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What’s the Average JavaScript Developer Salary? JavaScript Job Market Trends for 2017

Author Daxx Team
Posted Feb 02, 2017

Your website is your storefront. A slick, user-friendly interface instantly establishes trust and authority with your clients. Companies are constantly innovating in this area, and strive to provide their customers with the best user experience possible. This is why web development expertise is one of the ten hottest tech skills for 2017, according to Computerworld’s Tech Survey.


Recent stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal a similar trend, forecasting a far more significant demand for web developers than any other tech profession. By 2024, the number of web development positions is expected to have grown by 27% — compared to 2014 levels — an enormous 148.5K additional web development jobs. Meanwhile, the average projected growth rate for other IT jobs in the same timeframe is only 12%.

Alongside their user interface know-how, front-end web developers are usually expected to have solid expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The latter is especially hard to find. In fact, according to the Global Hiring Demand Report by CEB, JavaScript is the hardest to hire skill in Germany, Japan, China, the UK, and the US.

employee skills demand

There are plenty more sources that name JavaScript one of the most sought-after skills in 2017. ITJobsWatch ranked JavaScript as the second most in-demand programming language in the UK, a conclusion based on the number of job ads posted over the last three months. According to the skills and salary analytics platform Gooroo, JavaScript is the second most frequently mentioned skill on US job postings.

The Average Javascript Developer Salary by State

Skill Monthly Jobs Advertised
Java 11,611
JavaScript 8,593
C 6,493
C# 5,296
Python 4,897
C++ 4,141
ASP.net 2,141
Perl 2,139
PHP 1,812
Ruby 1,780

So what does it mean? In short, if you’re a tech specialist with front-end development skills under your belt, congratulations: you’re very unlikely to be unemployed. On the other hand, if you’re an employer looking to hire JavaScript developers, sit tight — it will probably take a while until you find the right person for your company.

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The Average JavaScript  Developer Salary in the US

The combination of high demand and insufficient supply of a certain type of tech workforce almost always means the same thing: the lucky few in possession of the required skills are going to command high salaries. This statement certainly holds true when it comes to JavaScript developers, who, according to Gooroo, have some of the highest tech salaries in the US at an average of nearly $96K per year.

Skill Average Salary
Ruby $108,635
Python $102,741
C++ $101,452
Perl $99,924
Java $99,360
JavaScript $95,981
C# $94,854
PHP $93,623
ASP.NET $92,173
C $91,204

Of course, incomes can vary a lot from state to state. To get some context, we researched the figures Gooroo provides for different parts of the union. According to this data, Connecticut and Rhode Island are where your boldest JavaScript developer salary expectations will be met, as these two states can offer as much as $103K per year. It’s worth mentioning however, that the number of job ads mentioning JavaScript over the past month in these two states is quite low.

javascript salaries by state by gooroo

Other states that pass the $100K mark are Massachusetts, California, and New York. Predictably, California is also the state with the greatest number of job ads.

The Average JavaScript Developer Salary by State | Gooroo, Jan 17

State Salary Monthly Jobs Advertised
Connecticut $103,289 76
Rhode Island $102,692 13
Massachusetts $101,979 317
California $101,268 1,510
New York $100,744 464
Washington $99,209 335
Virginia $98,356 876
Maryland $97,830 469
Georgia $96,624 254
Illinois $96,508 441

While Gooroo analyzes salaries on job postings that just mention JavaScript, Indeed provides salary information submitted by actual developers. We decided to take a look at what Indeed’s salary calculator had to say when it comes to the average JavaScript programmer salary in the US.

javascript salary by state indeed

According to data from this source, the national average rose to almost $110K per year. As for the state-by-state comparison, Connecticut leads again with the average JavaScript developer salary at a whopping $140K per year.

Both New Jersey and California hover around the $122K mark, while New York follows closely behind with $119K per year. Massachusetts completes the top five, offering JavaScript engineers an annual salary of over $110K.

The Average JavaScript Developer Salary by State | Indeed, Jan 17

State Average Annual Salary
Connecticut $139,564
New Jersey $121,748
California $121,570
New York $118,720
Massachusetts $110,657
Washington $109,849
Georgia $109,256
Virginia $107,938
Illinois $105,560
Utah $104,592

Incidentally, California, New York, and Massachusetts, which both Gooroo and Indeed rank among the top five the best-paying states for JavaScript developers, are also among the best-paying states for software engineers in general.

JavaScript Developer Salaries Based on Experience

Geographical location is just one factor influencing a developer’s salary. No matter where you live, the more experience you have, the higher salary you can expect, which is why we also wanted to see how JavaScript engineer salaries differ based on experience. To do this, we turned to PayScale, which, just like Indeed, collects submissions from real people.

The Average Javascript Developer Salary Depending on Experience

Years of Experience Salary
Less than 1 year $60,125
1 - 4 years $65,933
5 - 9 years $83,959
10 - 19 years $99,341
20 years or more $110,407

Their data showed that an average junior JavaScript developer salary is slightly over $60K per year, which is pretty close to the $65.5K mentioned in Robert Half’s 2017 Creative Group Salary Guide as the entry-level JavaScript developer salary. 20 or more years of experience translate into a sweet senior JavaScript developer salary of $110K per year.

javascript developer salary by experience

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JavaScript Developer Salaries Based on Company Size

We used PayScale again to find out whether company size has an impact on the salary of a JavaScript developer. To this, the answer is “yes, definitely.”

