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Hiring and setting up a custom software development team with Daxx is easy. Daxx has been delivering dedicated software development teams for tech companies from different business domains for 15+ years. With us, you can hire a cross-functional team that is KPI-focused. Grid Dynamics is a midsize agile development service provider, which means our focus is maintaining developer skill level, ensuring flawless product delivery process through providing work stations, office space & cloud operations environment. We help companies get skilled developers, deploy result-driven teams and optimize their SDLC through proven business solutions.

Why Custom Software Development Team With Daxx:

Diverse tech expertise

  • We have access to top 10% of engineering talent and we have built over 1000 products for Fortune-500 companies. Right now it's your turn to grow with a custom development team.

Cosistent teams

  • We sustain our talent through technical training (Internal educational program) and have access to more talent if any unexpected situations happen (continuous work and delivery as the main goal).

All-round support

  • Our services and engaging models aren’t limited to recruitment of tech specialists. We have project-based options both long-term (managed services) and short-term (rapid prototyping) as well as consulting which technology implementation will suit best for your business growth.

Emerging technologies

  • We know that you want to grow and maintain your product as easily as possible all while developing new features. Custom software development team delivers quality experiences for your customer all while working in the cloud - cutting maintenance costs and enabling opportunities for further development. 


  • We can help you to get a custom development team with an option of easy scaling. Our CI/CD pipelines will help to faster get to development and reduce time-to-market up to 50%.

Budget optimization

  • Outsource development for the custom engineering team means less onboarding & recruiting costs all while getting Grid Dynamics delivery practices.