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The Best Recruitment Tools in 2017: An Overview of Video Interviewing Software, and More

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In the current hiring process, why not make use of recruitment tools and software? Companies with newly upgraded systems save around 22% per employee, yet only around half have modern HR software. You can use a variety of different programs to help with recruitment, and here are the top ones for various stages of the process.

Online Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can allow you to easily keep note of available candidates, and assist you with posting job openings to various boards and social media. 

Lever Hire

lever hire homepage

Level Hire is an efficient way to optimize recruitment, as it combines ATS and CRM functionality into one capable product. It’ll allow you to: 

  • Have a team which can refer and source candidates, via Lever’s Chrome extension. 
  • Quickly create postings with editable forms, then share them with a simple but effective application process. 
  • Utilise referral links on social media so you can track statistics about your open job postings, while also spreading the word about your available positions.

lever hire


Zoho Recruit

zoho recruit

Zoho Recruit offers everything a standard ATS service would usually provide, but stands out from the crowd with its advanced resume parsing features. These features allow Zoho Recruit to act as a piece of resume screening software, and allows recruiters to: 

  • Access a recruit candidate database, where resume data is automatically saved. 
  • Search for specific keywords across multiple resumes at once. Particular searches can then be saved for a later date, further optimizing time. 
  • Source via a company’s social page via the built-in Social tab. 
  • Read through a constantly updated activity stream, allowing easy access to all correspondence with particular candidates or clients.

zoho recruit screenshot

Pricing: Zoho recruitment software offers three pricing packages. For one recruiter monthly, there’s a free service, then Standard ($25), and Enterprise ($50). Each package has a different set of functions, and information on this can be found here.


Recruitee is an applicant tracking system, which assists you at every stage of the hiring process to help you build a great tight-knit team.


 This tool allows you:

  • Manage job vacancies—post and share vacancies through social media channels, customize application forms, filter candidates, etc.
  • Manage candidates—follow and get in touch with potential employees you want to engage. One great feature here is that you can monitor and reschedule all the meetings and job interviews with a single action.
  • Manage your team—get an overview of all team activities and delegate tasks via a simple name-mention.
  • Analyze and Optimize—monitor the progress of your team and get detailed updates about Job performance and Careers Site conversions.


recruitee applicant tracking

Pricing: Recruitee software offers four packages: ‘Professional’ for 79€,  ‘Expert’ for 149€, ‘Corporate’ for 229€ and ‘Enterprise’ which is customized to your plans and needs. All packages include a standard feature set, but a different number of available Job openings and Talent Pools. A free 18-day trial is available for all packages. More information can be found here.


jazz hr

As with the other ATS’ we’ve just looked at, JazzHR helps recruiters streamline their hiring, and make more informed decisions. JazzHR does have several features which set it apart, however: 

  • You can share open vacancies to free/paid job boards and social media channels with a single action. 
  • Existing team members are given the ability to vote on whether a candidate is advanced or rejected in job applications. 
  • Important feedback and comments can be shared with collaborators via a simple name-mention. 
  • Candidates’ progression can be checked via JazzHR’s default system, or a custom set of recruiting stages and parameters can be created.

jazz recruting software

Pricing: JazzHR offers two pricing plans. Plus is $229 per month, and comes with many customization features. Pro is $359 per month, and features extended options across the entire recruitment process. More information can be found here.

Video Interviewing Software

The interview phase of recruitment is significantly sped up via video interviewing software. Recruiters and candidates alike can save their time by talking regardless of where they are, without the need to organize locations. Responses can often be rewatched and shared, resulting in a more assured hiring decision. 

Spark Hire


Spark Hire has several video interview services: 

  • One-Way Video Interview is a system where candidates self-record video responses to your questions. This feature allows you to create text or video based questions, limit a candidate’s thinking time, control the number of allowed takes, and even restrict answer length. 
  • Live Video Interview is a method of interviewing that happens in real time, between the recruiter and the candidates. You can record the response for referral at a later time, brand your interviews, conduct them via your web browser with no need for additional software and receive concierge support. 
  • Interview Evaluation allows you to make a shortlist of your favourite candidates, but also allows you to easily get back to candidates that don’t make it to the next round. You can rate/comment on interviews, send rejection emails (whilst documenting reasons why), and tag interviews for easy searching or filtering.
  • Interview Collaboration is a way to share interviews with an unlimited number of people and collect a lot of opinions.. You can get a branded interview landing page, anonymize candidate information, see when videos are being watched, and collect reviews without the need for hiring managers to log in.


Pricing: there is an app, along with three tiers of pricing: 

  • $499 - Unlimited interviews for unlimited jobs, with 10 user seats. 
  • $209 - Unlimited interviews for 5 jobs, with 10 user seats.
  • $99 - Unlimited interviews for 1 job, with 10 user seats.



The unique and nice thing about VidCruiter, is it allows you to alter the level of pressure you oppose onto candidates. Along with general functionality — interview scheduling, question preparation — it: 

  • Gives candidates the opportunity to re-record video responses, if you allow them to. 
  • Still allows recruiters to set limited times and restrictions. 
  • Has the ‘VidResponse’ mobile app. It’s available for iOS and Android, allowing a greater range of people to respond.

Pricing: available upon request.

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Montage offers two hiring software solutions to recruiters’ need: Video Interviewing and Voice Interviewing. These are then each split into two directions: 

  • Live is just what it says on the tin — it’s similar to standard messaging services like Skype or Viber, but with a more obvious interview-based direction. 
  • On Demand is based upon pre-recorded questions you create, where the candidate responds within a designated time. 
  • These two paths are connected via a shared approach of streamlining scheduling, interviewing and collaborating.

