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Daxx Held 2 Networking Events in the Netherlands and Spoke at Emerce Next in June

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"How to Grow Your Business with a Distributed Team?" – Daxx Managing Director Speaks at Emerce Next 

At Daxx, we believe that information is the oil of the digital era, so we enjoy sharing our tech experience with the world. On the 25th of June, Igor Tkach, Daxx Managing Director, spoke about "How to Grow Your Business Effectively With a Distributed Software Development Team?" at Emerce Next. Igor talked about the growing tech market in the Netherlands and how business globalization helps Dutch companies build distributed teams

Igor Tkach at Emerce Next

Igor Tkach, Daxx Managing Director, on the Emerce Next Stage

The event was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was devoted to the rapid development of new technologies and their impact on the future of businesses globally. All sorts of young enthusiasts, from UX designers and software engineers to business analysts and startup founders attended the Emerce Next event. 
Igor Tkach Managing Director at DaxxIgor Tkach,
Daxx Managing Director 

"It was great to meet so many young professionals with fire in their eyes. We discussed the innovation boom, its consequences, talent shortage in the Netherlands and why it is important to be agile and global. I can definitely say the attendees of EmerceNext are the future of European and global innovation."

Igor Tkach and Imre Wessels

Igor Tkach, Daxx Managing Director, with Imre Wessels, Daxx Business Development Specialist, at Emerce Next

At Emerce Next, Igor Tkach had a productive discussion with the attendees about the best project management tools and ways to apply them efficiently. Alex Stoelwinder, Daxx Business Development Director, and Imre Wessels, Daxx Business Development Specialist, attended Emerce Next with Igor Tkach. Together, they had the opportunity to network with business owners and answer their questions about outsourcing to Eastern Europe. The majority of executives wanted to learn about the benefits of Ukraine in comparison to other destinations.

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June Networking Events in Delft and Vinkeveen

Daxx networking event in Vinkeveen

Daxx Networking Event in Vinkeveen

Igor Tkach together with Anna Symonenko, Daxx Head of Recruitment, Alex Stoelwinder, and Imre Wessels hosted 2 Daxx networking events in the Netherlands. The main topics discussed were best practices for remote team recruitment and management. 

Visitors shared the most common recruitment challenges that they face, these include: 

  1. Local talent shortage 
  2. People don't want to leave their jobs at large companies 
  3. Qualifications mismatch – developers overestimate their skills on CVs

Anna Symonenko spoke about ways to bypass all of the recruitment roadblocks and the specifics of hiring developers in Ukraine. Recruitment is the basis of successful long-term cooperation with your employees, so it's important to organize well-balanced hiring processes

You need to attract the right candidates and make sure you don't hire the first person you come across. At the same time, you can't spend too much time deliberating, as good developers are in high demand and won't wait long for your offer. 

Daxx Networking Event in Delft

Daxx Networking Event in Delft

Successful recruitment is certainly a key element, yet it's not the final destination in remote cooperation. During our networking events, Igor Tkach emphasized the importance of setting up all processes such as HR, software development, quality control, communication channels and collaboration models carefully. 

Daxx Event for Networking in Vinkeveen

Daxx Networking Event in Vinkeveen

At Daxx, we offer value added services that will help you manage all processes efficiently and reach high team satisfaction. We recommend our clients to work via Scrum, but it's your choice, you can choose the tools and models you like. Igor Tkach has also shared experiences of Daxx clients who have increased their productivity via extending their local teams.  

Marcel Hazeleger Tenderapp Co-OwnerMarcel Hazeleger, 
TenderApp Co-Owner

"Our team effectiveness explodes in a positive meaning of the word. Now, we have a better understanding from the Dutch side of how offshore cooperation works, we understand how the processes are settled, how Agile makes it all easier, etc. And also we have people on our team who are willing to work hard and think of new solutions continuously."

Top Questions from Daxx Networking Events Visitors:

  1. What motivates Ukrainian developers? 

    The main motivational drivers of Ukrainian developers include: opportunities to utilize the latest technologies at work; the chance to be part of a coordinated team; stability and the possibility to make their contribution on the project; fair compensation according to the level of seniority; prospects for growth; consistent communication with the client.  

  2. Where do you find candidates?

    Daxx has a well-established candidate database and has access to 185K software developers in Ukraine. Our experts use the top staffing boards and software to find the most relevant candidates. We continuously extend our talent network by visiting versatile tech and business conferences.

  3. What are the sizes of teams you build? 

    Daxx clients build teams of different sizes, some of them start small with 1-2 developers and then grow into large teams consisting of 50+ tech professionals.

  4. How long does the recruitment process take?

    Usually, it takes up to 6 weeks to recruit a candidate, however, it can either take more or less time depending on your requirements for the candidate: the tech stack, experience, and other specifications. 

  5. How do you define the salary level?

    We always keep an eye on the tech salaries market and ensure that your developers receive reasonable payment – equal or higher than the market level.

  6. Do you hire technical writers? Do I need to hire these professionals?

    At Daxx we hire tech professionals with different specializations starting from UI/UX designers and front-end developers to product owners and technical writers. Daxx offers technical consulting, a service that will help you select the team composition, tech stack, and the number of professionals you need.

  7. What happens if I am not satisfied with the person recruited, what can you do?

    The cases when a developer leaves within the first months or doesn't satisfy a customer are rare, because Daxx clients choose their employees directly and discuss all possible aspects of cooperation during the interviews. However, in case you are not satisfied with the tech professional, you can warn them and our experts will help you find a solution. If you don't want to continue cooperation with the developer, Daxx will find a substitute without charging a fee for the interchange.

  8. How do you minimize staff turnover and ensure that my developers enjoy working at Daxx? 

    Our retention strategy includes: professional growth opportunities; competitive compensation; communication with the client without intermediaries; favorable working conditions; and regular team building activities.

  9. Where will my Daxx developers work? What does the office look like? Can we take a look at it? 

    Your Daxx developers will work in one of our offices in the main Ukrainian IT hubs – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, or Lviv. We have fully-fledged offices with workstations and all of the necessary infrastructure developers may need. You can come and visit our offices anytime and communicate with our experts and developers. 

To learn more about cooperation with Ukrainian software developers, contact us via the form below and our experts will get back to you shortly. 

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