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Our remote software development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest tech city, is located in the very center of the city, and currently houses over 80 employees. Our development teams work in separate rooms — we aren't fans of open spaces. The facilities are open 24/7 and inсlude multiple meeting rooms, a comfy kitchen, and a rest area — because we all need a break sometimes. Take a look at the video from our New Year Party: 

anna boyarinova branch manager daxxMeet Anna Boyarinova, Our Branch Manager in Remote Software Development Center in Kharkiv

Anna has been with Daxx for over five years. Throughout this time, she’s helped 55 clients build their development teams in Kharkiv. Her main areas of expertise include HR and account management, recruitment, client-developer communication, and all the administrative aspects related to remote team management in Ukraine. She believes that the key to a successful remote partnership is in making sure the client-developer match is perfect both in terms of skills and personality.


"Kharkiv's rich scientific past is without doubt the main reason that this city has become one of the major tech centers in Ukraine. The best technological minds from all over Eastern Ukraine come here to work and study.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about Kharkiv is that the majority of tech workers I've met here have different creative pursuits and are overall very interesting people.

Lately, many airlines have started offering flights from Kharkiv to Europe, which has made the city even more attractive for companies looking to open a development center in Ukraine. There’s also a high-speed train that can take you from Kharkiv to Kyiv in just four hours, and from there, you can fly to almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to these improvements, our clients are able to visit their Daxx teams far more often than they did in the past.

There are currently 70 developers in our Kharkiv office, and we're on track to reach 80 developers by the end of the year.

We recently conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey, and I'm happy to say that the vast majority of our clients ranked all the different aspects of our cooperation between eight and ten out of ten."

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Kharkiv has a long and rich history of excellence in science and technology. Once the largest center of tank, tractor, and turbine engineering and the third-largest scientific and transport center in the Soviet Union, Kharkiv is now Ukraine’s second-largest remote software development center after Kyiv.

Kharkiv Factfile:

  • Population — 1.4 million
  • 300 tech companies
  • 27 product companies and multinational R&D centers
  • 31,000 IT professionals
  • 7 tech universities
  • 5,000 tech graduates annually

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