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2019 in Review: Daxx Launched a Quality Control Service and Received ISO 27001:2013 Certification

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While everyone is busy making their New Year's resolutions for 2020, we decided to tell you about our achievements in 2019. This year, we made it our goal to add a new QC service that allows you to have on-demand quality control. We also continued to improve our security management system, develop our employer brand, and reach our talent retention goals to become a better tech partner for you. Keep reading to find out more about what we accomplished in 2019.

We Launched a Quality Control and Testing Service at Daxx 

We value our clients’ efficiency, which is why we introduced and continue to develop a Quality Control service at Daxx. With this service, our clients can choose a customized QC package that meets their product security and quality requirements, shortens time-to-market, improves customer experience, and prevents the use of excessive resources.

The packages range from small to double extra large. We offer: 

  • Development and test environment setup
  • Manual and automated testing
  • QA automation
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing 

Depending on your project details, the number of testing hours needed and the required testing capacity, our experts will help you identify the package that best fits your needs.  

Our clients appreciate the opportunity to utilize the QC service and have already launched on-demand software testing at their projects. We, in our turn, will keep improving and adding new features to our QC service to help you develop high quality products. 

Daxx Received ISO 27001:2013 Certification  

ISO 27001:2013 certification confirms the high quality of Daxx information security management system. Financial, commercial and any other type of information we keep within our company, including the data of suppliers, coworkers, contractors and clients is protected with strict security measures. 

The certification also proves our company's maturity in terms of data security management. Since many of our clients also have ISO 27001 certification, they feel confident placing their data in our hands. Daxx customers know that their service provider utilizes their information in accordance with high standards.

ISO 27001 is a great addition to the ISO 9001:2015 certification we received back in 2017, and we’re not planning to stop here. We'll keep improving our quality and security management systems and obtaining new certifications to make sure you feel confident working with Daxx. 

Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

Learn how Daxx ensures data, software, network security as well as physical security at Daxx offices.

We Introduced 

We developed a separate website,, where our current and potential software engineers can stay updated on what’s new at Daxx. On this platform, we share news about the company, currently available vacancies, Daxx life in Ukraine, information about our accomplishments, etc.  

We also run a blog where we share industry insights from our Managing Director, HR/Client Managers, and Business Developers along with remote team management advice, hiring tips and global tech market trends. We also share snippets of Daxx teams' daily work life and holiday celebrations to help our clients get the feeling of what it’s like to work in our offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. 

We encourage both software engineers and business owners looking to hire Ukrainian developers to visit and to learn more about our latest news, plans for the future as well as our values, missions, and goals. 

2019 Daxx Growth in Numbers

In 2019, we had two record growth months – August and September. And this achievement isn’t just about recruitment but also about retention. In Kharkiv, we had a month with a zero attrition rate, while in Dnipro, we had 2 full months of zero attrition. 

As a result, our retention rate went up one-and-a-half times compared with the previous year, which proves high engagement and loyalty of our developers. August and September were the ultimate champions by the number of newly employed tech professionals at Daxx throughout the entire company's history. In a word, 2019 was a year of growth for us, and we'll put in even more effort to keep this tradition.

Networking Meet-Ups and Tech Events

In 2019, Daxx hosted five networking meet-ups in the Netherlands which took place in Amsterdam, Vinkeeven, Rotterdam, and Delft. Igor Tkach, Anna Symonenko, Alex Stoelwinder, and Imre Wessels shared their best practices of hiring and managing a remote development team.

daxx networking event netherlands

Visitors of our networking events talked about the main roadblocks that prevent them from hiring software engineers locally. Our experts discussed effective recruitment tactics, the specifics of hiring software engineers in Ukraine, and shared remote team management strategies.  

Daxx Managing Director, Igor Tkach, appeared on the Emmerce Next stage with a speech on "How to Grow Your Business with a Distributed Team?" Igor talked about the rapid growth of the Dutch tech market and the increasing demand for outsourcing among local business owners.

igor tkach on emerce next

We also delivered three webinars this year. These cover a comprehensive guide to hiring remote developers in Ukraine and remote team recruitment and management tips from Igor Tkach. 

New Clients and Interviews 

In 2019, many new clients joined us and built great teams with Daxx. We're always happy to hear feedback from customers, their stories of collaboration with Ukrainian developers, and proven tips on remote team management. Throughout the year, we interviewed four clients – TenderApp, Carerix, RightNow, and Vive.

Let's recall what our clients say about cooperation with Daxx: 

marcel tenderapp
Marcel Hazeleger,
TenderApp Co-Owner

"Daxx team is really dedicated to our project. They don’t have multiple projects in progress, so they don’t need to prioritize. It’s really valuable these days."

 "It's easier to cooperate with Kyiv. Even if you manage to hire in the Netherlands, there will always be the possibility of that person being hunted by the top attractive companies." 

 "Our team in Kyiv is very experienced and the guys know what they are doing. Daxx impressed us not only from the recruitment side, but also with their customer relations."

 "We have the same goals, which creates a special team feeling and I think our Ukrainian developers are a really important part of that."

Client interviews cover a wide range of topics including what drove the client to try remote collaboration, why they decided to work with Daxx and how they set up an effective remote team management routine. They can be especially useful for companies that are currently considering outsourcing, but still need to get more practical advice about remote cooperation. Subscribe to our blog newsletter to stay in the loop with our latest interviews, case studies, articles, and other publications. 

Let's Start 2020 With Renewed Vigour!

We wouldn’t have grown so much in 2019 without the success and the positive feedback of our clients. We'll continue developing our employer brand, improving our business processes, adding new services and writing insightful posts to get even greater results in the coming year and become a better partner for you. See you in 2020!
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