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Western Business Culture in Ukraine’s Tech Industry

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We’ve been doing research on business culture in the tech industry in Ukraine and all we could find were ten to twenty-year-old publications that were no longer relevant. We felt like the approaches to communication and business conduct described in these outdated publications did not resonate with reality.

As a matter of fact, Ukraine doesn’t have enough representation on the global tech arena as a powerful tech hub. Foreigners don’t know what’s going on in Ukraine’s tech industry and the country as a whole. And those who do know something about Ukraine tend to overlook it as a strong tech nation.

Moreover, we haven’t found research dedicated purely to the IT industry in Ukraine. There were, however, some attempts to describe certain aspects of the business culture on Ukraine’s tech scene that we incorporated into our whitepaper.

In three decades of independence, Ukraine’s tech industry has been shaped by the influences of Western tech businesses. These days, you wouldn’t really find a huge difference between a tech company in Ukraine and one in the UK. They’ll have the same business structure, use the same approach to communication and management, and share quite a similar mentality.

The tech industry in Ukraine has attracted more than 200,000 young tech specialists including software developers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, business analysts, marketing specialists, and other professionals. 

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What Will You Find in the Whitepaper?

The whitepaper covers the essential aspects of the business culture in the tech industry in Ukraine and carries practical value for those who are planning to work with Ukrainian tech companies and, consequently, Ukrainian software developers.

Take a look at short previews of the whitepaper’s chapters titled “Business Communication,” “Deadlines,” and “Mentality” and download the full guide to get acquainted with the business culture in the tech industry in Ukraine.


Myths about the Tech Industry in Ukraine 

Business Communication in the Tech Industry in Ukraine

The communication style in Ukraine’s tech industry strongly resembles the communication style in Western tech companies. One important difference is that Ukrainians may act more reserved at first, however, they begin to open up with time. On the positive side, tech specialists in Ukraine tend to discuss progress and challenges openly.

Middle-sized tech businesses use a semi-formal style of communication, while in small tech companies, we observe semi-formal and informal communication. With clients, however, company representatives will use a semi-formal or formal tone of voice. 


Ukrainian software developers have a goal-oriented mindset and feel personal responsibility for accomplishing team goals and meeting deadlines. 

The majority of tech companies in Ukraine focus on providing outsourcing software development services to international companies. This means that the development processes are built to enable programmers to deliver products in a timely manner.

The Mentality of People Working in the Tech Industry

Ukrainian software developers have earned a reputation for being persistent and goal-oriented, which has led to a widely-shared misconception that they’re better at implementing ideas than generating them.

In reality, in most tech companies, the main decision-makers are team leads and senior managers who have both strong technical expertise and applied skills of managing cross-functional tech teams. Experienced programmers find it interesting to carry out challenging tasks without being given precise instructions.

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