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"Stay Small or Go for Outsourcing" - Interview with Head of Products at Carerix

Arco Westbroek, Head of Products at Carerix, describes how the experience of being a Carerix customer has helped him structure processes within the company and tells how outsourcing helps Dutch companies grow. 

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted Jun 06, 2019
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100+ Companies Shared Which Agile Project Management Tools They Use And Why

100+ companies’ team leads, C-Level executives, software developers and external consultants took part in our survey to compile a list of the 4 most frequently-used Agile project management tools in 2019. Check the research.  

Author Juliya Mankovskaya
Posted May 23, 2019
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How Many Software Developers Are in the US and the World in 2019?

Counting people is hard. However, many research firms attempt to estimate how many software engineers are in the world. We’ve found plenty of software developer statistics, including the number of engineers in the US.

Author Daxx Team
Posted May 20, 2019
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Daxx Head of Recruitment, Anna Symonenko, on Hiring Developers in Ukraine

What are the specifics of the Ukrainian IT market? Why is there currently such a high demand for Ukrainian developers? How to attract and recruit developers in Ukraine? Anna Symonenko, The Head of Recruitment at Daxx, provides answers.

Author Elena Ruchko
Posted May 14, 2019

Learn How to Extend Development Team With Daxx