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Oleksii L.

ID : 611
Front End Developer | 8 years of experience

Oleksii is a Front End Developer with almost 8 years of commercial experience in software development. He has a strong background in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, UI/UX etc.



Oleh K.

ID : 608
Java Developer | 7 years of experience

Oleh is a Java Developer with 7 years of experience. He is well-versed in Java, Java Core, Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript and different databases.



Andriy K.

ID : 599
Angular developer (Middle) | 3 years of experience

Andriy has almost 3 years of experience with front-end, 1,5 of which with Angular 2+. He has good knowledge of HTML, CSS and has experience in working with Scrum.



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Hire Top Developers in 2020: a Guide to Hiring Remote Developers with Daxx

With an increasing demand for software development services and a shortage of locally available tech talent, hiring developers remotely has become one of the most viable options.

If you decide to hire developers remotely, it is important to:

  1. Choose your perfect remote development destination.
  2. Find a reliable outsourcing partner with similar values.
  3. Choose and hire top developers for your project.

Throughout 20+ years of experience, Daxx has helped 300+ clients hire remote developers in Ukraine. To help you extend your development team and benefit from long-term collaboration, we decided to share our tried and tested insights with you. Below, you'll find our guide to hiring remote developers. 

Why Hire Developers with Daxx?

With the right approach, hiring remote developers can be as reliable and efficient as having an in-house team. 

With Daxx, you'll be able to hire developers in Ukraine and build an efficient remote development team using the following advantages of our model:

  1. No upfront charges. All initial research and recruitment costs are on us. You pay only when the selected candidate starts working for you.
  2. You're the one to choose and hire developers. We take care of all the processes related to hiring, onboarding, and retaining your developers in our offices in Ukraine. This allows you to focus on what is most important for you.
  3. Complete control over your development team. You can manage your developers directly with the tools and methods you like, in much the same way you would manage in-house employees.
  4. Software developers work on your project full time. Daxx developers are directly accountable for their results and committed to building great products.
  5. Your IP rights are safe. The developers you hire sign an NDA. 
  6. Flexible engagement model. With Daxx, you can scale your team up and down whenever needed with only one month’s prior notice.
  7. Well-organized retention strategy. The extent of retention tools we apply is individual for each client. These may include: figuring out the right team composition, all-round preparation for remote cooperation, high-quality onboarding, salary reviews, training and development.

arco westbroek carerixArco Westbroek, 
Head of Products at Carerix

"I'm really happy with Ukrainian developers. And one of the reasons why is because working in the IT industry is really high in rank in Ukraine. A lot of people want to work there, and that's the main difference if compared with other countries."

How to Hire Remote Developers with Daxx? Our Process 

how daxx hires developers

Our hiring process is straightforward: 

  1. You tell us what you need and we do the rest. 
  2. As soon as you submit the request, we set up a call to discuss the project in detail and to finalize your requirements. 
  3. Once we have a complete understanding of your needs and expectations, we choose the candidates that meet your requirements and provide their CVs for your consideration. 
  4. After that, you can personally interview each candidate and hire developers that perfectly meet your requirements.

With a database of nearly 200K developers and tech specialists, we conduct pre-screening and select the most suitable candidates. It usually takes 4–6 weeks to pre-screen, interview, and hire developers. 

All of our clients are entitled to professional support and guidance. Your team will receive all-round support from our HR/Client managers, service delivery specialists, system administrators, travel agents, office managers, and accountants.

rogier roukens viveRogier Roukens, 
CTO at Vive

"I had a list of requirements, which were all met by choosing Ukraine:  1. Cultural similarity; 2. Costs; 3. Education. The level of technical education in Ukraine is very high; 4. Availability of developers; 5. Technology stack."


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Why Hire Developers in Ukraine? 

  1. Wide tech talent pool

    The number of developers in Ukraine is close to 200K and is adding 25–30K annually. 

