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Our remote software development center is conveniently located in the center of Dnipro (formerly known as Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine’s fourth-largest IT hub. Daxx Dnipro office is a double-level space open 24/7, which boasts:

  • a variety of workspaces and several meeting rooms;
  • a comfy kitchen;
  • a rest area with foosball, ping pong, and video games;
  • sports facilities and shower-bath. 

Currently, Dnipro remote software development center cooperates with 31 clients who come from all over the world: the Netherlands, U.S., Germany, Israel, Italy, Austria, etc. Our office houses 60 employees, but the team is likely to increase, as foreign executives take a deep interest in our technology-oriented city.

Our customers are always pleased to visit their development teams in Dnipro and often invite their developers to the local offices. Such team buildings foster communication and merge remote and local teams into one integral unit.

However, our core heritage is intangible and it’s the friendly atmosphere we’ve built in our office. Friday corporate breakfasts and regular after-work-disco-parties strengthen our team and unify our aspirations for further achievements. 

Maria Krikunova Dnipro Branch ManagerMeet Maria Krikunova, Our Branch Manager in a Remote Software Development Center in Dnipro

Maria has more than 5 years of experience in building remote development teams for international businesses. She's been with Daxx for almost 2 years now. Throughout this time, Maria proved to be a good team player, team leader, proactive and self-motivated person with excellent communication and negotiation skills. Her main expertise fields cover HR, recruitment, client-developer communication, and all administrative work related to remote development team management.


What I like the most about Dnipro is curiosity and endless thirst for knowledge among local professionals. It's impressive that in most cases software developers start to take interest in information technology at a young age – while studying at school. After gaining some experience, developers remain loyal to their passion for tech and eagerly try out new programming languages and launch their own pet-projects. Dnipro is one of the major Ukrainian development centers with a great people potential and strong educational basis.

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About Dnipro

The city’s traditional focus on rocket science, mechanical engineering, and space industry laid the foundation for the development of scalable and mature IT market. Dnipro takes pride in strong math, science, and engineering education—7 universities graduate 2,000 ready and waiting tech professionals annually. A strong educational infrastructure together with competitive engineering salaries have already attracted 170+ international R&D centers and tech companies to the region.

Dnipro also supports several projects for IT industry promotion: 

Events and Conferences: Logeek night, IT Weekend, TechFest, RunIT, Sitecore Saturday, IT Dnipro Conference, and ITEM. 
Academic Relations: Open Door Days, Noosphere Engineering School. 
Coworking communities: 365, I coworking Hub and Spalah

Dnipro Factfile:

  • Population–1 million
  • 13,000+ IT professionals
  • 2,000+ tech graduates
  • 7 tech universities
  • 170+ companies in the IT sector 
  • 1 airport

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