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The Netherlands Ranks First for Startup Business Climate

Author Daxx Team
Posted Apr 18, 2016

Holland’s favorable startup business climate has placed the country ahead of all the other EU member states in the 2016 Startup Nation Scoreboard developed by the European Digital Forum, a think tank dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in the tech industry and fostering Europe’s digital economy.

The Netherlands ranks first on overall startup adoption with an 85% success rate, and ties with France and Italy for the first place in increasing access to talent through national programs designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs.

The Scoreboard, formally launched at Germany’s major computer expo CeBIT 2016, is the brainchild of national experts from 25 countries, created to measure the progress of the EU member states in adopting the Startup Manifesto, a 22-action roadmap nine of Europe’s most successful tech entrepreneurs published in 2013.

The Netherlands may have the best startup business climate in the EU, however, the tech talent shortage that has spread across the region is a major obstacle for many startup entrepreneurs.

According to a recent research by the world’s #1 job site Indeed, the employer demand for tech talent in Holland (measured by the number of available tech jobs) is well above the number of job seekers interested in such positions.


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Software development market statistics of the tech countries — Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Croatia.

average avascript developer salary state by state

There are two ways Daxx helps businesses in the Netherlands solve the tech talent shortage.

Option 1. Offshore Development Center

The first one lies in hiring nearshore software developers and setting up dedicated development centers in Ukraine.

Here’s how it works. You contact us and specify your requirements for tech talent. We then scour our database of 35,000+ Ukrainian software developers and screen those candidates that best fit your requirements. You personally interview and approve each member of your team, and once they’re ready to get to work, we place them in one of our comfy offices located in three of Ukraine’s largest IT hubs.

When your team is set up, we continue to support you by taking care of HR and team retention and taking on all the responsibilities of an official employer in Ukraine (payroll, taxes, sick days, etc.)

When it comes to running remote teams, our expertise extends way beyond paperwork. We advise you on the best practices to build a loyal and highly efficient nearshore development team – all for a fixed monthly fee. Learn more about setting up an offshore development team with Daxx.

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Option 2. Knowledge Migrants: Relocation of Developers to the Netherlands

The second way we help tackle the tech talent shortage consists in relocating skilled migrants (kennismigranten) to the Netherlands. This solution is perfect if you don’t feel ready for remote cooperation just yet, but still want to hire the type of talented software developers that may be unavailable locally.

All you have to do is choose developers out of the candidates we preselect based on your requirements, then interview and approve them as new members of your in-house team. The rest is on us. The “Orange Carpet Treatment” granted by the Dutch embassy allows us to speed up and simplify the relocation process. Learn more about relocating tech talent to the Netherlands with Daxx.

Ukraine is a great location for hiring software developers for a number of reasons, one of them being the country’s massive tech talent pool. The most recent data shows that there are over 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, which means the country is home to the largest number of tech specialists in Europe.

To set up your own nearshore development team in Ukraine or relocate software engineers with Daxx, contact us using the form below.


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