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Hiring and setting up software development teams remotely comes with a whole range of challenges, and this is exactly why we’ve built our service. We help companies in need of top tech talent hire skilled developers, create and maintain loyal teams, and optimize their budget.

Reasons to Build Your Custom Team With Daxx:

Diverse tech expertise

  • With access to 166,000+ Ukrainian developers, we make sure the candidates we preselect fit your description 100 percent, no matter how popular or rare the skills you’re looking for are. And then you personally interview and approve each member of your custom development team.

Loyal teams

  • We sustain your team. We check references to avoid job hoppers and employ various employee retention techniques because we know that team loyalty is key to a successful business.

All-round support

  • Our services aren’t limited to recruitment of tech specialists. Daxx places your team in a comfortable office - Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro - with all the necessary equipment and takes on all the responsibilities of an official employer in Ukraine (payroll, taxes, sick leaves, etc.) We take care of all the back-office hassle and leave you to focus on the core of your business.

Direct communication

  • We know that you want to have full control over every step of the development process, which is why we ensure direct communication between you and the developers you hire with us. We step in only if you need our help.


  • Whether you’re interested in a single developer or a whole custom team, we can help! You’re also free to increase or decrease your team size with only one month’s advance warning.

Budget optimization

  • Custom recruitment with Daxx means that you can increase your profit margins since there’s no need to rent a larger office or hire additional staff as your company grows.