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2016 at Daxx: a Year of Growth and Improvement

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With 2016 drawing to an end, it’s time to sum up the year’s results and look back at the prominent events in our company. This year, we’ve increased the number of our employees by 25%, ranked as one of the top 3 IT employers in Ukraine, entered new markets, and moved to a new, larger office in Kyiv.

Daxx 2016 by the Numbers

  • 25% growth in headcount
  • 3rd best IT employer in Ukraine
  • 4 new geographic markets (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Norway, and South Africa), which means we now have clients in 12 countries
  • most in-demand tech professionals (based on our hires in 2016) — front-end developers (33%), with the most popular frameworks being AngularJS, Node.js, and ReactJS, PHP programmers (12%), Java engineers (8%), and .NET developers (7%).

Daxx Ranked Among Ukraine’s Top 3 IT Employers

DOU, Ukraine’s largest online developer community, has recently posted the results of its annual Best IT Employers survey. This year, over 13 thousand IT professionals took part, and ranked 853 Ukrainian tech companies on seven criteria: professional development, working conditions, management, professional recognition, communication with executives, compensation, and work relationships.

We’re pleased to announce that Daxx is one of Ukraine’s top 3 IT employers (200–800 employees category), with a total score of 96 out of 100.

DOU also revealed how Ukrainian tech companies rank in different cities, and in Kharkiv, Daxx came in second. What’s more, Daxx ranked number one in its category when it comes to working conditions.

daxx software development office

Our Clients

Daxx connects a wide range of clients from different industries around the world with top-level software developers. Internet Technology and Services rank first among the industries in which our engineers work (46%), with computer software (11%), marketing (7%), and e-learning (5%) also ranking highly on the list.

Similarly to last year, the majority of our clients in 2016 have been companies from the Netherlands, the UK and the US. However, this year we also entered markets in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and South Africa, as well as further developing our cooperation with firms in Scandinavia.

In 2016, our developers took 40 business trips abroad. We welcomed a number of our clients in our offices in Ukraine too.

We’ve also tried a new cooperation model with our Dutch client Studytube. The company was interested in specialists with extensive JavaScript experience, but since they couldn’t find the right talent on the market, they decided to hire junior programmers and provide them with a three-month long training in Angular 2. As a result, four out of five trainees successfully passed the training and now work at Studytube. A second group is finishing their training right at the start of the new year.

daxx office developers

Stepan Suvorov, the VP of Engineering at Studytube, and part of his development team in Ukraine

Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

Learn how Daxx ensures data, software, network security as well as physical security at Daxx offices.

Our New Services

One of our main priorities in 2016 has been to become a more advanced technology partner for our clients, and make sure their teams are as efficient as ever.

We’ve been offering value-added services, including customer service training, Agile consulting, and process health evaluation, for quite a while now. This year, we’ve expanded our offering with on-demand Agile transformation, advanced JIRA tuning, code review, and a few other services that enhance team productivity and level up our clients’ management skills (contact us if you want to learn more about our value-added services).

sdm services

Our New Team Members

Two new members of staff have joined Daxx in 2016 — Alex Stoelwinder, the COO, and Igor Tkach, the CTO.

Alex’s main responsibilities are to streamline company processes, improve both internal and external operations, and make sure our clients stay satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

Igor’s solid technical background will further elevate the productivity of Daxx’s development teams, facilitate knowledge sharing, implement the most effective and forward-thinking development methodologies, and make sure the technical skills of our clients’ software engineers are exactly what they need.

Alex daxx

igor daxx

Alex Stoelwinder, COO, and Igor Tkach, CTO


Our New Office in Kyiv

Last year we expanded our offices in Dnipro and Kharkiv, and this year, Daxx Kyiv has moved to a more spacious venue. The new office has an area of 1,500 sq m (16,145 sq ft), and is outfitted with several conference rooms, a cozy kitchen, a massage chair, a rest area, and even a Star Wars-themed tennis room.

daxx 2016

Supporting the Local Tech Community

We’ve usually been able to maintain a presence at around a half of the most prominent tech events in Ukraine. This year, we partnered with Azure Day, QA Fest, AI Ukraine, IoT Ukraine, Ruby-C, Kharkiv JS, Agile Eastern Europe, WOW-IT, and many other conferences and meetups.

In addition to supporting local activities, we hosted our very first (but certainly not last) JavaScript event. Use JS, Luke, organized by the Daxx Dnipro employees, was fully booked, with over 60 JavaScript enthusiasts coming to pick the brains of our gurus Oleksii Vagin and Serhii Kshenskyi.

daxx team

daxx meeting

Finally, we’re happy to announce that Daxx has joined the IT Association of Ukraine, which will allow us to become an even more active participant of the Ukrainian tech community, and have a say in nationwide decisions concerning the IT industry in Ukraine.


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Daxx Fun

Our annual parties have achieved a new level of fun and entertainment, especially now that we have a dedicated Happiness Manager. In the summer, we spent weekends swimming, practicing archery, and canoeing. Similarly, New Year’s parties are always held in the nicest restaurants, and now star the most popular entertainers in the city.

daxx team having fun

daxx team fun time

We’ve also enjoyed many proud moments in the sports sector. We’re blessed with some amazing athletes at Daxx, who never let us down on the big stage. Our futsal team finished an excellent second place at the V9KY Tournament, and came third in the DOU IT Cup 2016!

daxx cup

Our developers have also participated in the chess, table tennis, and karting tournaments throughout 2016, and achieved some truly awesome results.

We’ve had a very challenging and progressive year here at Daxx, and are now looking forward to making the most out of 2017. Stay tuned!

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