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Tech for Good: Daxx Dnipro Organizes Charity IT Conference

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On September 23, Daxx Dnipro played host to a fascinating tech event - Full-Stack Factory, a conference with the ambitious goal of bringing web and server technologies closer together.

Alongside the usual opportunities for professional development and networking, Full-Stack Factory had another crucial purpose. Through the event, Daxx also hoped raise money for a fund dedicated to creating a robotics room for children from families with limited financial abilities.

The project was chosen not only because of its relevance to the IT sphere, but also in the hope that it would inspire future generations of engineers, ready to create the innovative products and solutions of tomorrow.

Full-Stack Factory was attended by 73 developers and 11 speakers, including tech experts from Ukraine and Switzerland. During the conference, the experts shared their knowledge on Azure Services, Machine Learning, Vue.js, Grid Layout, and Mobile apps that use JS.

The topics of presentations included:

  • “Your Browser is Your Factory” - Markus Leutwyler - co-founder of Fablab Winterthur, web and mobile developer.
  • “Factory 2.0 Connected Networks: Presence & Mindful by Design Thinking” - Caitlin E Krause, Entrepreneur and Founder of Mindwise.
  • “Power of ASP.NET Core and Node.js Using JavaScript Services” - Igor Fesenko - Application Architect at SoftServe.
  • “Mobile App - from Idea to Prototype in 60 Minutes with JavaScript” - Anton Boyko - the founder of Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. 

Full Stack Factory by Daxx turned out to be an exciting tech event, which has successfully fulfilled its major purpose of helping those in need.

We plan to continue developing the tech community of Ukraine and keep on doing good deeds for those around us - because that’s what great IT people do.

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We talked to Ellionora Borovskaya, one of the organisers of Full-Stack Factory and a Retention Manager at Daxx Dnipro.

Q: How did you come up with the themes for the conference? Why charity and why full-stack?

A: We chose full-stack as the main theme of our event for the reason that the majority of our developers work in the full-stack domain. Therefore, we regarded the event to be useful for the company. 

The main focus of our event was charity. We met several representatives of different charitable foundations to discuss their ongoing projects. In the end, the cause we chose was a robotechnics room for children from families with low incomes. The project appears to be a popular choice, since it’s not only connected closely with the IT sector, but will surely become an inspiration for future generations of developers for years to come. I hope some of them go on to create brand new, awesome products!

Q: Was there a “visitor persona”  - a set of qualities and interests shared by attendees of the event?

A: In the main, visitors were developers who were willing to develop their skills - they spent their time and money on attending the conference, for one. Another key motivation for our guests was to listen to speakers with rich tech backgrounds and plenty of experience. 

Q: How did you find the speakers?

A: I contacted several speakers I knew already, and those who came recommended by other event organizers. I then analyzed the lists of speakers from conferences in other major Ukrainian cities - Azure Days, JS Conferences, etc.  

At first, the response rate was quite low, but we actually ended up with a group of great speakers that attracted a lot of visitors.  

Q: Did you already receive feedback from the speakers?

A: Largely, feedback has been quite positive, the speakers thanked us for the invitation and expressed their enthusiasm in taking part in events we might organise in the future. They enjoyed both the atmosphere and the conversations they shared with the people who attended the event.

Q: You mentioned several other tech events earlier. Are there any conferences you look up to and strive to follow in terms of organisation?

A: I haven’t really attended any conferences abroad, while in Ukraine I mostly attend HR conferences. The problem with Dnipro as a city is that we have very few events in the IT sphere - there are a handful of tech talks and a couple of conferences - like ITem and RunIT.

Q: Are there any plans to organize more tech events?

A: One of the most important outcomes of the event we organized was getting recognition from the public. Previously we had organised several tech talks in our office, which brought us a certain amount of visitors. So far the feedback we received was largely positive.

I think that arranging charity tech events is a great idea - both for the company and the people who we help - which is why we are going to keep moving and arrange more awesome events soon.

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