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2018: Daxx Redesigns Website and Adds New Services

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On the verge of its 20th anniversary, Daxx has undergone some great transformations, which testify the company’s maturity, reliability, and readiness for global cooperation. We’ve spent this year focusing on improvement of your user experience and extension of our service offerings to bring more value to your business and support you on each stage of software development lifecycle. Let’s review the results.

New Website

Our fundamental desire of 2018 was to enhance your user experience, which is why we redesigned the old Daxx website and launched a renovated version in December. 
Now you can easily find core information about us, services provided, tech expertise, and case studies on the main page. The sections in the upper right corner will navigate your way through the site and help you find the necessary information easily.

Value-Added Services 

We’ve extended our service offerings to deliver more value, solve a wider scope of issues, and foster your company's growth and development. 
So far Daxx has become a full-fledged tech partner, providing a wide range of services from process consulting and building cross-functional teams to UI/UX design, web/mobile development, testing, and ongoing support. 
Check out new services and see how they can help your business:

Technical Consulting
Select the right tech stack for your business, solve security concerns, or have an outsider’s look at your code base.

Process Consulting 
Get your current processes analyzed, tuned, or even transformed with the help of Launch Workshop, Startup PM, Agile Consulting, or Team Lead Booster.  

Launch Workshop 
Optimize your budget, define an optimal team composition, a staffing plan, a scope, and development timeframe.

Software Security Testing 
Ensure your product is resistant to security breaches, prevent reputation losses, and decrease time-to-market.

Quality Control 
Receive Quality Control assistance, increase testing capacity during peak loads, and prepare for the launch of a product or its new version.

Why Is It Secure to Work with Daxx?

Learn how Daxx ensures data, software, network security as well as physical security at Daxx offices.

Business Domains 

To highlight our main expertise fields, we’ve added a section with industries, where we clearly lay out and characterize key business domains Daxx has considerable experience with, namely Healthcare, E-learning, Fintech, Travel and Hospitality, Telecom, eCommerce
Our company has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects in these industries, which has helped us expand our domain-specific knowledge.
However, it doesn’t limit Daxx capability regarding other industries. We have a strong business development background, which means whatever your domain is, we have all the necessary competence, facilities, and skills to assist you. 


Technologies are our core tools to successfully serve your business regardless of industry.

Daxx has tech expertise in:

Front-end development: JavaScript, Angular, React, Unity3D; 

Back-end development: PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, SQL, Node.js, Zend, Symfony, Scala, Spring, Magento, Drupal, C#,  C/C++

Mobile development (iOS, Android): Xamarin, Ionic; 

Native development: objective-C, Swift, Java.

We have comprehensive experience working with each technology individually and in combination with other ones—tech stack will always depend on your business needs and product specifics. 

It only remains to thank 2018

The above-mentioned accomplishments would have meant nothing if they weren’t all aimed to become better for you, which inspires us to continue fostering user convenience and enriching our tech expertise with new fields and technologies. 

In case you have any questions regarding our services, expertise, or other field of Daxx activity, we'll be pleased to communicate with you and clarify any aspect of cooperation with Daxx. Drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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Olena Herasymchuk

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Olena Herasymchuk is a tech-driven Digital Content Creator at Daxx. She is eager to discover latest trends of the IT world and share valuable insights with the readers of the Daxx blog.

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