Why IT Outstaffing Can Save Your Project

Oct 16, 2013

Not all software projects can avoid bad requirements. In fact, not even half of the projects are managed to a successful completion (*). Unclear goals and priorities, unrealistic expectations and not having enough highly skilled professionals are considered to be major causes of IT project failure. 

How can companies tap the benefits of outsourcing (so not just cheap labor), cut their costs and why is Daxx a lighting example of removing the largest bottlenecks in projects by the delivery of an ensured capable IT outstaffing?

The principal benefit of IT outstaffing is the prospect of a team full of top-notch talent that can drive and support a startup’s growth. For example, Daxx operates in Ukraine and the country’s educational system facilitates the booming development of the IT outsourcing sector of recognized standing. On that score no projects will fail due to a lack of developer support. Moreover, a dedicated development team can be assigned to the projects with high flexibility. As a consequence, it is possible to have your development team extended. In this way, you will be able to tackle larger-scale projects and react quickly to the changing situation in the most effective way. A deadline imposed project fiasco can be avoided if you have access to a wealth of highly skilled professionals, who could be added rapidly.

Another advantage of IT outstaffing is the requirement of a careful establishment of corporate goals related to the initiative. Many companies have trouble to prioritize and set expectations of achievement . They cannot effectively assess the desired outcome of the process. But setting this foundation upfront significantly increases the chances of success for the project. As the Dutch market leader for nearshore IT services, Daxx has the ability to help organizations and startups to enhance their performances. It is Daxx´s task to brief the outstaffing team precisely

IT Staffing also helps to make sure the project has clear goals and achievable, objective deliverables. Process managers can identify risk for your business at an early stage, assess their likelihood and set up systems to deal with them. Frequent internal reviews and feedback, and clear communication keep the project well on track or – if necessary – make sure that unrealistic goals could be reset in good time. But again, you need to facilitate access to an outstaffing team for some of the world´s best professional talent  and highly skilled personnel.

Then there is the popular agile (software) development methodology. Since it is based on the principle of frequent, continuous releases of quality software with the timeframe taking just a few weeks.  

Therefore outstaffing can boost enterprise agility. A hybrid agile model makes companies gather reasonably detailed requirements or specific features and especially minimizes the problems in communication since a majority of the execution team is located physically together. But also if you consider to work step by step, a wide range personnel for all positions is strictly recommended.

* According to a PM Solutions research report (2011) 

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