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Why Will Tech Companies in the Netherlands Outsource More in 2018?

The software industry continues to be a driving force for an increasing number of companies being set up in the Netherlands. In 2017 the software development sector grew by 5% and is predicted to grow another 4.5% in 2018. 

Author Juliya Mankovskaya
Posted Oct 15, 2018

JavaScript Developers Using React, Node.js, and AngularJS Are the Most Difficult to Hire

Why is hiring JavaScript developers becoming a challenge for employers? What’s the value of early programming education? And which is more important: CS degree or experience? HackerRank pulls the wraps off these and many other questions.

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted Oct 04, 2018

Top Software Development Metrics That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

What software development metrics are best? Why do you need them? What are the steps to successfully implement them? Find answers to these and many more questions that will help you reach your business goals faster and with fewer risks.

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted Oct 01, 2018
Offshore Team

globalHMA Owner, Talks About How a Remote Developer Changed Everything for Her Business

Drew Dorgan, globalHMA/Workhorse Development Owner, describes how cooperation with Daxx brings positive productivity changes in her companies and showcases why cooperation with freelance developers was not very beneficial.

Author Olena Herasymchuk
Posted Sep 24, 2018

10 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers