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Infographic: How Much Do Software Developers Make in the USA?

Posted Oct 30, 2016 Trends

The US comes third in the list of countries with the highest developer salaries, but which are the best-paying states within the union? To answer this question, we calculated the average software developer incomes in the different US states using salary estimators available on SimplyHired and Indeed.

Our rankings include salary information on the 20 states with the highest software developer salaries, as well as on the seven fastest-growing states for tech jobs. We also added the data on the states with the highest concentration of software engineers in the country provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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While US companies may offer their developers competitive salaries, when it comes to filling open tech positions, many of them have trouble finding suitable tech specialists.

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple try to attract and keep the best talent by offering extremely generous remuneration packages. In the meantime, many smaller businesses are struggling to keep up, especially if we add the social contributions and infrastructure costs.

Even in those states that have a greater than average concentration of tech workers, many employers are starting to look for alternative ways to add software engineers to their development teams.

One such way is to hire developers remotely. By doing so, business owners are not only able to cut their expenses, but also access a much larger pool of tech talent.

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