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Here's Why You Should Personally Visit Your Offshore Developers Team

Posted Jan 16, 2014 Offshore Team

Hiring a dedicated team of offshore developers is a solution to many problems. It’s much more cost-effective, since the salaries and maintenance costs are lower, and as outsourcing destinations are blooming, the choice of great developers can be even bigger than in your local area.

But even with dozens of remote collaboration tools that make your life easier, managing remote teams is still a challenge. And it’s not just about the difficulties of offshore hiring. There will always be misunderstandings because you and your developers lack personal communication, not to mention cultural and language barriers. One of the ways to make your work with an offshore developers team as smooth as possible is to visit them personally from time to time.

Here are 5 good reasons to do that:

To Get to Know Your Offshore Developers on an Individual Level

You don’t work with an inanimate offshore development center, you work with people. By getting to know them personally, you will see if they have a clear understanding of their priorities and the way these priorities serve the bigger goals of your business. You will also see their strong sides and make sure roles in the team are distributed fairly.

To Understand the Local Culture and Environment

Cultural differences matter, so it’s good for you to understand the mentality of your offshore developers and the factors that motivate them. You will see what environment they live in and what things matter to them.

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To Brainstorm About More Effective Ways to Work

A personal meeting is a great opportunity for all of you to sit together, brainstorm, and see if there are new tools and procedures that can make your remote collaboration more effective. Perhaps you will find out about the new skills or capabilities your team members have been waiting to demonstrate, or let them express some constructive criticism concerning the working process.

To Discuss the Current Status and Priorities of Your Business

It’s important for your team to feel they are a part of your business, so they should be aware of the course it takes. Let them know what the current status is, which way your business is planning to go, and what the priorities for your company now are.

To Look for New Business Opportunities

May be this country can be more than an offshore development center for your business? Visiting the outsourcing location may help you discover new opportunities for expanding your business.

A dedicated team of offshore developers, just like your in-house team, requires your personal attention regularly. Sure, day-to-day issues can be resolved via email, instant messengers, or other tools, but there is always a bigger picture. Invest some of your money and time into traveling to your offshore development center at least a few times a year, and you’ll see the positive results.


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