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Google Developer Days Europe: Daxx Developer Attends a Major Tech Event

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Marina Gaponova, one of the Daxx's talented developers, attended Google Developer Days Europe - a major tech event, packed with talks, codelabs, instructor lead courses and networking opportunities. In this article, she shares the experience gained at the conference.

From September 5-6, 2017, one of the global events showcasing the latest developer products and platforms from Google was held in the ICE Congress Center, Krakow, Poland. 

The event featured a lineup of outstanding speakers, mostly software engineers and experts from Google, with participants coming from 71 countries (more than ⅔ of attendees had come from outside of Poland). The conference included 2 streams of reports, community events, entertainment and networking sections, stands with interesting information about working at Google, certification programs presentations, multiple opportunities to take photos and play games. 

All of these presented a number of exciting opportunities, charging participants with positive emotions during the days spent at Google Developer Days in Krakow.

google developer days europe

My first impressions of the atmosphere of the event began with Women Techmakers, Certification and Community Partners Reception on Monday evening, September 4. We had some time to network with new people, and were offered welcome drinks and snacks (according to the categories chosen in the previously filled in questionnaire). 

This was a great opportunity to meet other developers from all around the world. I was really impressed with such open minded people! Sometimes, starting a conversation with a person, you need to choose the right words in English, initiate a dialogue (and feel the same awkward feeling as  a communicator, when suddenly after someone says a Russian word by mistake communication becomes much easier for everybody.

google developer days europe daxx

Then there was a conversation for all participants with GDD Europe Speakers and Google employees: Tal Oppenheimer (Product Manager, Chrome) and Tilke Judd (Product Manager, Google Assistant), Sara Robinson (Developer Advocate, Google Cloud), Sowmya Subramanian (Engineering lead, YouTube) and a welcome talk by Google VP of Engineering, Jason Titus. We heard numerous success stories as well as challenges and the ways they were tackled, which was an excellent incentive and inspiration for conquering new heights in the technical world.

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google devs day

google developers day

Both days of the conference started with opening keynotes, followed by 2 parallel streams of lectures and code labs for participants willing to gain practical experience (those who forgot their laptop had an opportunity to use a shared MacBook). We also had an excellent opportunity to communicate with Google employees about the technical difficulties we faced, to get a code review, and valuable advice on personal projects.

The schedule of the sessions (with their brief descriptions) was available both at the entrances to the session halls and online. All the sessions from both days of the conference are also available online.

Keynotes were short but really intensive: The speakers presented their topics for several minutes leaving all the attendees eager to find out more information during the sessions.

google developer day europe daxx

After a few reports on the first day, there was a long queue on the ground floor for branded conference T-shirts and Android Things Pico Pro Maker Kit (which was available only with an individual coupon).

One of the most impressive activities during the second day of the conference was the Earrings Lab, where everybody could build earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. using old computer components.

Widely promoted at the conference were Udacity Android & Web scholarships.

There were also presentations of programs from Google on different conference points, such as:

The number of developers in Europe is higher than that of the United States and Canada combined. There are 209,000 Google developers in Europe, 185,000 of whom have visited the local programs and events. These are just some facts that Google was proud to share at the conference. Yet we believe that these numbers will continue to grow, not least because of such outstanding events. 

google dev day europe daxx

Knowledge sharing, networking, and real emotions are things that can not be transmitted by any courses, online video, or educational materials. The ability to meet like-minded people, the people who are changing the world - here and now - is a huge source of motivation.

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