the Netherlands search for jobs at prestigious companies, so even well-established local companies with 100+ staff can’t make an offer attractive enough to hire an experienced software engineer. 

The math is the following: an average Dutch company planning to build a development team of 5 software developers needs to prepare to spend between 1-2 years on the recruitment process. In today’s quickly evolving technology market, this growth pace is not competitive for Dutch tech companies.

"Shortage of software developers in the Netherlands has a direct impact on Dutch businesses because they lose opportunities to implement new features or serve new clients"

Why Ukraine is The Best Solution for Nearshore Software Development 

Ukraine is an Eastern European country with a large territory and highly educated people. Dating back to Soviet times, the country has a strong education base in mathematics and physics. HackerRank listed Ukrainian developers among the smartest in the world.  

Currently, the Ukrainian IT industry experiences rapid growth, with software development companies being the most popular employers in Ukraine. Each year over 36,000 students graduate from local universities with IT-related degrees. According to the most recent data, there are over 185.000 software engineers and IT specialists on the market. 

Dutch companies choose to hire Ukrainian development teams, first of all, because of the high-quality talent and broader recruitment opportunities that the Ukrainian market offers. 
Other reasons include a convenient location (a 3-hour flight from Ukraine’s capital to Amsterdam), a 1-hour time zone difference and cultural similarities. 

What Makes Daxx Unique? Daxx Model Benefits

Daxx works according to an IT outsourcing model, which means Daxx helps with software development team recruitment, retention, and technology consultation, while the actual development process is managed by the client

Custom Recruitment

  • Daxx has its own in-house recruitment capacity in Ukraine to find developers specializing in the most popular technologies, like Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP as well as rare tech stack combinations. We recruit software engineers at the request of each client according to their specific technical and business requirements. There is no fee for recruiting a developer, the client simply pays a monthly fee once the cooperation begins.

Development Team Retention and Client Support

  • Daxx is not a recruitment agency. Recruitment is only an initial stage of our service. After a Ukrainian developer has signed your job offer, Daxx takes care of developer workstations, payroll, taxes, office management, HR, and retention. Each client is assigned a Daxx HR client manager who ensures a smooth cooperation between you and your remote developer. All developers work from one of our modern and comfortable offices in Ukraine’s top IT cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro

Direct Communication with Team

  • Unlike project outsourcing, there is no intermediary in your communication with the team. You work with Ukrainian developers as you would work with your in-house team. You can cultivate your company’s spirit and values in your new developer, enabling him to become an integral part of your team To simplify the communication process, your single contact will be a Daxx HR client manager, there to assist you along the way. 

Team Launch and Agile Consultation

  • Daxx offers value-added services to help tech companies launch their first remote development team, implement Scrum into the development process, as well as obtain software testing and other services. For a full list of services, you can check here.    

Daxx is Your Technology Partner in the Netherlands

Daxx is a Dutch company with dedicated teams in Ukraine. With us, you can explore the benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine while working with a Netherlands-based partner. 

Interested in hiring software developers with Daxx? Contact our Commercial Director Richard Geerligs at +31 628 200 464 or fill in the form.


Contact Us at +31 628 200 464

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