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Oleksii - Senior Android Developer, ID315


ID : 315

Oleksii is a senior/lead Android developer with over 6 years of experience in creating apps for various markets. He has built gaming and enterprise applications and developed SDKs. Oleksii’s experience allows him to solve complex problems and effectively manage development teams to create applications with great user experience. His tech stack includes Java/Android, WebView, VideoView, Android UI, RCP, JUnit, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery.

  • 6 years of experience
  • Team lead experience
  • Kharkiv


  • Android: Android Fundamentals, Android UI Fundamentals, Gradle Tasks, Material Design and Accessibility, Android Wear, SDK/NDK, Google API, GCM, Robotium, OpenGL, Networking, WebSockets, SQLite, XML/JSON, Annotation, Sensors, Camera, OOP/OOD, Algorithms, Concurrency
  • Environment: Eclipse, Android Studio, SVN/Git systems
  • Java: RCP, JUnit, Patterns, WebStart, Hibernate, JPA, DB2/HSQLDB/MySQL
  • Web: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SEO, Joomla/Wordpress/Typo3 CMS

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