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12 Alternatives to for Outsourcing Software Development in 2019

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While there are plenty of fish in the sea (namely, over 21 million software developers worldwide), finding the right developer for you is still considered to be a challenge. Where can you find and hire a software developer? How do you know if your candidate is reliable and skilled enough?

In terms of numbers alone, freelance marketplaces are a rich source of potential candidates. One of the oldest and most popular freelance websites around, workers on offer a variety of skills to meet every taste and budget. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only one website. There are more great platforms to consider.

Here we will talk about the most popular alternatives to and the pros and cons of each.

12 Alternatives to

Let's discuss each of these in detail:

  1. Upwork


Description. Upwork is a marketplace that connects businesses to freelance specialists and agencies. In case you didn’t know already, Elance and Upwork are now the same platform, following the merger between Elance and oDesk.

How does it work? The hiring process on Upwork is pretty simple: simply post a job and wait for freelancers to place their bids. In case you know exactly who you need, you can also invite certain known freelancers to bid personally. Once the applications are in, you can start the vetting process and review the skills, experience, profile strength, or hourly rates of the applicants on offer. To hire a developer, simply award the job to the chosen bidder.

Killer features

  • Detailed freelancer profiles. These include information about previous experience, job history, reviews, portfolio, independent skill tests, and overall job success rating.
  • In-built communication and reporting (time tracking with screen captures) tools and payments.
  • Fixed project and hourly job postings.
  1. Toptal


Description: Toptal s another freelance marketplace that is worthy of our attention. The website offers access to the creme de la creme of freelance software developers and designers (the company claims to accept only the top 3% of the professionals who apply to join the platform).

How does it work? You submit a job description and your requirements. The internal team at Toptal then handles the hiring process by matching you with the qualified freelancers they have on file.

Killer features

  • Rigorous screening process: the website features only the best, pre-selected freelancers.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Risk-free trial period for every project (20 hours).

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Description: relies on an algorithm-based staffing methodology to find the perfect candidates for every project. The platform currently has 25,000+ pre-screened freelancers “on the bench”.

How does it work? takes a slightly different approach to hiring software developers. The team acts as a virtual staffing agency, connecting businesses to available freelancers in their network. It also offers the possibility to hire complete development teams. The company also has provisions for taking care of project management, namely by staffing every team with a project leader.

Killer features

  • Community-based staffing: the company has an active community of freelancers on Slack and can instantly connect you with pre-screened candidates.
  • Extensive candidate screening.
  • Flexible pricing, sprint-based service payments.
  1. Crew


Description: Crew is a staffing platform that connects businesses with hand-picked freelancers within 24 hours.

How does it work? The hiring process is handled by the internal team at After submitting your project description, the website representatives will contact you and define all the details about the project. After that, they will provide hand-picked candidates you can personally interview and hire.

Killer features

  • Speed. The website claims to provide the right candidate in just 24 hours.
  • Features both freelancers and small development studios.
  • Preliminary project cost estimation.
  1. Gigster


Description: Gigster is an on-demand software development platform rather than a freelance marketplace.

How does it work? The platform has a pre-vetted network of more than 350 freelance professionals you can connect with. The project estimation and developer selection process is handled with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Killer features

  • AI-assisted estimation and vetting process
  • Each project is managed by an assigned Gigster PM
  • Fixed price quote for end-to-end service


Description: is a freelance marketplace similar to and

How does it work? Customers can post job descriptions, after which the freelancers will submit their proposals. Alternatively, a customer can review the freelancers’ profiles or their hourly rates, then contact the most suitable candidates directly. Just like or Upwork, the website offers a full package service to manage the project and freelancers directly.

Killer features

  • Ability to post contests (especially useful for design projects), allowing you to review test tasks and choose the best submissions.
  • Transparent reviews and rating system.
  • Escrow payments.

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  1. Guru


Description: Guru is another alternative with similar business principles and features.

How does it work? Like most other freelance marketplaces, this platform offers a convenient way to post a project description and get offers from suitable candidates. The platform also allows its customers to get quotes directly from chosen providers without posting a job.

