Full Stack Java Developer

Dmitriy C.

ID : 485

Experience 7 years
Location Dnipro

Dmitriy is a Java developer with 7 years of commercial experience. Most of this time he has worked as a Full-Stack Engineer, developing both server-side and client-side (web) of applications, but his main specialization is server-side. Dmitriy has taken part in different phases of the project development: technology research and investigations, development, support, testing, knowledge transition. 

Dmitriy is a well-organized, responsible, non-conflict, fast-learning developer, who enjoys working in a team. He has good English and communication skills.

Technical Skills:


  • Java
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Groovy


  • Scrum
  • Agile


  • Spring: Core, MVC, Data, JDBC, Boot, Security
  • JavaEE: Servlets, JSP
  • Other frameworks: JAX-RS/Jersey, Grails
  • DBs: Firebird, MySQL, DB2
  • Other: OptaPlanner, Drools
  • CI: Jenkins
  • UI frameworks: jQuery
  • Application Servers: Apache Tomcat
  • Build Tools: Maven
  • Testing: JUnit, JMock, Mockito, PowerMock
  • VCS: Git

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