    The local tech community is dynamic and versatile — in Ukraine, you can hire developers specializing in mainstream technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, as well as programmers with rare skills like Erlang, Haskell, and Scala

    Ukraine takes leading positions in the number of developers specializing in PHP (9K), Java (8K), JavaScript (8K), and Python (3K) compared to other countries in our LinkedIn research.

    where hire developers Java JavaScript PHP Ruby on Rails

    Where Can You Hire Developers Specializing in Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, and PHP?

  2. Growing IT industry

    There are 4K+ IT companies in Ukraine and nearly 2K IT service providers. The industry grows by around 26% year over year. 

    The tech industry in Ukraine is responsible for 20% of total exports in the country. At the same time, revenue from the IT industry keeps growing annually: in 2017 — $3.6 billion, in 2018 — $4.5 billion, in 2019 — $5 billion, and the total IT revenue in 2020 is forecasted to reach $5.4 billion. 

  3. Optimized development costs 

    Software development rates in Ukraine range between $25 and $50 per hour, which is an attractive offer when compared to other popular outsourcing destinations such as Asia and Latin America.

    The average salary of a developer in Ukraine ranges between $50–60K per year. A junior software developer in Ukraine earns about $1.5K per month, to hire a mid-level developer, you'll have to pay near $2.5K per month, while a senior software developer in Ukraine makes $4K per month. 

  4. Comfortable location

    Ukraine is located in the central part of Europe, which means the country is only 1 hour ahead of the rest of the Western European countries and 7–10 hours away from the US. 

    Besides, there is a wide range of airlines providing direct flights to popular European and American destinations, including Turkish Airlines, AirBaltic, LOT, FlyDubai, Ukrainian International Airlines, as well as several low-cost carriers like Ryanair and Wizz Air. 

    So if you choose to hire remote developers in Ukraine, you'll not only be able to enjoy simultaneous workdays, but will also have the opportunity to visit your team and invite them to your office on a regular basis. 

phillip eischet rightnowgroupPhillip Eischet, 
RightNow Group Co-Founder

"Germany has a very competitive market and nowadays you have many good options to source IT staff abroad. And you do not have to go as far as India, because there are other popular destinations such as Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, and other countries in Eastern Europe."

How to Hire Top Developers in 2020? 


If you hire developers remotely with Daxx, you can take an active part in the candidate evaluation process. We compile a shortlist of potential candidates with suitable experience and submit their profiles for you to review, but it is entirely up to you how to interview software developers.

lee parry enigma ceoLee Parry, 
CEO at Enigma Digital

"Expertise must be at the highest level as it decides whether you succeed or fail. When there’s a lack of technical abilities in your team and you decide to downturn the scope of your product, it could very well lead to failure."

When selecting a software developer for hire, technical skills and domain expertise are obviously principal priorities. Yet there are more qualities to pay attention to.

Soft Skills
Soft skills are a developer’s ability to voice their opinions, explain their ideas to a non-technical client in simple words, and sociability.

These are important qualities that should be taken into consideration. If a software engineer is able to collaborate effectively, can be a team player, has a positive attitude and high adaptability, they are likely to be a more valuable addition to your team than someone with better technical skills who lacks these qualities.

Willingness to Learn

Software development is a highly dynamic environment. This is why it is important that your team members are up to date with the latest advancements and are willing to expand their skill sets.

There are many ways that candidates can show their willingness to constantly upgrade their professional level: taking online courses, contributing to open source GitHub projects, creating pet projects, writing for a tech blog, participating in hackathons and meetups, etc.

kevin miller open listingsKevin Miller, 
Director of Growth at Open Listings

"We mine our personal network. Great engineers know other great engineers. Our experience proves that the first 10 engineers will hire the next 10, and so on and so forth."

Proactivity and Initiative 

One of the most often-voiced concerns among members of geographically dispersed teams is a lack of communication and collaboration. Regular communication is necessary to run an offshore development team efficiently.

