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Java Developer/Team Lead, ID269


ID : 269

Pavlo is a Java developer with more than 9 years of experience in software development who has participated in more than 20 small and medium software and hardware projects.

He has experience in leading team of 8 developers to achieve their goals using Agile methodologies, XP and TDD practices.

This great Java developer has a unique experience in development of high-load Big Data application with in-memory cache and search engines. 
Pavlo also has worked on some exciting application development projects using cloud technologies like mobile device management systems and administration applications.  

  • 9 years of experience
  • Experience with Scrum
  • Team lead experience
  • Kyiv

Technology Stack

Programming Languages: Java


  • J2SE /GWT/Vaadin /ULC /Swing
  • J2EE/EJB, Spring MVC, Sprig Data, Struts MVC, JMS, JMX, JTA, JAXB
  • JDBC / HA-JDBC / Hibernate / JPA / iBatis
  • Android SDK
  • Apache Hadoop/Blaze DS
  • REST, SOAP, Thrift
  • Oracle SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, Neo4j, HDFS,
  • Web
  • JavaScript / Ajax / HTML / XML, FreeMarker/JSP/Flex

Operating System:  Window XP/7,  Linux Red hat/ Ubuntu

Development Tools: 

  • Eclipse /My Eclipse, Intelij Idea , Flesh builder
  • Verticals
  • Big Data, SEO, BPM systems, Mobile cloud technologies, Cloud, Banking

Other SW: Jira,/ Greenhopper / Velocity

Version Control System: CVS, SVN, Git/GitHub

Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG, Easy Mock, PowerMock, Mockito

Build Tools: Apache Ant, Apache Maven

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