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Top 12 Questions to Ask at an Offshore PHP Developer Interview

Author Daxx team
Posted Jul 17, 2014
Offshore Team

So, your company has decided to hire a PHP developer in Ukraine. But are you prepared for the PHP developer interview?

Basically, you will need the same level of skills and the same personality traits whether you hire PHP developer onshore or in an offshore outsourcing location. The difference is that determining the practical knowledge of the candidate will be more difficult. With the differences in mentality and education, an offshore candidate’s CV may not reflect their true level the way it is in your country, or their theoretical knowledge may prevail practical because of the specifics of the local education system. Staffing managers from Western Europe say that offshore PHP developers may list in their CVs some skills they are only familiar with, while onshore coders tend to include only those they can back up with experience.

With these peculiarities in mind, you should be well prepared for the PHP developer interview, and try to compile a list of questions that will determine the candidate’s practical knowledge, starting with the most basic PHP interview questions, and proceeding to more advanced ones. 

PHP Interview Questions to Ask:

1. What is the difference between an Interface and a Class in PHP?

2. What is polymorphism?

These are more of entry-level questions that let you start testing the knowledge of your candidate.

3. What is MVC?

Look for more than a definition: the candidate should be able to show a deep understanding of MVC and provide explanations on how and why they used it.

4. How does a PHP session work?

5. What are the visibility keywords of a property or method in PHP?

6. Explain the difference between $_POST and $_GET.

This question helps you see how deeply the candidate understands HTTP and the request/response.

7. How do you load classes in PHP?

With this question, you will determine if the candidate understands how class autoloading works.


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8. What does ob_start do?

Understanding how this function works is important, as it is involved in many large frameworks.

9. Is multiple inheritance supported in PHP?

Make sure the candidate not only answers this question but also show understanding of what multiple inheritance is.

10. How do you increase the execution time of a PHP script?

This question will let the candidate demonstrate their practical skills and the ability to make choices.

11. What changes PHP has gone through in the recent years? What is the difference between PHP3, PHP4, PHP5?

With this question, you test your candidate for a bigger view on PHP and whether they follow the development of the language they are using. The key changes you expect to hear about are realizing the object model in PHP 5.0, adding PDO for accessing databases in 5.1.

12. Name PHP design patterns you have worked with.

Here the candidate can demonstrate their experience and not only name the patterns but also tell you more about how they worked with these patterns.

We hope these questions will help you to hire top PHP developers. Please feel free to contact us if you want us to help you hire PHP programmers in Ukraine. We'll recruit the best PHP developers and set up your PHP development team in Ukraine.

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