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Networking Events Dedicated to Best Practices for Nearshore Development Team Management

Daxx is going to host three events in June dedicated to best practices for nearshore development team management. Continue reading this post to find further details and request an invitation.

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Posted May 31, 2018
Team Management

How DragApp Non-Technical Founders Hire Great Developers

Eduarda Bardavid, Co-Founder and CEO at DragApp, shares insights on successful recruitment of great developers. Regardless of being non-technical, Eduarda Bardavid and Nick Timms know how to find best candidates. Their startup DragApp continues to re...

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted May 24, 2018
Team Management

Enigma Digital CEO Reveals How to Hire and Retain Talented Developers

Extraordinary business requires extraordinary talent. We asked Lee Parry, the CEO of an innovative data recovery company Enigma Digital, to share the recruitment and retention tactics he uses to compete with large companies for gifted software engine...

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted Apr 25, 2018

A Guide to Offshore Developer Rates: Where to Hire Offshore Developers?

Ever considered outsourcing to another country? Check out our new guide on hourly rates — we cover costs and trends in key regions, let you know about other factors to consider, and give you tips on choosing the right vendor to go with. 

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Posted Apr 10, 2018

10 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers