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Our largest Ukrainian remote software development center is located in Kyiv, the country’s capital and largest tech hub. Our company premises in the city span 1840 m2 and house over 160 employees. We don't have open spaces – each project team enjoys privacy in their own room. Depending on the size of your software development team, we provide small, medium, and large rooms in our Kyiv office.

remote software development center Kyiv

Though the usual workday lasts from 9:00–10:00 a.m. till 6:00–7:00 p.m. (the hours can vary depending on the customers' schedule), the facilities are open 24/7.

Daxx developer in remote software development center in Kyiv 

Daxx Kyiv Remote Software Development Center Facilities:  

  • 8 fully equipped meeting rooms
  • Coffee-points and kitchens with all conveniences from a dishwasher and an electric kettle to a microwave oven and a refrigerator on each floor
  • Event zone, where all meetups, gatherings, and celebrations take place
  • Large rest space on the 7th floor, where Daxx employees can have a nutritious dinner and take a break 
  • 3 recreation areas with board games, Xbox consoles, a PlayStation, VR glasses, a tennis table, foosball, a massage chair, and even horizontal bars for our sporty employees to whip up some endorphins in their downtime.

Daxx Remote Software Development Center in Kyiv

Remote Software Development Center in Kyiv: Surrounding Infrastructure: 

  • There are several cafes and mini-markets not far off our software development center in Kyiv 
  • Kurenivsky Park, where your software development team can have a small recreation session during lunchtime, as well as Freedom Concert Hall for evening pastime, are located near our office  
  • Sport Life and Sport&Spa Club situated not far from our office for those keeping their health in check 
  • Other conveniences such as a dry-cleaner, a gas station, a branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval, PrivatBank terminal, and an UkrSibbank ATM 

view from Daxx Remote Software Development Center in Kyiv

How Do Employees Get Around to Daxx Kyiv Remote Software Development Center? 

  • Public transport

There are 3 metro stations surrounding our office: Pochaina (1.8 km), Obolon (2.1 km), Dorogozhichi (2.6 km). Our developers in Kyiv can either get to the metro on their own or use transfer organized by Daxx. 

  • Your Own Car

Daxx software development teams members who commute to the office on their cars can park their autos near the office building on a separate open 120 m2 parking. The monthly parking package costs $96 (in hryvnia equivalent) and we compensate our employees 50% of this cost.  

  • Bicycle 

Those who prefer "green" transport, can park their bikes in the backyard of our business center. Riding a bicycle is similar to taking exercises, so one may feel uncomfortable jumping into the office work right after such activities. That's why we have a shower and all necessary facilities in the office to ensure employees can get down to work with renewed vigour.

daxx parking kyiv

Our Kyiv team is a multinational group, with Dutch, German, and Ukrainian employees working side by side. We also have a designated Community/Happiness Manager who organizes professional tech events for our engineers.

In addition to this, there are regular parties where members of different software development teams in Kyiv can get to know each other better.

Clients from all over the globe visit our Kyiv software development center every week. Some of them even stay to work alongside their Ukrainian teams for a while. If you’re planning a trip to Kyiv and would love to drop by, just give us a call!

Meet Igor Tkach, Managing Director at Daxx:

Here’s what Igor has to say about Kyiv:


"Business owners increasingly understand that Ukraine is a country with colossal opportunities in the tech industry, with Kyiv at the very heart of this boom. There’s no shortage of highly qualified, talented people here, which is what makes Kyiv such an attractive destination for investors, entrepreneurs, and startup founders alike."

More About Kyiv:


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Kyiv has long been Ukraine’s main center of innovation. Only throughout the last year, Kyiv has risen by 29 positions and now ranks 34th among the largest startup cities according to StartupBlink. Kyiv is home to thousands of startups, product companies, and 100+ software development companies. Its dominance in this field is in no small part due to a large number of universities providing top quality technical education and the high concentration of tech graduates in the city. Favorable geographical location and transport links to Europe and the world have made the city an attractive destination for international businesses. Kyiv also boasts a vibrant tech community — most of the country’s IT initiatives and conferences take place here, and there are dozens of incubators and collaboration spaces in the city.

Kyiv Factfile:

  • 2.8 million population
  • 46,000+ IT professionals
  • 38+ tech universities
  • 9,000+ tech graduates
  • 50+ international R&D centers
  • 2 airports

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