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2020: What’s the Average Python Developer Salary in the US, and Why Is Python So Popular, Anyway?

Author Daxx Team
Posted Feb 26, 2020

Our research in January 2020 showed that the average Python developer salary in the US is $120K per year (Indeed). Junior Python developer salary in the United States is $74,435 per year. Middle Python Developers can claim for approximately $100,826 per year. Senior Python programmer salary in the United States is $127,217 per year.

We have also analyzed the highest-paying countries for Python software developers in 2020, updated the current number of Python programmers in the world, and explored the reasons behind Python's popularity. 

This post was updated on January, 2020


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Average Python Developer Salaries 2020 By State | Indeed

The Average Python Programmer Salary in the US | 2020

The average Python developer salary in the US in 2020 is $120,365 per year (Indeed). New York, California and Washington DC are the top 3 best-paid states for Python developers. However, tech salaries differ from state to state, and the national average may not be enough to judge how much a Python programmer will cost your company. That’s why we have gathered Python salaries in different states. 

Average Python Developer Salaries by State 2020| Indeed

StateAverage salary 2020Employees, users, and past/present job ads
New YorkUS$133,666162
Washington DCUS$133,23023
Massachusetts US$133,29171
Georgia US$127,84938
Oregon US$120,3307
Texas US$119,966284
Virginia US$116,79363
Average Python Programmer Salaries by State 2020 Indeed

The average Python programmer salaries by state 2019 | Indeed

California, New York, Texas, and Illinois happen to have the largest numbers of Python positions in the US. 

2020: Highest-Paying Cities for Python Developers in the US | Indeed

 City Average Salary 2020
 San Francisco US$144,386
 Los Angeles US$118,522
 New York US$135,923
 Seattle  US$94,830
 Atlanta US$129,496
 Boston US$134,369
 Chicago US$125,541
 Austin US$124,594
 San Jose US$111,302

According to Indeed, the average Python developer salary in San Francisco is $144,386K – the highest salary in comparison to other cities. Python programmers in New York fall behind their colleagues earning about $135,923K per year. Python salary in Boston takes third place with an average salary – $134,369K per year. 

Python Trends 2020: Is Python the Hottest Tech Skill? Yes, It Is.

According to the Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Python was one of the most in-demand technologies of 2018, 2019 and hopefully of 2020. In 2019, it was ranked as the world’s 4th most popular programming language among professional software developers as well as the first most wanted programming language.

According to TIOBE Index, Python is the 3rd most popular programming language in 2020:

Python Programming Language Trend

The data collected by Dice shows that Python is still one of the hottest tech skills to have, with demand surpassing supply.

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills According to Dice

Python is most in-demand programming language

Source: Dice 2019

According to PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, which monitors the frequency of searches for different programming language tutorials, Python is the most popular programming language to learn in 2020, showing an almost 19% growth over the last 5 years.

Most Popular Programming Languages on Stack Overflow

Source: Global App Testing


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What Makes Python Great and Popular?

Python is a programming language, which is used to develop websites, web applications, GUI, network servers, back-end APIs, desktop apps, medial tools, and machine learning. You can also use Python to analyze data and “glue” other languages together.

1. The world’s tech companies love Python. Google, Youtube, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Dropbox, Yahoo, Mozilla, Quora, Instagram, Uber and Reddit are just a few of the big names that use Python for a wide range of purposes and are continuously on the lookout for Python engineers.

Python is the most loved programming language

Most Loved, Programming Languages 2020 | Source: Codingame

Google, for one, uses Python for everything from AI algorithms to the App Engine Cloud. Meanwhile, 99.9% of Dropbox’s code is in Python, including server backend, desktop client, website controller logic, API backend, and analytics tools.

2. It’s widely used in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data.  With the rise of data science, Python’s popularity as a scientific language has soared. There are many machine learning libraries written in Python, in addition to a great number of tools that make it easy to do machine learning.

3. It’s perfect for beginners. 
Python is a great choice for beginner programmers because of its simple library and flexible syntax. With Python, it is easy to get started and immediately work towards building something usable. You can create the simplest Python program that displays some text just in few seconds with the help of the following code – print ("Any Text You Enter").
According to the Codingame 2020 Developer Survey Report, Javascript, Java, Python are the best-known programming languages – claimed by more than 10K of surveyed developers. 84% of Python developers use it as their main language. 

