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Daxx 2015: The Year in Review

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Daxx is celebrating yet another outstanding year in its 16-year history. In 2015, we increased our tech headcount by 30%, ranked as one of the top 5 IT employers in Ukraine, and entered new markets by establishing partnerships with clients from Australia, Finland, Austria, and Singapore.

Daxx 2015 by the Numbers

  • 30% growth in our tech staff for the second year in a row
  • 4 new geographic markets (which means we now have clients in 17 countries)
  • 100% growth in our recruitment team
  • most in-demand skills (based on our hires in 2015 – Front-End Development (22%), PHP (16%), .NET (8%), Ruby (RoR) (7%), Unity3D (6%), Java (4%), iOS (4%).

Our Partners

Our client base now spans a wide range of industries, including software, hi-tech, edtech, fintech, life sciences and healthcare, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, agriculture.

In 2015, we made 200 business trips to meet our partners in the Netherlands, the US, the UK, the UAE, Israel, and other countries, and welcomed them in one of our offices too. Our own internal travel agency helps both our partners and our developers with all of their travel arrangements.

2015 Highlights

Our main priority is to serve our partners in a way that adds maximum value to their business, and we take pride in sharing their success stories. Here are a few highlights from 2015:

  • An Israeli sales intelligence product became the second-highest ranked sales intelligence software on G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform. Its offshore development team built with Daxx includes a Python / Big Data Architect, a Python Back-End Developer, a Front-End / JavaScript Programmer, and a DevOps Expert.
  • A shopping comparison engine from the UAE was recognized as the 2015 Online Startup of the Year by Du Enterprise Agility Awards. The company’s remote software development team consists of an iOS / Android Programmer and a PHP Developer.
  • A Dutch cloud communication solution entered the Belgian market. The company’s been working with Daxx for three years, and its team includes 12 dedicated developers skilled in PHP, JavaScript, and Node.js.
  • Jarrang, a UK-based digital marketing agency and a new partner of ours, expanded its service range with the help of Daxx.
  • An American online store was overwhelmed by the number of orders during last year’s holiday season, but the system handled the demand without problems. Its remote team consists of four Magento Developers.
  • A US-based creator of an e-learning resource for children aged 2–6 increased the size of its offshore development team to 33 Unity3D Developers, PHP Programmers, and UI/UX Designers.
  • The Euretos Knowledge Platform, an innovative Dutch bioinformatics platform used by some of the world’s largest biotech/pharma businesses and academic hospitals, became the broadest life sciences knowledge base on the market. The company’s business continues to grow, and so does its tech team, which now includes 7 Java Developers.

Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

Learn how Daxx ensures data, software, network security as well as physical security at Daxx offices.

Tech and Non-Tech Events

Last year Daxxers attended the majority of Ukraine’s tech events as both listeners and speakers. These include DevDays 2015, SQL Saturday, QA Fest 2015, Java Day 2015, UA Mobi Tech 2015, RubyC_2015, #TRU Kiev 2015, Outsource 2015, and many more.

Realizing the importance of supporting our local IT community, we also took part in multiple non-tech events, which include the DOU IT Cup, the annual IT Chess Tournament, and performed amazingly in the Table Tennis IT Cup Open and City CrossFit Tournament.

Plans for 2016

More and more companies are choosing Ukraine as a destination for hiring software developers. In order to meet the growing demand, our plan for the coming year is to expand our offices so that we can continue helping companies build efficient remote development teams, while making sure our developers are pursuing their professional goals and feel motivated to deliver on what they do best.

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