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Vitalii - JavaScript developer, ID299


ID : 299

Vitalii is a JavaScript developer with 5 years of experience in web development.

This JavaScript guru has strong experience in creating cross-browser, responsive, mobile optimized web pages and developing rich web applications from scratch. His implementations correspond to clean and maintainable industry code standards.

This web developer uses HTML5, modern MVC patterns, RESTful APIs for application development. He has experience in back-end web development using Java/Spring MVC, Google App Engine.

  • 5 years of experience
  • Experience with Scrum
  • Kharkiv

Technology Stack

  • HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, LESS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery / jQueryUI, RequireJS, Dojo, AngularJS, Google Closure Tools, Grunt, W3C Standards, performing PSD to HTML
  • responsive and mobile technologies, cross-browser compatibility, client-side optimization,
  • UI/UX development
  • Test Frameworks: Karma, Jasmine, PhantomJS, jUnit
  • Design Patterns, REST
  • Experience with MVC frameworks on frontend and backend sides
  • Experience with testing frameworks on both front-end and back-end sides
  • Java, Spring, Google App Engine, Node.js, MongoDB, familiar with SQL and NoSQL DB systems
  • Agile (Scrum)
  • IntelliJ IDEA.  Familiar with Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IIS, Google App Engine
  • Git, GitHub, SVN, TFS, Perforce
  • Maven, NPM

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