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How Many Software Developers Are in the US and the World?

Posted Feb 09, 2020 Trends

How Many Software Developers Are There in the World?

According to Evans Data Corporation, in 2018 there were 23.9 million software developers in the world. In 2019, this number reached 26,4 million and is expected to grow to 27,7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024.

According to IDC calculations, in 2018 the number of software developers in the world grew to 22,3 million, while in 2014 there were only 18,5 million programmers. 

Slashdata presented their statistics telling there were 18.9 million software developers in the world in 2019 and this number is going to reach 45 million in 2030.


  Number of Software Developers


  23.9 million


  26,4 million


  27,7 million


  28.7 million


  45 million


The number of software developers in the world

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How Many Software Engineers Are There in the US?

Evans Data Corporation reported there were around 4,4 million software engineers in North America in 2016

According to DataUSA, the number of people employed as software developers, applications & systems software in the US reached 1,36 million in 2017

Don’t Quit Your Day Job gives an estimate pretty close to Evans Data Corporation - 4,2 million software engineers in the USA as of 2019. This was calculated while trying to figure out how many developers there are across different US states. 

the number of software engineers in the usa

The number of software engineers in the US

It’s worth noting that estimated in 2017 the 4,2 million includes technical writers, electrical and hardware engineers, CAD programmers, actuaries, statisticians, economists, mathematicians, and generally anyone who writes or reads code on a daily basis, in addition to software developers. If we only take the “classic” definition of a software developer, we’re actually only looking at around 3,4 million people.

Top 10 US states with the highest percentage (%) of software developers

The highest percentage of programmers is concentrated in the Washington DC area (6.46%). Virginia and Maryland followed next, with 4.43% and 4.41% respectively. (Source).


  Percentage (%) of Software Developers

 Washington DC  6.46%
 Virginia  4.43%
 Maryland  4.41%
 Washington   3.75%
 Massachusetts  3.64%
 Colorado  3.48%
 New Jersey  3.40%
 New Hampshire  3.35%
 Delaware  3.16%
 California  3.15%
top us states with the highest percentage of software developers

Top 10 US states with the highest percentage of software developers

Top 10 US states with the highest number of software developers

In terms of raw numbers, California leads the way with 628 thousand developers. Texas and New York come in second and third with 325 thousand and 218 thousand respectively.


  Number of Software Developers

 California  628,414
 Texas  324,717
 New York  218,041
 Virginia  204,699
 Illinois  186,426
 Florida  181,314
 New Jersey  162,977
 Pennsylvania  152,900
 Maryland  147,430
 Washington  143,971
top us states with the largest number of software engineers

Top 10 US states with the largest number of software engineers

How Many Software Engineers Are There in Europe?

According to StackOverflow, the number of software developers in Europe in 2016 was 4,7 million, which in 2018 reached 5,5 million. Germany has the largest number of software developers - around 901K. The UK and France round up the list of top 3 countries with the largest number of software developers reaching 849K and 533K respectively.


  Number of Software Developers

 Germany  901K
 The UK  849K
 France  533K
 Russia  412K
 The Netherlands  320K
 Italy  314K
 Spain  323K
 Poland  295K
 Ukraine  200K
 Sweden  179K

The number of software developers in Europe

How Many Software Developers Are There in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the 2nd largest talent pool in Eastern Europe by the number of software developers. As of now, there are 184,700 IT professionals, and this number is expected to reach 200,000 by 2020 and 242,000 by 2025.

number of software developers in ukraine

The number of software developers in Ukraine

The software developers population is obviously growing and European tech is moving forward extremely fast too. Despite the fact that there are 5,5 million developers in Europe, the European Union countries are still estimated to suffer a shortage of 500,000 software engineers by 2020. 

The Number of Software Developers by Technology 

Still, we’ve found some rough estimates online that you may find useful:

Java developers

  • The number of Java developers varies significantly. In 2003, Java developers were totaled between 1,5 and 3 million; in 2007, when Java became open source, this number had risen to 6 million. The Global Developer Population and Demographics Survey, conducted by Evans Data Corporation, reported that the Java developer population was 9 million in 2009 making Java one of the most used programming languages worldwide (source). 
  • According to SlashData, the number of Java developers in the world was 7,1 million as of September 2018 (source).
  • As for 2019, the number will reach 7,6 million (source). 

PHP developers:

  •  The number of PHP developers was 5 million as of 2013 (source) and 5,5 million as of September 2018 (source).

