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Corporate Social Responsibility

In our ever-growing team, we live to create an inspiring environment of continuous development that brings benefits on the individual level as well as to the Ukrainian society as a whole. A greater part of our efforts is dedicated to organizing and participating in educational, healthcare, and sport events that positively impact both our team and our country.

Daxx Activities in Numbers per Year

  • 120+ events
  • 1500+ expected
  • 10 CSR initiatives
  • 20 wellbeing activities
  • 17 soft skills workshops
  • 18 internal tech events
  • 20+ conference partnerships

Supporting Healthcare Initiatives

We support healthcare initiatives in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Our employees actively participate in raising funds and collaborating with local and world-known healthcare organizations.

  • “IT Mykolay Kyiv” - raising money to purchase medical equipment for children hospital Ohmatdyt.
  • Bohodukhiv orphanage - funding the purchase of dental equipment and other essentials for kids in Kharkiv.
  • “Caritas” and “We help” - collecting funds, books, and clothes for the charitable organization in Dnipro.
  • “Lots of socks” - raising funds for people with Down syndrome during the international initiative happening yearly on March 21.
Supporting Bohodukhiv orphanage for children with disabilities

Supporting Bohodukhiv Orphanage for Children with Disabilities

Building a Smart Nation

We advocate for life-long learning. We invite professionals and beginners alike to quench their thirst for knowledge at our tech talks, workshops, and meetups. We believe that tech excellence should be paired with well-developed soft skills. To that end, we organize online lectures and workshops to create the right environment for comprehensive development of each employee.

  • “Join IT” - acted as educators showing employment opportunities in the tech industry to young people in Ukraine.
  • Be QA Today - Daxx financed a non-commercial event aimed at teaching people with disabilities to test software.
  • Go, C ++, front-end, Angular meetups and workshops dedicated to Agile, domain-driven design, Localstack, and NgRx.
  • Conducted .NET TechTalks @ Daxx and a 48-hour cybersecurity hackathon.
  • Hillel IT school and Web Academy - we conduct and host lectures for junior programmers and STEM meetings for girls at these organizations.
  • Webinar on cross-cultural communication online, anti-crisis webinar, public speaking training, workshops dedicated to giving first aid, recycling, healthy nutrition, and creating effective presentations.

Welcoming Web Academy Club at Daxx Kyiv Office

Supporting Sport Initiatives

Daxx has a strong community united by love for running, football, swimming, and table tennis. We support the spirit of our sportspeople by financing multiple sports venues and launching our own.

  • IRONMAN - our teammate participated in one of the toughest triathlons in the world taking place in Italy Emilia-Romagna.
  • Daxx Run to Amsterdam - we launched an internal competition for Daxx's runners. All participants ran 1997.29 kilometers combined.
  • Dnipro Football IT League - football is a big passion for our colleagues in Dnipro.
  • SPRINT - Daxx Kharkiv's swimming team became the bronze winner in a swimming championship among 27 IT companies.
  • Annual IT Table Tennis Cup - our colleagues became silver winners in the last tournament.

Daxx supports its runners

Strengthening Tech Industry in Ukraine

Daxx is an active participant in tech communities in Ukraine. Along with the IT Ukraine Association, American Chamber of Commerce, and Dnipro IT Cluster our company build a strong image of the Ukrainian tech industry in the world.