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Looking Back at 2014: What This Year Was Like for Daxx

Author Daxx Team
Posted Jan 18, 2015

2014 was both a challenging and great year for Daxx. We continued growing and establishing new relationships with our partners throughout the world. We contributed to the growth of IT in Ukraine and explored new horizons globally. And, most importantly, we made sure Daxx is a great place to work for our teams and a trustworthy partner for our customers! Let’s take a look back at the highlights of 2014 at Daxx.

Daxx 2014 in Figures

In 2014, Daxx achieved 31% growth - and we continue growing!

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • happy customers in 12 countries 
  • 170+ developers currently working on projects
  • 70% of our teams are Scrum teams
  • 30+ IT events supported and/or attended
  • 237 business trips to the Netherlands, United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, UAE and other countries.
  • Most widespread professionals at Daxx: Java -17%, Front End - 16%, PHP - 15%, .NET - 13%, Magento - 7%, QA - 7%, Scala - 5%, Android - 3%, C++ -3% and other.

Daxx Team in 2014

This year was surely the one to remember for our teams. We played table tennis with other developers and competed in water racing and orientation skills. We had 52 Friday lunches together, ate 420 kg of pizza, drank thousands of liters of tea and coffee - and, of course, wrote thousands of lines of quality code for the products we create. Way to go, Daxx team!

Supporting Ukrainian IT Industry

We believe the growth of the community is to the benefit of every developer and company that are a part of it. That is why in 2014 we took an active part in the life of Ukraine’s IT people and supported several noticeable networking and learning initiatives.

events daxx

1st Quality Assurance Fest

The first QA testing fest in Ukraine was a great opportunity for QA professionals to come together and share knowledge, and Daxx is proud to have been its informational partner. This was the first event of the kind for QA engineers, and it was a sure success.

Symfony Camp UA 2014

With the growing importance of Symfony framework for web applications, Symfony-focused events continue to gather more developers each year. This was the fifth annual Symfony Camp held in Ukraine, and Daxx couldn’t miss it. We became an info partner of the event to help it deliver valuable information to even more Symfony programmers.

Dnepr SQL Server User Group Meeting

As big data and database programming continue to be among the hottest IT skills, Ukraine’s SQL professionals and database programmers seek to exchange expertise and self-educate.

This year, the first Dnipro SQL Server User Group meeting was organized by the Ukrainian SQL development community, and we were happy to support and sponsor it.

Attending Global Tech Events

At the end of the day, innovation is what drives the tech industry forward, and we had our chance to see some of the cutting-edge technology and get new knowledge at tech events of global scope.

daxx events

First London Technology Week

Featuring shows and meetups on such hot topics as Big Data, Cloud, and Apps, the Technology Week was a truly valuable insight into the needs of global IT businesses and a valuable experience altogether.

NY Techday 2014

NY Techday was definitely the place to go for technology startups. In 2014, the participants included already known new brands like Indiegogo, Contently, and Toplist, and the event gathered a total of 13,000+ attendees.  We were happy to meet many of the new entrepreneurs and offer them our help.


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Microsoft SWIT 2014

This year’s MS SWIT was held in Kyiv, which was a unique opportunity for Ukrainian .Net professionals to hear and meet some of the prominent people in .Net development.

Daxx provided its .Net developers,  as well as two programmers from outside the company, with a possibility to not only attend the conference, but also meet Jeffrey Richter, an author of several bestseller books on .Net development and the contributing author in MSDN magazine.

CeBIT 2014

CeBIT is a high-profile annual technology event, featuring renowned speakers - in 2014 they were Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak and CEO of Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky. Daxx had a pleasure of being a part of CeBIT 2014, which attracted over 285,000 attendees from Germany and beyond.

3D Printshow New York

If you talk about innovation, 3D Printing is one of the most innovative trends - and if you talk about 3D printing,  3D Printshow New York is an event that can’t be missed. The event featured both spectacular shows and business conferences, and we had a pleasure of witnessing the impressive potential of 3D printing.

daxx activities

It Wasn’t Just About Technology

We believe it’s not just about IT and business. In 2014, we did our best to support charity initiatives that would help save lives and fight disease. Daxx was honored to support the participant of a volunteer anti-cancer initiative Alpe d’Huzes, and donated funds on behalf of our customers, as a Christmas gift to them. Let’s continue making the world a little better together!

outdoor activities daxx

Let’s Stay in Touch in 2015!

Many thanks to all the customers and team members, who spent the challenging, but rewarding year 2014 with us. Let’s continue working on exciting projects and delivering the work we can be proud of!


Daxx Team

Daxx Team is a team of passionate creative writers, content marketers, designers who vigorously research internet as well as cooperate with developers and Managing Director at Daxx to provide you with the top-notch material about tech, salary trends, development team hiring and management tips as well as up-to-date information about Ukrainian IT outsourcing market.

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