JavaScript developers

  • According to the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, “JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language on earth. Even Back-end developers are more likely to use it than any other language.” Meanwhile, the most recent data provided by SlashData showed that there were 10,7 million JavaScript software developers in the world in 2018 (source).

Mobile app developers:

.NET developers:

  • Speaking about the number of .NET developers worldwide, there were about 6 million .NET developers according to an old study dated back to 2004. Today, according to many guesses there are approximately 7-8 million .NET developers. The majority of them use C#. 

C++ developers:

  • In 2015 there were 4,4 million C++ software developers (source). Nowadays the number has increased slightly and reached 5,4 million (source).

Python developers:

  • According to SlashData, the number of Python developers was 7 million in 2018. Nowadays, Python is gradually getting closer to Java in terms of popularity (source).

C# developers:

  • The number of C# software developers in the world was estimated to be 6,2 million in 2018 (source).
most in demand programming languages

Worldwide programming language statistics

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Software Engineer Demographics

All in all, there’s not really a way to check how accurate the above data is. It’s not that we doubt the credibility of the sources we used — it’s the definitions that pose the problem. Data Evans Corporation, for instance, counts everyone who’s actively involved in the creation of software from rank and file coders to team leaders and managers, all the way up to CTOs.
Both Data USA and DQYDJ used data provided by the US Census Bureau but somehow ended up with very different figures. Again, this most likely is the result of differing definitions.

The one thing that we know for sure is that the number of people writing code is only going to grow in the coming years. The BLS predicts that by 2024, the number of jobs for software and app developers will have increased by 12.5% compared to 2014, and the situation won’t be much different in the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software developer jobs will increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026. According to Burning Glass Labor Insights, there were more than 227,000 software developer job postings in the second quarter of 2018 in comparison to 176,530 during the same period in 2017. The increase was nearly 51,000.

the number of software developer job ads

The number of software developer job postings

Other Interesting Software Developer Statistics 

Regular surveys conducted by Evans Data Corporation, DataUSA and Stack Overflow offer plenty of software developer statistics. Below are the ones we consider the most interesting:

  • According to Evans Data, the median software developer age is 36 (EMEA region — 40, North America — 39, Latin America — 35, APAC region — 34). According to datausa.io, the median software, applications & systems software developer age in the US is 39.8, and male employees are generally 0.507 years younger than female.
  • According to the Dou.ua 2018 Survey, the average age of software developers in Ukraine is 21-29.
  • Ukraine takes 1st place in the world for the number of C++ and Unity3D software developers, the 2nd in Magento, JavaScript, and Scala, and the 3rd in PHP, Ruby, .NET, Python, and Symfony developers.
  • 27.5 % of developers in the world are women
  • 80.7% of Software developers, applications and systems software in the US are men, the percentage of female software developers is 19,3%
  • According to Developer Survey Results 2019, nearly 45% of professional developers learned to code less than 10 years ago.

software developers statistics

  • Women write their first code later than men

software development statistics

  • 76.5% of software developers indicated having a bachelor’s degree or higher. 
  • 6 million developers are involved in Big Data and Advanced Analytics
  • 29% of developers worldwide, or 6,452,000 in all, were using some form of AI or ML as of 2018 and an additional 5.8 million are expected to start using AI or ML within the next six months.
  • 2 million developers work on IoT apps
  • 4 million developers (26%) use cloud-based development environments.
  • 33% of women stated that the most important driver of their development work lies in their personal curiosity and interest in the technologies they use, whereas this was true of only 22% of men. 

3 Reasons to Choose Ukrainian Tech Talent For Software Development 

  1. Strong Tech Expertise. Ukrainian developers are skilled in a variety of technologies, with Java (26.3%), C#(15.4%), JavaScript(13.8%), PHP (13.1%), and Python (8%) being the most popular programming languages. The most trendy frameworks that the Ukrainian candidates would like to work with are Spring, .NET Core, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, and Symfony. 
  2. Mentality. According to our research, Ukrainian developers tend to show high involvement and commitment to their jobs and rely on detailed planning and clear requirements: 82% of them claimed the reason they work in software development lies in their interest in technology, while 48% of Ukrainian developers code in their free time.
  3. Proficiency level. 19% of all software engineers have 7+ years of experience because the young generation is really into software development. Ukrainian freelance engineers take 7th place in the world based on high-performance, quality and efficiency. Nearly 80% of Ukrainian developers possess an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency. Students of CS faculties that start working as trainees in IT companies already have a few years of experience under their belts.

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