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Ruby on Rails/JavaScript Developer Eduard P. ID341


ID : 341

Eduard has more than 6-years work experience as a software developer. His key strengths are: ability to understand all the details of system requirements, develop high quality and well designed solutions and apply new technologies and tools within a short period of time. Eduard has strong theoretical and practical background in OOP/OOD. The main service areas he is involved in are web solutions. Eduard is a team player, ready to work on interesting projects and technologies.

  • 6 years of experience
  • Kharkiv


•    Development Platform: Linux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, git, svn
•    Programming Languages and Tools: Ruby, JavaScript
•    Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Ruby-Grape
•    Testing frameworks: RSpec, MiniTest, Cucumber
•    Deployment Tools: Capistrano
•    Web-servers: Puma, NGINX
•    Web server-side: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ruby-Grape, Sinatra, XML, JSON, Ajax
•    Web client-side: HTML/HTML5, CSS, HAML, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular2, CoffeeScript, jQuery, RaphaelJS, AJAX, XML
•    (D)VCS: git, svn
•    RDBMS: MySQL; PostgreSQL
•    Non-relational DBMS: Redis
•    Editors/IDEs: Atom, VSCode, RubyMine, vim
•    Operating System Experiences: Linux, MS Windows
•    Architecture: RESTful web services, JSON APIs

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