Offshore Programmers for Software as a Service Providers: How to Benefit from the Time Difference

Jul 29, 2014

Software as a Service and Cloud Computing are some of the hottest IT trends today. That is not surprising: “renting” software instead of having to buy and maintain it means much less effort and money for the customers, and the idea of accessing every tool and document anywhere, anytime is just as attractive for them.

This popularity is one of the reasons why SaaS companies hire offshore programmers more and more often: on the one hand, they are rapidly growing and need to expand their teams, on the other - with the pretty severe competition, they look for possibilities to reduce the pricing. Offshore programmers become a perfect solution for SaaS providers and cloud computing companies, as they  mean both a big talent pool and lower development and maintenance costs, which allow making the prices more competitive.

The “dedicated programmer offshore” model has its drawbacks, though. Companies that hire offshore developers to create and maintain their products have to deal with the time difference, which can be very inconvenient and becomes an obstacle for communication. But the truth is, with the specifics of SaaS companies, this difference in time actually turns out to be an advantage.

So, how can SaaS providers that use offshore programmer teams benefit from the different time zones?

Better Productivity

The most effective scenario for SaaS companies is combining onsite development staff with offshore programmer teams. Together they will be able to work more hours than the regular 8-hour day: because of the time difference, your offshore developers may pass on completed work to the in-house team as the latter arrives at the office, or vice versa - continue working on an issue after your head office is closed. As a result, much more is done within one day, because the coders are working beyond the regular 8 hours.

Better Customer Service

SaaS providers need extensive technical support teams, since customer requests are much more numerous than for, say, a traditional software vendor. Working across time zones, they can use offshore programmers for support functions to accept requests outside of the main office’s working hours. In-house support staff may also delegate some of the customer requests to the offshore team, and the customer will see the issue resolved overnight. Either way, the difference in time will mean better customer service for the company.

No Time Lost on Holidays

For distributed teams, it’s not just the time that differs: across the time zones, traditions and holidays differ as well. And that can become a huge advantage: while your onshore team enjoys its Christmas holidays, for example, the work continues offshore, so no time is lost.

For Software as a Service providers, the quality of the service is as important as the quality of the software. Offshore programmer teams have a great potential for achieving both. They let SaaS companies create good and affordable products and maintain them 24/7, all year round - and this is where the time difference becomes a major advantage.

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