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If You Were an American Software Engineer, Where Would You Live? See Where US Developers Are Located

Author Daxx Team
Posted Apr 13, 2015

States Where Most Programmers Live

It is easy to predict that California with its Silicon Valley would be the home of the highest number of software engineers in the US. With its 230,150 programmers, California left no chances to the number two state on the list - Texas. The Lone Star State is home to only 109,390 software developers. Other states in the top 10 include New York, Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania. /article/average-software-developer-salaries-in-usa

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When it comes to the ratio of software developers to other employed professionals in the area, California gives way to Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Colorado. In Washington, for example, around 1 in every 35 employed people is a software engineer. As for the regions, though, it is the Northeast that leads: here, more than 11 in every 1,000 jobs are software development jobs.

top states developers are located

The least developer-populated states are home to anywhere between 2,880 to only 580 programmers. Wyoming is at the very end of the bottom 10 list, with 580 developers that reside in the state. This is the only state with the quantity of software engineers living there less than 1000. Other states on the bottom 10 list include Alaska (1,250 developers), South Dakota (1,650), Vermont (1,940), Montana (2,120), North Dakota (2,190), Hawaii (2,510), Mississippi (2,550), West Virginia (2,840), and Maine (2,880).


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Highest-Paying States and Regions

Based on these IT trends, it is easy to see which states offer the most numerous employment opportunities for developers. But which ones offer the highest-paying jobs? The Northeast beats the competition and becomes the highest-paying IT region, with an average annual developer salary of $89,318. The second best-paying part of the country is the West with its $85,942, followed by the South with an average salary of $82,514 and the Pacific with its $78,192. The Midwest becomes the lowest-paying region for software engineers, offering them an average salary of only $76,591.

Interestingly, none of the 2 highest-paying states is a Northeast state: Washington and California are the easily predictable leaders here, being home to such IT giants as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Offering an average salary of $109,244 Washington is the best place for a programmer to make a living, followed by California with its average of $107,993. Other states in the top ten of highest-paying ones include Maryland ($104,934), Massachusetts ($103,296), Virginia ($103,007), New Jersey ($98,235), Delaware ($95,474), New York ($95,314), Colorado ($94,424), and District of Columbia ($93,000).

top highest paying states

IT trends show that most developers (and highest-paying ones, too) are located around the leading IT companies, making these regions a good place to search for a software engineer, but an expensive one to run an IT business. Given the high salaries in the West and the Northeast, US businesses, especially startups, might consider rural outsourcing in the less expensive Midwestern states, or offshore development outside America.

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