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Everything Starts with Recruitment

  • Our recruitment process is very flexible, and we readily adjust it to suit your specific requirements. We arrange as many interview rounds as you need to make sure the developers you hire are just right — be it two, three, or twenty.
  • You are free to choose your own test tasks for candidates, request code samples, or organize live coding sessions. We will even do drug, criminal background, and reference checks on the selected developers if that is what you want. You are also welcome to come to our offices to interview the final candidates in person, or bring them over to your headquarters with our travel assistance.

Team Retention

  • We understand how important it is for you to establish a long-lasting cooperation with your team. This is why, in addition to providing fully-equipped work stations and managing office space, we aim to make sure you and your team fit perfectly, and take special care to retain each developer you hire with us.

  • We know that the number one reason remote teams fall apart is lack of clear communication. To help you build an open and productive relationship with your team, we assign a dedicated HR/Client Manager who is always in touch with both sides and is ready to solve any communication issues proactively.

  • Your HR/Client Manager’s responsibilities include: conducting performance reviews of your engineers; evaluating their job satisfaction after a month, two months, six months, and a year after the start of their employment, and biannually if your cooperation extends beyond 12 months; analyzing your feedback regarding their work quality and professional growth; discussing things you are happy with as well as those you believe should be improved.

  • And to create a comfortable, friendly work environment and give your developers the opportunity to bond, we organize regular team building activities and throw two large corporate parties every year.


  • 70% of our customers follow Agile/Scrum methodologies, but that doesn’t mean you have to. You are free to go your own way when it comes to managing your team. More about our Agile Consulting service.


  • We undertake all measures to keep your data, network, and employees secure. All our offices are equipped with control access systems, and your team is supported by our system administrators. We can undertake additional security measures depending on your needs.