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Top Nearshore Outsourcing Companies (for the USA and Europe)

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There are thousands of nearshore companies today, and businesses are fishing around for the optimal partner to meet their needs. Nearshore software development companies are a perfect medium between costly local providers and risky offshore ones. 

No wonder such global giants as Google, Tesla, Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, EY, and IBM have already reaped the benefits of nearshore development: cost-effectiveness, cultural similarity, and real-time collaboration.

The Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

  • Cost-effectiveness

Nearshore software development enables you to save money without compromising on quality. For example, a senior developer in the USA gets $60 per hour and above, while an average hourly rate in Ukraine is around $35. Nearshore hourly rates in Latin America range from $30 to $50.

  • Highly qualified experts

Most nearshore companies have access to a wealth of talent in their countries, otherwise, they would fail to attract and build long-term partnerships with global clients. Employer brand is a crucial factor in attracting top talent, so keep this in mind while choosing a vendor.

  • Time zone proximity

Nearshore means that there is no or up to two hours of time difference between a client and a vendor. Working hours are convenient for both sides and enable easy real-time collaboration.

  • English proficiency

Nearshore software development is not a brand new thing and most companies have been providing the service globally for years or even decades. And while English isn’t the native language of nearshore tech experts, the long-lasting culture of outsourcing has resulted in high-quality educational and practical opportunities to train English language muscle.

Guide to Nearshore Software Development in Eastern Europe

Software development market statistics of the tech countries — Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Croatia.

Nearshore Outsourcing Companies List in Europe

The above-mentioned companies are all mature nearshore outsourcing firms with hundreds of clients across Europe, excellent ratings on Clutch, and proven experience in serving startups, mid-market, and enterprise size companies. Below you can find a detailed nearshoring companies list.


nearshore outsourcing company daxx

Nearshore outsourcing company Daxx

About Daxx

Daxx is the Netherlands-based nearshore outsourcing company offering software development and technology consulting services. The company is part of Grid Dynamics (Nasdaq: GDYN). Daxx has been ranked as one of the top 25 IT outsourcing companies and one of Ukraine’s top web and software developers according to Clutch.

Core Services

Daxx is experienced in building custom-recruited software development teams for a wide range of industries, including the most popular ones: telecom software development, education, healthcare, eCommerce, fintech, travel, and hospitality. 300+ clients have already chosen Daxx as their nearshoring partner in Ukraine.

Value-Added Services

In addition to high-end software development, the company provides value-added services spanning Quality Control, Security Testing, DevOps, UI/UX, Process Consulting, and IT Relocation.

Delivery Capabilities

Daxx is part of Grid Dynamics, so their strong positions on the European market are supplemented with the delivery capabilities of Grid Dynamics on the US market. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Grid Dynamics is an enterprise-level digital transformation service company for Fortune 500 clients in retail, finance, and technology.

nearshore software development company daxx

Nearshore software development company Daxx

Forte Group

Forte Group is a nearshore software development company in Ukraine with focus on mid-market and large enterprises specializing in custom software development, IT staff augmentation, application testing, eCommerce development, and more.

Forte Group’s 20 years of experience are centered around software engineering, IT enterprise experience, and talent delivery with a strong focus on quality assurance. With more than 500 professionals spanning across five countries, Forte Group’s portfolio includes six major verticals and around 300 mid-market and large enterprises.

nearshore outsourcing company forte

Nearshore outsourcing company Forte Group


Intellectsoft is a Ukraine-based nearshore outsourcing service and digital transformation consultancy company for global organizations and technology startups. Since 2007, Intellectsoft has been a software development and digital transformation consulting partner for Fortune 500 companies and enterprise clients.

nearshore outsourcing company intellectsoft

Nearshore outsourcing company Intellectsoft


JCommerce is one of the top nearshoring companies in Poland. With over 400 tech experts on board, the company provides software development and digital transformation covering RPA, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Digital Platforms, Power BI and Qlik solutions, and the administration of Apple devices in business. The clients are industry leaders from Poland, Europe, and North America, as well as SMEs and the public sector.

nearshore outsourcing company jcommerce

Nearshore outsourcing company JCommerce


This Bulgaria-based nearshoring service provider is one of the brightest examples of nearshoring companies in the region. MentorMate has delivered over 1,400 projects in web development, custom software development, UI/UX design, and more.