Killer features

  • Full package of in-built communication, collaboration, and project management tools.
  • It’s completely free to post a job on (except for featured postings).
  • The platform focuses more on matching clients with software development companies instead of freelancers.
  1. CodementorX


Description: Unlike the previously listed marketplaces, CodementorX is an invite-only community of software development professionals.

How does it work? CodementorX acts as a virtual staffing agent: Customer chat with a platform representative on a one-to-one basis and later receive a shortlist (usually 2-3 options) of recommended developers who are available for that job.

Killer features

  • Risk-free trial period.
  • Access to expert developers.
  • Personal vetting process.
  1. Workhoppers


Description: Workhoppers is a mix of a personal recruiter, traditional job board, and on-demand freelance hiring platform.

How does it work? After getting in touch with a service representative and describing your open position or project, uses its proprietary algorithm to perform a fast and efficient vetting process. You will then get a curated list of recommended local professionals, after which you can negotiate and hire your software developer directly.

Killer features

  • Focus on local developers.
  • Smart matching algorithm and guided hiring process.
  • Flexible hiring options (freelance/part-time/full-time/on-site/remote)
  1. Hubstaff Talent

hubstaff talent

Description: Hubstaff Talent is an online catalogue of freelance specialists and agencies.

How does it work? You can browse the list of providers by skill, location, or cost, and choose the freelancers or agencies that best suit you. The vetting and hiring process is conducted outside of the platform: as soon as you get in touch with the contractor, you can discuss the terms and start collaborating using any medium you want.

Killer features

  • No middleman: customers can connect directly with providers.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Pre-vetted candidates.
  1. Twago


Description: Twago is a leading European freelance marketplace.

How does it work? The hiring process is pretty straightforward: You post a job description, get quotes and offers from freelancers, conduct interviews, narrow down your selection, and then choose the best candidate. Freelancer profiles feature a section on work history and reviews, which make your choice easier.

Killer features

  • Multilingual support.
  • Serves primarily European customers.
  • Integrated freelance workforce management tools.
  1. Bidvine

bidvine alternative outsourcing software development

Description: Bidvine connects customers with trusted, local professionals to help them successfully finish their projects. It also covers a range of digital services including web and software development.

How does it work? You can start by answering several questions about your software development project so the platform will match your need to the right professionals for the job. Then, you can easily compare multiple bids from professionals, their company profiles, and reviews to find the best pro for your project.

Killer features

  • Compares skills, cost estimates, and reviews fast.
  • It’s completely free to submit a request.
  • Detailed profiles featuring a pro’s experience, hires, and reviews from past clients.

Hiring an Offshore Development Team with Daxx. What Makes the Difference?

daxx developers in ukraine

Although a fast and affordable way to build your product, hiring freelance developers can also pose a number of problems. This can be the sheer number of offers (often low quality or generic ones), the low quality of work, or a sloppy approach to confidentiality. You may also struggle to manage remote developers effectively. This is why some business owners have given up on outsourcing completely.

That is why we at Daxx have developed a unique approach to helping businesses hire some of the best tech talents around at a reasonable cost, while maintaining the high quality of work. We know what it takes to build an efficient offshore development team. Our business model combines the benefits of hiring freelance developers with the professionalism and dedication of an in-house team.

By choosing Daxx, you gain access to the largest European talent pool as well as professional assistance at every stage of your project. Our team takes care of recruitment, and retention, office space, and payroll. As a result you can have a dedicated remote team (which you can also manage directly) working on your project full-time. Your new team will work from a comfortable office in one of the major Ukrainian tech hubs.

Daxx Offshore Development Team vs Freelance Developers

 Offshore Development Team with DaxxHiring a Freelance Developer
 Lead time to start 3-4 weeks 3-5 days
 Recruiting fee $0 $0
 Security of your data High Low
 Control of the development process High Low
 Overhead costs $0 $0
 Location of developers From Daxx offices in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro) Anywhere
 Means to control developers Local HR specialists, control access systems, tools you prefer Time trackers provided by the platform
 A number of concurrent projects Only yours Multiple

Our approach has a number of benefits over hiring freelance developers.

So, instead of reviewing hundreds of proposals or profiles on a freelance platform, you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Ready to start hiring your offshore software development team with Daxx? Share your team requirements with us and get a hand-picked team of professionals with all the tools for success.

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