Average Python Programmer Salary Trends 2017-2020 by State | Data for a 4-year Period

We have also gathered the data on Python Developer Salary throughout 4 years. What we have found out is that Python salaries continue to grow, despite a salary decline in the most well-paid states.

StateAverage salary 2017% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2018% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2019% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2020
ConnecticutUS$142,167-5,2%US$134,639- 18,5%US$109,714- 4.9%US$104,323
CaliforniaUS$126,884+0,9%US$128,040+12,0%US$143,504- 3,4%US$138,589
New YorkUS$124,706+1,2%US$126,317+1,4%US$128,102+4,3%US$133,666
MinnesotaUS$115,145- 9,1%US$104,654+ 15,5%US$120,875- 19,7%US$97,073
MarylandUS$114,706+2,6%US$117,784-0,07%US$117,693- 8,1%US$108,116
ColoradoUS$114,391+1,2%US$115,796+17,0%US$135,525- 15,1%US$115,039
New HampshireUS$108,576+3,8%US$112,745-11,7%US$99,548-1,3%US$98,194

Highest-Paying Cities for Python Developers in the US 2017-2020 | Indeed

StateAverage salary 2017% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2018% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2019% of Increase/DecreaseAverage salary 2020
San FranciscoUS$135,033+1,7%US$137,389+8,9%US$149,632-23,5%US$114,386
Los AngelesUS$110,018-2,6%US$107,163+23,5%US$132,417-10,5%US$118,522
New YorkUS$129,498+0,7%US$130,517-0,02%US$130,496+4,1%US$135,923
Seattle US$109,125-0,5%US$108,520+16,6%US$126,602-25%US$94,830
AtlantaUS$106,560- 0,4%US$106,121+17,9%US$125,187+3,4%US$129,496
AustinUS$113,927-3,0%US$110,495- 1,4%US$108,872+14,4%US$124,594
San JoseUS$128,726+1,3%US$130,444- 18,1%US$106,752+4,2%US$111,302

Average Python developer salary in the most popular cities

San Jose, Seattle have the lowest compensation levels — the average Python developer salary here ranges from $95K to $111K.

2020: Average Python Developer Salary Compared to Other Programming Languages

According to Indeed, the average Python programmer salary is $120,365 per year, which makes Python the second best-paid programming language in the country, with only Ruby ahead.

Average Python Developer Salary Trends in Comparison to Other Programming Languages | 2017-2020

SkillAverage salary 2017Average salary 2018Average salary 2019

Average salary 2020


Python Programmer Salary Trends in Comparison to the 5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Python Programmer Salary Trends
How Many Python Developers Are There in the World?

According to the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2018, there were 23M developers in the world, the number that was expected to reach 26,4 million by the end of 2019. In 2023 the number is forecasted to reach 27,7 million. 

However, there’s no exact number of Python developers globally, as it grows continuously. As indicated in the study by TIOBE in January 2020, Python developers account for 9,704% of all developers globally, while in 2019 this number was 8,262%.

According to the Python Developers Survey, 21% of Python developers are concentrated in the U.S. 

This data proves that currently it may be complicated to find Python developers in the U.S., as the number of developers is limited and the majority of them are already occupied. 

Where Can You Hire Python Developers?

Remote work has become so comfortable as never before. Thus, when hiring Python developers, you don’t have to consider only local talent. Moreover, you can hire either one developer or a whole software development team anywhere in the world without risking quality or security. Among software development destinations, Eastern Europe has become one of the most reasonable solutions. 

Why choose Ukraine to Hire Python Developers?

  1. There are 185K IT specialists in Ukraine;
  2. Junior Python developers salary in Ukraine is $600 per month, while middle and senior developers can receive up to $1,700 and $3,500 accordingly (Dou.ua);
  3. By hiring Python developers in Ukraine with Daxx – you manage your team directly, without any third-party interference, while Daxx handles recruitment, HRM, payroll services, office infrastructure, etc. We have also launched value-added services, such as Extended Team, Launch Workshop, Process Consulting, Security Testing, Quality Control, which help you flawlessly manage your software development team and ensure your product meets quality requirements and security standards.

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