Serving mid-market and enterprise level clients, MentorMate’s team tackle tech challenges across a range of industries, such as education, manufacturing, medical, and others. Almost half of the business is dedicated to healthcare projects.

nearshore outsourcing company mentormate

Nearshore outsourcing company MentorMate

DCSL GuideSmiths

This nearshore software development company with delivery centers in Romania and Spain delivers digital transformation, product development, and SaaS for established businesses, software, and app development for startups.

The company is a veteran in software development services operating since 1994. From startups to enterprises, DCSL GuideSmiths build software for startups, enterprises, government, the public sector, and others.

nearshore outsourcing company dcsl

Nearshore outsourcing company DCSL


Founded in 2007, Andersen is a nearshore software development company with deep expertise in modern application development and 700+ experts on board. The company has delivered 883 projects helping enterprises embrace digital transformation.

nearshore outsourcing company andersen

Nearshore outsourcing company Andersen 

Future Processing 

With clients in 15 countries and 21 years in software development, this nearshore software development company offers a full-cycle development process.

Future Processing is a mature software development company based in Poland. The company offers software development, dedicated team, software product design, and digital transformation services to over 200 global clients.

nearshore outsourcing company future processing

Nearshore outsourcing company Future Processing


This Estonian nearshore software development company focuses on mobile development and web design. Riseapps provides full-cycle development services and has an R&D center in Ukraine. The company is servicing mid-market clients.

nearshore outsourcing company riseapps

Nearshore outsourcing company Riseapps


Located in Slovenia, the company has been building digital products for 16 years partnering with enterprise and mid-level clients. With 10 locations, 312 people, and 16 years of experience, Infinum is a full-service company providing a wide range of software solutions for each stage of a product life cycle.

nearshore outsourcing company infinum

Nearshore outsourcing company Infinum

Nearshore Outsourcing Companies List in America (USA) 


Based in Argentina, Vates is one of the best nearshore software development companies with delivery focus on the USA. The company is well-versed in building dedicated teams, IT staff augmentation, testing-as-a-service, and other services. The company has 30 years of experience and claims to be able to find the top 10% of IT talent to work for their clients.

nearshore outsourcing company vates

Nearshore outsourcing company Vates 

Menlo Technologies

Recently acquired by Quisitive, Menlo Technologies is a nearshore outsourcing leader in Cloud, Web Apps, and Mobile enterprise development. Based in Argentina and being one of the most popular nearshoring outsourcing countries in the Americas, the company has helped 300 global clients to undergo digital transformation. Menlo Technologies provides full cycle development services with a possibility to choose onshore, nearshore, and offshore tech talent.

nearshore outsourcing companies menlo technologies

Nearshore outsourcing company Menlo Technologies

DB1 Global Software LLC

Being one of the fastest growing nearshoring companies in Brazil, DB1 Global Software delivers Dedicated Teams, IT Staff Augmentation, Software Outsourcing, and other services. 

nearshore outsourcing company db1 software

Nearshore outsourcing company DB1 Global Software

CINQ Technologies 

The company has been building nearshore software solutions for 29 years. They serve global enterprises such as BMW, Bosch, Claro, Corvalent, Electrolux, as well as mid-market customers from a variety of industries.

nearshore outsourcing company cinq

Nearshore outsourcing company Cinq

Teravision Technologies

This Mexico-based nearshore outsourcing company has been offering software solutions to North and Latin America for 17 years. 300 tech experts from Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela provide design, development, and quality assurance of custom software solutions. 

nearshore outsourcing company teravision technologies

Nearshore outsourcing company Teravision technologies


This Latin American nearshoring firm offers Mobile Applications, Development Maintenance & Support, Web Applications Development, Testing and Quality Assurance services.

nearshore outsourcing company codebay

Nearshore outsourcing company Codebay


Serving both enterprise level and mid-market clients, 10Pearls is a one of the most recognized nearshore companies examples. Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, CocaCola, and other global leaders have entrusted software development to 10Pearls.

Nearshore outsourcing company 10pearls

Nearshore outsoucing company 10Pearls

Gorilla Logic 

Founded in 2002, the company delivers full-stack, mobile, and enterprise apps to Fortune 500 companies and SMBs.

nearshore outsourcing company gorilla logic

Nearshore outsourcing company Gorilla Logic


Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies, BairesDev is one of the top nearshore companies in Latin America providing custom software development services to North American and global clients. BairesDev is known for picking top IT talent for their projects and is the fastest growing company in Latin America.

nearshore outsourcing company baires dev

Nearshore outsorcing company Baires Dev


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