It is therefore essential that you hire developers who are proactive and can take initiative. If you get too caught up in your on-site operations and forget to hold regular online meetings, your remote developer can bring up this problem and suggest more frequent meetings as well as a meeting format that will facilitate the process.

Commitment and Ability to See the Bigger Picture

If a candidate shows an understanding of your business model and is genuinely trying to get to the core of the problem that your product or service is trying to solve, it is definitely a good sign. 

Ukrainian developers are known for their commitment. They are usually willing to accept urgent work calls and address critical issues during non-working hours.

If you hire a software developer with Daxx, you get a full-time employee who is dedicated to your project only, just like any other member of your in-house team. 

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Setting Up an Efficient Developer Interview Process

When you hire developers online, you will most likely interview candidates via Skype or a different video conferencing tool. If needed, you are free to schedule several interviews with candidates and talk to as many developers as you like. 

Think about your interview structure in advance. What questions would you like to ask? And in which order? At the interview stage, some of our clients run a virtual pair programming session to evaluate candidates, while others ask them questions that help them see how a candidate thinks and approaches problems.

Skype now has an Interviews feature which can make interviewing software developers much easier. Instead of using Google Docs for coding sessions, you can use the built-in realtime code editor to see your candidate in action.

michelle ridsdale envatoMichelle Ridsdale, 
Chief People Officer at Envato

"We ensure the candidate is a great team fit by getting them to meet with a diverse range of stakeholders within our business, which also allows the candidate to ask questions and learn more about us."

Here are a few more tips for a successful interview process:

  1. Conduct interviews as dialogues. This way, your candidate will feel less stressed, which will bring more practical value for both of you. The best format for an interview is experience exchange. If you don’t agree with the solution a candidate suggests, ask about their reasoning and suggest an alternative solution (if you have already encountered such problems earlier).
  2. Encourage candidates to ask questions. This is an opportunity for the candidate to learn more about your business and corporate culture, and for you to build a personal connection with the developer.
  3. Avoid questions that are not likely to give you insight into the developer's actual skills and knowledge. For example, Google has stopped using its logical test during interviews because there was no proven evidence that good logical test results had a direct correlation with the future performance of the candidate. 
  4. Sell your company. Explain your company’s mission and values, what makes your product or service different from your competitors, and what makes your company unique. 
  5. If you still have any doubts about the candidate, give a test assignment to see if they fit the job. Remember, first appearances can be deceptive, so focus on technical skills above all else.


brad palmer jostleBrad Palmer, 
CEO and Co-Founder of Jostle

"Employees are now placing much more value on the quality of the job (challenge, ownership, mentoring, growth) and the workplace (culture, flexibility, alignment)."

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Software Developer

mistakes while you hire developers

To ensure the success of your hiring process, try to avoid these common pitfalls:

  1. Not sharing enough information about the project. If you are afraid to share details with a candidate because of potential information leaks, have them sign an NDA. It is difficult to feel excited about a job without a proper understanding of what it entails.
  2. Asking developers to complete a large test task. While it is a great way to assess a candidate’s skills, nothing demotivates candidates more than a large assignment that takes 4–6 hours to complete.
  3. Having too many interview stages. While we understand that your established interview process may include a number of general and technical interview rounds, you need to know that the demand for Ukrainian software developers is extremely high. 
  4. Chances are, the candidate you’re interviewing is considering a few other job offers at any given moment — when you see a good developer, better not hesitate to offer them the position.
  5. Not giving feedback after the test task and/or interview. Even if the interview was not successful, make sure to inform all candidates about your decision and to give suggestions about what to improve.
  6. Delaying your reply. While this can be hard, you need to be able to make decisions fast. Skilled developers are always in high demand. If you keep delaying your reply, another company can poach your candidate first.

Ready to Hire Developers with Daxx?

Getting started with Daxx is easy. You can review the CVs of developers for hire who are ready to take on a new project instantly.

If you don’t find a candidate that meets your requirements, simply contact our team, and we'll help you find developers that meet your specific requirements.