Pricing: information is only available after filling out a contact form, however a demo is available once personal and company information has been provided.

Online Onboarding Software

Onboarding is the crucial process of integrating and establishing a new employee within your company. These introduction processes can be mired with things such as paperwork, but there are great employee onboarding software tools available to help.​


kin feature onboarding

Kin is a tool that wholly encompasses onboarding; it focuses not just on getting new team members integrated, but also helps existing employees and managers. It does this through: 

  • Providing a customized welcome page, where new employees can keep check of any tasks they need to complete.
  • Linking the accounts of people who are likely to work together regularly, so bios, photos and positions can be easily seen. 
  • HR managers can provide initial documents to sign, which Kin automatically sends to new employees; a notification is sent when they are completed. 
  • Incorporating commonly used tools and resources with Kin profiles.

kin feature team

Pricing: Kin’s pricing policy is simple, as you pay $5 per person, per month. A 7-day demo is also available, upon request.

Onboarding from HR Cloud

hr cloud onboard

With the slogan “software that stimulates productivity,” HR Cloud’s Onboarding service revolves around getting new employees ready, as soon as possible. They offer: 

  • Customized New Hire forms, that can be assigned to specific employees, groups, and whole departments.
  • Digital Signatures, which allows the employee to use their mouse to sign any digital form or document.
  • Personalized Accounts, so a new hire can learn your business goals and values from the very first moment.

Pricing: information is available upon request.

Bamboo HR

bamboo hr

Bamboo HR is all about ensuring your new employee has the best first day possible. It: 

  • Lets you give new hires instructions and lists of what they need for their first day. 
  • Allows you to grab basic information and signed paperwork (via Digital Signatures) before they arrive. 
  • Gives new hires an in-depth, but not intimidating, welcome packet, which includes an organizational chart about their new colleagues. It includes pictures, names, and even LinkedIn profiles.

Pricing: information is available upon request.

Retention and Recognition

One of the major reasons for losing a talented employee, is that the employee feels a lack of appreciation for their work. These tools provide different approaches for both manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognition. 

Kudos from HR Cloud

kudos page screenshot

Another product from HR Cloud, Kudos provides: 

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition allows team members to receive points, cross aims/thresholds, and get the product’s namesake - Kudos. 
  • Employees can redeem these points received for rewards such as gift cards. They can instead donate to charity or send points to another team member if they feel they are deserving. 
  • Employees can promote each other's kudos within their social feed; they can also like, react, and comment. 

Pricing: information available upon request



Teamphoria offers the functionality to facilitate communication, conduct surveys, and provide peer-to-peer recognition. It integrates with Slack, and allows you to control privacy — someone can “vent a frustration” anonymously, for example. It also: 

  • Has four award levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Group. 
  • Allows anyone to send and receive recognition: peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, employee-to-leadership. 
  • Has customizable awards, allowing you to incorporate your company language and values. 
  • Shows recognition updates in real-time on the feed, which is public and cleanly presented. 
  • Allows customers and guests to send and receive recognition as well.


Pricing: information is available upon request



A company revolving around motivation, even their website is inspiring. Their Rallyware for Human Resources: 

  • Provides interactive social experiences and encourages peer recognition. 
  • Uses real-time statistics to highlight and engage with talent. 
  • Allows employees to interact beyond their typical spheres. 
  • Custom training and development can be issued, tracked then reviewed by HR managers. 

You may watch a video about Rallyware here.

Pricing: specific pricing information is available upon request, and you can schedule a demo.

Interview and Scheduling

These pieces of software are aimed at creating the optimal scheduling process; they help recruiters keep on top of their plans, and help ensure worthy candidates are not lost. 



Pricing: Sortd has a simple pricing policy, split into three plans. They offer a free package, which has some limited features. You can then pay $4 or $6 per team member, with the more expensive plan obviously containing the most features.



Calendly is a platform which aims to efficiently set up meetings with potential employees. After creating a profile, you can then invite candidates to input on a meeting time. The software: 

  • Synchronizes with Gmail, Outlook and the iCloud calendar, as well as integrates with Salesforce, GoToMeeting,, Zapier, Slack and Mailchimp. 
  • Allows direct Calendly embedding to your website(s). 
  • Automatically adjusts for timezones.


Pricing: there are three price packages: $0, $8 and $12 per user per month. For each tier, you get an increase in the number of events you can organize, support, salesforce integration, and customizable event notifications.



Reschedge is a tool designed to untangle and streamline your company’s calendars. It: 

  • Analyzes the company schedule to generate the best time for an interview, taking many factors into account — such as cases where multiple people need to be present. 
  • Helps organize back-to-back interviews and ensures everyone can get to the correct place at a suitable time. 
  • Allows recruiters to reschedule and organize interviews with a simple, logical interface.

Pricing: information is not available right now, however you can instantly book a 30-40 minute demo on their website.

Extra Help? 

Even if you are perfectly utilising every piece of software you can, recruitment can still be very difficult. Tools and programs can help optimize the process, but people are still at the core of every stage — at Daxx, we can bring years of recruitment experience to the table, help you decide on the correct path to take, and allow you to work with the best IT specialists in Ukraine if you can’t find the right developers locally.

Check out our blog, look through our available specialists, or simply fill out the form below to ask any questions you may have.

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