Company Size Salary
1-9 $72,298
10-49 $70,243
50-199 $76,183
200-599 $78,745
600-1999 $83,425
2000-4999 $81,226
5000-19999 $87,516
20000-49999 $85,194
50000+ $87,430

While a company with up to nine employees can afford to pay a JavaScript engineer a little over $72K per year, a huge enterprise with more than 50,000 workers on board can offer as much as $87K to someone with JavaScript skills.

js salary by company size

JavaScript Developer Salaries in Other Countries

The US is known to be one of the top countries that pay developers the most, but it certainly isn’t the only place where programming talent has great earning potential. In Switzerland, for instance, a JavaScript developer can make almost $90K per year, which isn’t far from US levels.

Denmark and Norway follow with $66K and $63K respectively, while the average JavaScript developer salaries in the UK and Israel hover around the $60K mark.

JavaScript engineers who live in the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden usually command salaries within the $42K–$52K range.


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JavaScript Developer Salaries vs Cost of Living in the US

The amount of money you make in a year is no more than a meaningless figure until you put it side-by-side with the amount of money you spend on rent, utilities, groceries, and life’s other expenses.

To add some context to the absolute figures, we analyzed the average wages in the ten most-searched American cities for JavaScript programmer salaries on Google. Then, we compared the salaries in these cities with the cost of living index found on Expatistan, as well as with rent prices available on Apartment List. The ten cities are: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Houston, and Columbus.

City JavaScript Developer Salary Cost of Living Index Rent Price per Annum (1 Bedroom)
San Francisco, CA $133,599 277 $40,080
Los Angeles, CA $122,048 226 $22,560
New York, NY $117,592 285 $38,400
Dallas, TX $111,758 180 $14,760
Seattle, WA $110,338 217 $20,160
Atlanta, GA $107,740 186 $16,320
Chicago, IL $105,982 213 $16,800
Austin, TX $96,017 189 $14,280
Houston, TX $82,200 184 $13,200
Columbus, OH $81,282 167 $9,000

As you would expect, the cities where JavaScript engineers command the best salaries have the highest rent prices. At close to $134K, the annual JavaScript developer salary in San Francisco tops the list, as do its rent price levels.

There are, however, two exceptions to the general trend. The average JavaScript developer salary in Los Angeles is $122K, which is the second best result in our ranking, but the rent prices in this city happen to be the second lowest. Meanwhile Dallas, which has the cheapest rent of anywhere in our top ten, offers JavaScript developers almost $112K per year, the fourth highest number in the study.

js salaries vs rent prices in the us

JavaScript Developer Salaries vs Rent Prices | USJavaScript Developer Salaries vs Rent Prices | US

When it comes to the cost of living, New York ranks first with 285 points (click here to find out how the cost of living index is calculated). Living in the city that never sleeps may be expensive, yet the average JavaScript developer salary in New York City will make up for it — the third highest in the country.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago are the other four cities in the top five. The latter, however, doesn’t score quite as well in terms of salaries — the annual JavaScript developer salary in Chicago is almost $106K, which is the fourth from lowest result.

Dallas seems like a favorable location for a JavaScript engineer, as the average salary it offers is pretty high, yet the cost of living there is the second lowest.

Columbus, which is both the cheapest city to live in and one with the lowest average JavaScript engineer salary, closes our top ten.

cost of living vs js salaries in the us

Cost of Living Index in the Most-Searched Cities for JavaScript Developer Salaries in the US

JavaScript Developer Salaries vs Cost of Living in Other Countries

We went through a similar process to find out how JavaScript engineer salaries compare to the living expenses in other countries we mentioned above, as well as their capitals and/or major tech hubs.

A few notes before we jump into the data: PayScale doesn’t have any information on the average JavaScript programmer salaries in Oslo and Copenhagen, which is why we took the national average for these two cities instead. The rent prices we used are for a 45 sq m apartment in an affordable neighborhood as listed on Expatistan.

Country Capital/Major Tech Hub Cost of Living Index JavaScript Developer Salary by City National Average JavaScript Developer Salary Rent Price per Annum (Utilities Included)
Switzerland Zurich 295 $93,317 $89,757 $19,635
Finland Helsinki 188 $44,825 $45,727 $11,664
Sweden Stockholm 196 $49,953 $52,093 $11,232
Norway Oslo 243 $63,245 $63,245 $16,200
Denmark Copenhagen 223 $64,350 $64,350 $13,392
Netherlands Amsterdam 195 $43,103 $41,932 $13,344
United Kingdom London 238 $46,228 $60,370 $18,936
Israel Tel Aviv 196 $63,073 $59,476 $13,368

According to our research, Zurich seems like a fantastic place to be a JavaScript developer. In this city, a JavaScript engineer can expect to earn about $93K per year, which is significantly more than any other tech hub we’ve researched can offer. Meanwhile, rent prices in Zurich are only a little higher than those in other cities.

For comparison, the annual rent price in the UK’s capital is only about $650 cheaper than it is in Zurich, but the annual JavaScript developer salary in London is less than a half of what the Swiss city can offer.

js salary vs rent in europe

JavaScript Developer Salaries vs Rent Prices | Other Countries

Switzerland’s capital may have high salaries and comparatively low rent prices, but it still has the highest cost of living index out of all the cities analyzed, including American ones.

Despite offering JavaScript developers the second best salaries in the study, in the cost of living index comparison Copenhagen only comes forth, after Oslo and London. Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv all scored pretty much the same in the cost of living index, with Amsterdam having the lowest JavaScript developer salaries, and Stockholm having the cheapest rent.

cost of living vs js salary in europe

Cost of Living Index in the World’s Major Tech Hubs

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