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12 Best Time Tracking Software Tools For Your Offshore Developers

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For businesses that hire offshore developers tracking the time is a must. That’s why we have compiled a list of top 10 time tracking tools to help you monitor your remote developers’ work and improve their productivity:

  • Time Doctor
  • Hubstaff
  • Klok
  • Replicon
  • ZoomShift
  • Tenrox
  • TimeForce
  • Harvest
  • WorkPuls
  • BillQuick
  • StratusTime
  • Daxx’s Choice: TargetProcess

1.  Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a SaaS time tracking and productivity tool that offers time management apps on all popular platforms. This multi-functional time tracking software has CRM and white label capabilities. It lets you harvest time tracking data on your company's work habits and then provides analytics to show key areas that need to be improved. Additionally, it offers screenshot software, chat monitoring, and time-based reporting.

best time tracking software tool timedoctor

Time Doctor Time Tracking Tool


Hubstaff is a productivity software that helps teams accomplish tasks efficiently. Its time tracking feature makes it easy to see which projects are consuming the most hours so you’re always on top of work. Hubstaff includes several productivity monitoring capabilities like app and URL tracking, keyboard and mouse activity detection, and optional screenshots. It also offers an automated payroll solution that streamlines the process of calculating each team member’s billable hours and sending payments to them.


Hubstaff Time Tracking Tool

3. Klok

This free cross-platform time-tracking software with a convenient drag-and-drop interface lets you create a hierarchy of projects and then maneuver them throughout your workday. Klok is a highly visual tool that helps you get the full picture of a working day. The tool is easy to use: you can start working on a task by putting it on the “Drop here to work on” area. In case you have started working on another task, the timer on the previous task will automatically stop and start a new one instead.

best time tracking software tool klok

Klok Time Tracking Tool

4. Replicon

Replicon is a complex solution that provides cloud time tracking apps. It includes separate modules that serve several purposes including tracking time, managing employee schedules and payroll, collecting attendance and time-off data, tracking differences between scheduled time and hours actually worked. Their web services tool easily integrates with many project management, HR, accounting, and ERP systems.

best time tracking software tool replicon

Replicon Time Tracking Software

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5. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is an online work schedule maker and time clock app to improve overall business productivity. Teams can view schedules, set their availability preferences, manage shifts with ZoomShift’s schedule maker. The app comes with timesheets and employee time tracking features that eventually help businesses run accurate payrolls at the end of every month.


ZoomShift Time Tracking Software

6.  Tenrox

A web-based time tracking tool that has the benefit of being available to you anywhere and anytime. It allows you to monitor working hours as well as sick time, overtime, and resources.

best time tracking software tool tenrox

Tenrox Time Tracking Software

7. TimeForce

This time tracking tool helps you schedule and track your offshore developers’ work as well as process payroll. Employee time can be collected via time clocks, a web browser, or even a cell phone. TimeForce tends to improve employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials. It makes holiday management easy, eliminates the need to calculate vacation days, sick leaves, or compensation time accruals as well as identifies time abuses (break, meal, buddy punching, etc.)

best time tracking software tool timeforce

TimeForce Time Tracking Tool

8. Harvest

An easy-to-use time and expenses tracking software with an intuitive web interface. Harvest provides a great amount of information to help you manage your team more intelligently. With Harvest, you can track the developers’ hours, manage projects, and monitor expenses. You can generate a variety of reports customized to your needs. It's also helpful that the tool shows the amount of time your employees spend and what project they are currently working on.

best time tracking software tool harvest

Harvest Time Tracking Software

9. WorkPuls

It is a time tracking and employee monitoring software, which helps remote teams maximize productivity. Among other features, Workpuls includes automated time tracking (it can track time spent using each app/website) and payroll calculation. Along with real-time staff activity analysis, you can access your historical data at any time. WorkPuls securely stores your data for two years. With WorkPuls you always know what exactly your employees are working on, when they work, and for how long. In short, you get precise metrics that make project oversight simpler than ever.

best time tracking software tool workpuls

WorkPuls Time Tracking Tool

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10. BillQuick

This online service with strong time tracking features lets you track project and vacation time, days of sick leave and holidays. By adding notes to the time and expenses, you can get a better picture of the scheduling. Additionally, you can identify the projects with tight deadlines and find answers to performance-related questions. The BillQuick issues updates regularly to supplement the features offering and add new functions that will be beneficial to your business. 

best time tracking software tool BillQuick

BillQuick Time Tracking Tool

11. StratusTime

StratusTime is a time and attendance tracking solution with a user-friendly web-based interface. It provides you with real-time access to time and attendance data, including visual employee scheduling. StratusTime integrates seamlessly with dozens of devices, enabling employees to login via mobile or PC. StratusTime intuitive dashboard makes it easy for both managers and employees to monitor hours, request days off, days of sick leave, and see schedules from any device at any time of the day.

best time tracking software tool stratustime

StratusTime Time Tracking Tool

12. Daxx’s Choice: TargetProcess

TargetProcess is much more than a time tracking software, which works perfectly for offshore development teams that follow Agile model and need to elaborate extensive time tracking system. This Agile project management software will help you visualize and prioritize your development processes. The Timer is available within Time Tracker Mashup, Android mobile apps, and Visual Studio add-ins. It is also easy to integrate it with external services for time tracking.

best time tracking software tool timeforce

TargetProcess Time Tracking Tool

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