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Daxx Is Among Top Ukrainian Tech Companies by Recruitment Volume

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Despite the crisis caused by the global lockdown, Daxx has coped with the hardships that have come our way and managed to achieve a good productivity level. Our clients’ development teams haven’t slowed down while working from home, and neither have our HR/client managers and recruiters. As a result, Daxx now ranks among those Ukrainian tech companies that have had the highest hiring volumes throughout the quarantine.

Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

Learn how Daxx ensures data, software, network security as well as physical security at Daxx offices.

Daxx Jumps Up to 6th Place by Number of Vacancies in Ukraine 

Daxx makes an appearance in the list of Ukrainian tech companies that have managed to keep the highest recruitment volumes during the global quarantine according to research by DOU. 

Daxx has climbed up 2 positions compared to April and now ranks 6th among companies with the biggest number of vacancies in May.

As a quick reminder, Daxx has previously been recognized among the 50 best IT employers in Ukraine and has received ISO 27001:2013 certification in addition to being a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Below, we'll tell you which practices have helped Daxx keep our employees' motivation high and thus stay highly productive during the 2020 lockdown.

How Daxx Kept Employees' Motivation High During the 2020 Lockdown

Daxx WFH Exercise Challenge 

To keep Daxxers moving, we held a week-long online workout challenge with all sorts of exercises. We also had sports coaches supervise us while working out to make sure no one got injured. 

daxx wfh exercise challenge

To further promote healthy lifestyle among Daxxers, we also delivered yoga classes, organized a cooking master class, and invited a certified nutritionist to give a talk about healthy eating habits.

Daxx WFH Marathon 

To add some color to Daxxers' work from home days, we challenged them with a Daxx WFH Marathon. Each day brought a new compelling task Daxxers had to fulfil in order to win the contest and get prizes. 

All the tasks we gave were aimed at educating and entertaining our colleagues: 
Day #1 — Share a photo of your home office.


Day #2 — Post your quarantine reads.


Day #3 — Prepare a dish you've never cooked before. 

cook a dish you

Day #4 — Show some personal achievements you’ve unlocked during quarantine.

daxxers show their personal achievements during the lockdown

Day #5 — Boast your pro level clean-up.

daxxers boast their level pro clean-up during the quarantine

Day #6 — Time for sport! Show your fitness achievements.

daxxers show their sports achievements during the quarantine

Day #7 — What helps you keep calm and positive during lockdown? Share a few photos.

daxxers show what helps them keep calm during the lockdown

Day #8 — Watch a documentary and share your choice.  

daxxers watched documentaries and share their choices with colleagues

Daxx Care Box 

daxx care box daxx care box package

Who doesn’t like presents? Especially those you didn’t expect to get. To cheer up our coworkers, we sent each a Daxx care box filled with all the quarantine essentials — masks, hand sanitizers, fruits, healthy organic sweets, and juice. 

Vyshyvanka Day Flash Mob

A vyshyvanka is a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt that Ukrainians all over the world love and cherish. Every third Thursday of May Ukrainians wear vyshyvankas to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day.

Despite the fact that this year we couldn’t come all nice and dressed up to work, Daxxers still participated in the special occasion and shared photos of them wearing vyshyvankas online.

vyshyvanka day flash mob at daxx

Work Hard, Play Hard — Organizing Efficient WFH 

Our clients' satisfaction has remained our priority throughout the lockdown. This is why keeping the productivity levels of our employees high has been of critical importance while they’ve been working from home. 

Here’s a list of our tried-and-true methods to stay productive while shifting to remote work:

  • Distribute responsibilities 

Careful delegation of responsibilities is crucial when everyone is working remotely. In development teams, Team Leads and PMs are the ones responsible for keeping the productivity of the team at the same level and fostering its growth.  

It's also important to make sure each team member knows who to contact in each specific situation.

  • Arrange daily sync-ups 

At first, you might think that having sync-up calls daily is way too frequent. However, our experience shows that daily calls help distributed teams stay more connected, motivated, and productive in the long run. Just make sure you don’t get carried away discussing what your cats did last night and get all the important business points covered. 

For some quality social interaction, organize separate meetings dedicated entirely to random (or topical) chit-chat with your colleagues.

  • Develop a service-level agreement 

An SLA will help team members increase communication efficiency and thus boost productivity. For example, you can set a universal response time for each collaboration tool you use. 

And if someone doesn't respond within the agreed time, you can contact them via other communication means, like their mobile phone.

  • Take care of security 

Many business owners are skeptical about working from home because of security threats. Their concerns are perfectly justified, however, there are ways to make working from home safe. At Daxx, we make sure our developers have all the necessary equipment for safe operations with data (like quality antivirus software). 

We also have a BYOD policy that helps to regulate the use of personal devices while working from home to ensure there are no data breaches.

If you’d like to find out more about building a software development team with Daxx, simply contact us using the form below. 

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