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Where to Find Programmers for a Startup? 20+ Sites to Check if you are Looking to Hire Remote Developers

Posted Jan 22, 2018 Trends

20+ Best Job Boards to Check if You Are Looking To Hire Remote Developers for Startups 

According to research conducted by World Bank in 2016, highly-skilled professionals tend to be less tied to a particular location. This rings especially true for tech workers, who are increasingly mobile, preferring to telecommute (and often have more flexible hours) instead of working on-site from 9 to 5. As a result, there is a huge amount of highly skilled talent available outside of the country where your startup is located.

Driven by multiple benefits, more companies are looking to hire software developers internationally, not limiting themselves to the local talent pool. What’s more, remote software developers tend to prefer small businesses and startups to large corporations, as they are typically more agile.

In light of growing popularity of these trends, there are many good online resources where you can find remote developers for your startup. If you are planning to hire remotely, this list of resources can be a great starting point for you.

FlexJobs is probably the most popular resource for finding remote workers. It helps the job seekers find flexible, part-time or telecommuting jobs across the USA. The website currently lists more than 33,000 job postings across 50 categories from over 4,000 companies.

flexjobs websites hire remote developers 2018

The website has several subscription options for employers, starting at $14.95 per month (or $49.95 per year). FlexJobs has a professional team of researchers who search for relevant job postings on different resources and, after the company and job offer is verified, it can be listed on the flexjobs.com.

remoteok websites hire software developers 2018

Remote OK is a job search resource powered by Nomad List, a crowdsourced database of the best cities for digital nomads. The website has a dedicated tab, listing opportunities for remote developers, customer support, marketing, design, and non-tech professionals.

It costs $299 to have your job ad placed on the board for 90 days. For this, the company promises to deliver your message to over 1,000,000 professionals in their network.

The website also features interesting information and statistics on remote work, as well as a list of companies hiring remotely.

weworkremotely websites hire remote developers 2018

We Work Remotely belongs to the family of well-known companies, including Dribbble, Designer News, Crew, and Flow (project management tool). The website focus is slightly wider: it includes copywriting, devops, and management opportunities in addition to remote developer jobs. The website duplicates all job postings to its Twitter feed, so you can get more visibility with your job ad.

We Work Remotely has a similar pricing model as remoteok.io, although the $299 job ad placement fee is per month, rather than 90 days.

The resource claims to have access to a community of over 2 million professionals and uses AI to optimize its job matching process. Remote has a wide range of skills to choose from. There are several pricing models on Remote - from free basic placements to an Elite package with custom pricing.

find remote developers for startup

You can choose to hire remote developers as well as freelancers. When working with freelancers, you get additional help managing the project (this is standard with any freelance marketplace). However, if you do follow this model, you will have to pay a 10% commission to the website as an intermediary.

Working Nomads is a curated job board with a focus on telecommuting. The website boasts over 120k visitors per month and allows you to find and hire remote developers as well as professionals in other job categories, including Management, Marketing, Sales, Design, Consulting, Finance, etc.

Working Nomads has transparent pricing options.

workingnomads find software developers

The resource also sends out email alerts to more than 15,000 professionals in their network and duplicates the job postings in their Twitter feed.

Guide to Nearshore Software Development in Eastern Europe

Software development market statistics of the tech countries — Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Croatia.


nodesk website to find developers remotely

NODESK is a website featuring curated resources for digital nomads and remote developers. Its job section currently hosts 592 remote jobs at 187 companies.

You can post a job for free (while the project is still in beta). Possible job type options include full/part-time, contract workers, freelance opportunities, and even internships.

Landing.jobs is a curated listing focused specifically on tech jobs. While the website seems to focus on a bunch of European cities, there is also an option to look for specialists remotely (with or without following relocation).

Available pricing options include Pay Per Hire (up to 3 professionals) and Subscription (more than 3 professionals) models with custom pricing. For Pay Per Hire, the website’s commission is 11% of your hires’ Gross Annual Salary.

landingjobs website to find remote developers

Jobspresso is a job board that features hand-picked and verified job postings. The website claims to have 2,500+ resumes in their database, as well as access to 100,000+ remote developers, design, sales, and PM professionals in their community.

Jobspresso has several pricing plans for different types of employers. You can choose from plans with 1 job posting (available for 90 days) or go with a package of 3 job postings.  

jobspresso to find programmers for a startup

Featured job categories include: Education, Engineering, Human resources, Marketing, Product, Sales, and Support.

remotive find developers online

In addition to 100,000 monthly visitors, the company boasts 25,000 email subscribers from 185 countries. There is also a curated list of startups that hire remotely that you can join. It costs $149 to post a job on remotive.io (for 30 days).

The resource is dedicated to “all things remote work”. Directly linked to FlexJobs.com mentioned above, the resource also features plenty of tips and Q&As for employees and employers looking into remote development work.

remote.co find remote developers for startup

A job posting costs $179 for a 30-day placement.

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The Muse is a specialized career advice portal with dedicated job board, which includes a remote/flexible filtering option.

muse site to find remote developers

Companies who use the job board include Gartner, Mastercard, Invision, Grubhub, and Airbnb. There are also convenient filters for job level and company size. The website features a dedicated section where employers can showcase their companies to attract the best talent (currently featuring 700+ companies).

