Automation QA Engineer


ID : 506

Experience 4 years
Location Kyiv

Igor has been working as a QA Engineer for 4 years. He has a deep understanding of QA theory, knowledge of SDLC, bug life cycle, test design.

Igor has experience working with web/game/CRM/mobile/desktop testing. He gained experience while creating documentation (test case, bug report, checklist, how-to); setting up of test processes from scratch; creation of automation scripts on Java, TypeScript for UI and API testing; creation and maintenance of frameworks for SOAP, Rest, UI testing; in SOAP/REST API testing.

Igor also worked as a mentor at work and on QA/AQA courses.

Technical Skills:

  • Languages: Core Java, basic TypeScript.
  • Testing tools/frameworks: Selenium WebDriver/Selenide, Cucumber, TestNG/Junit, Mocha, Chai, Allure/Cucumber report, Selenoid (used only while learning).
  • Methodologies: Agile (Scrum, Kanban).
  • VCS/CI: Git, Jenkins (setup jobs/create pipelines), TeamCity, P4V.Automation build Tools: Maven, Gradle (basic), npm (basic).
  • OS: Windows, Linux (ubuntu/fedora/kali love terminal), MacOS, iOS\Android.
  • TMS/Bug tracking: Jira, Confluence, TestRail, Testlink, Zephir, Redmine, Trello, TFS.
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL.
  • API testing: Fiddler (mocking), Postman, SoapUI, DevTools, JMeter (for performance).
  • Virtualization: VMware Workstation, docker(used while learning).
  • Other: HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, Bash, JSON/XML, xPath/ cssSelector.

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