SkipTheDrive is a job board aimed at remote (telecommuting, telework, online, virtual, and work-from-home) employment opportunities. The job posts are easily searchable by keyword or job category.

skipthedrive find remote programmers

A premium job posting at SkipTheDrive will cost you $79 and will be listed for 30 days. The website features a list of companies hiring remotely (including an employer rating sourced from Glassdoor).

Virtual Vocations is a web resource dedicated to telecommuting. There are multiple filters a job seeker can apply to find only the most relevant offerings from over 3,500 companies using the website. The database currently has more than 11,000 telecommuting jobs with 387 new positions added daily.

virtual-vocations-find-developers-online-for-a-startup 2018

Most importantly, the resource is free for employers. However, you cannot post a job ad by yourself - you will need to contact the website directly for verification.

Letsworkremotely.com is a job board offering job opportunities for remote developers, designers, marketing specialists, support workers, and writers.

The website has a free job listing option (ads are placed for 7 days) or Premium/Premium+ options with additional benefits, including longer job ad listing, featured placement, and bulk posting options.

letsworkremotely website to find developers remotely

This website is an invite-only job board. Every company goes through a vetting and verification process (usually 24-48 business hours) before it can post job openings on the website. However, it is completely free for employers - there is no fee for posting a job ad or creating your company profile on the website.

remoteworkhub website to find programmers for startup        

Remotelyawesomejobs.com is a job board that sources the latest remote opportunities from around the web. The resource is focused primarily on remote developer jobs, but also has a number of design and management positions.

remotelyawesome website find remote developers

As the project is in beta, there are no fees for employers who want to post a job ad. The resource delivers the newest job openings to its candidates through a daily/weekly email newsletter (no registration required).


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Go Remote Jobs is a job board for “digitally inclined” professions, which obviously includes programming, design, and marketing.

goremotejobs website to find remote programmers 2018

The cost for placing a job ad on the website for 30 days is $200, and for an additional $50 you can purchase a featured listing.

GoRemote.io is a tech jobs board that plugs into some of the above-listed websites (among others) to source the latest remote opportunities in one place. That is why there it is not possible to place a job ad directly on this website - you need to post your opening on the linked job boards and it will appear on goremote.io in due course.

find remote software developer for a startup

What’s great about this website is that it does not simply plug into the existing job boards, it scraps some of the popular tech community resources, including HackerNews, StackOverflow, and Github job sections.

Unlike the websites listed above, which are either US-oriented or global, this job board focuses primarily on remote opportunities in Europe. The job site applies additional verification and review processes to all submitted job postings.


It is free to post a job on the website for 30 days, which also has a newsletter to deliver the latest job openings to candidates directly.


Work in Startups is the UK's biggest startup job board, with a huge selection of flexible and remote working jobs across a variety of filters. Work in Startups is a free-to-post site but there are some premium promotional features, designed to boost exposure and distribute the ad across wider channels. The 'Promotional Recruitment Campaign' offers all these features for a discounted price of £249.97. 

Considering Other Options: Freelance Marketplaces and Tech Communities

While posting an ad on a job board is the first thing you would think about when trying to hire a software developer remotely, there are many more methods to connect with the right candidates.

You should consider some of the leading tech/startup communities as a platform for connecting with possible candidates. AngelList, for example, allows startups to add job openings to their profiles so that potential candidates can apply to startups directly.

On the other hand, developer communities - including Github, Hackernews, and Stackoverflow - all have job sections with remote options available. This means that you can put your job posting right where the potential candidates will see it, even if they are not actively looking for a job.

Freelance marketplaces are also popular sources of remote engineering talent and have a convenient and simple vetting process. However, there is a huge difference between a freelancer/contractor and a full-time remote team member. There are multiple risks when hiring freelance developers, including confusing and time-consuming vetting processes, overall lower quality work, a lack of engagement and commitment to the project, language/cultural differences, missed deadlines, IP theft, and more.

Hiring Remote Software Redevelopers with Daxx. How Does It Work?

Due to the listed risks listed above, team augmentation with full-time remote developers is increasingly considered a viable alternative to hiring freelancers.

In business since 1999, we at Daxx have helped dozens of businesses and startups hire remote software engineers and set up their own offshore development centers in Ukraine. Our approach is straightforward and convenient:

  • You tell us about your needs and requirements.
  • A professional recruiting team will browse through our database of pre-screened software developers to find matching talent.
  • You review the CVs and interview candidates directly.
  • You make a hiring decision and tell us about it.
  • We take care of the hiring process, legal aspects, accounting, taxes, and set up a proper environment for your team’s operations.

Our process is fast and efficient. You can read more about it here.

Unlike freelancers or the developers you find on job boards, the team you hire with Daxx will be 100% committed to your project and will work toward your goals full time. We take responsibility for your team’s efficiency and reliability, and can help you scale your cooperation up or down as needed.

If you want to hire software developers remotely, explore the opportunities with Daxx. Let’s discuss your needs and find a perfect solution for you. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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