How Web Development Outsourcing Can Boost a Web Studio Business

Jan 28, 2014

The Internet is dominating every industry today, which is great news for web development studios. As long as any business, from a financial corporation to a local candy store, wants to have a website, there is always plenty of work for a web development firm.

The bad news, on the other hand, is that the number of web studios is just as big as the volume of potential work for them. If you Google “web development studio”, you get over 140 millions results. With this severe competition, it’s a challenge for web development firms to win over the customers with attractive pricing and still keep a decent profit margin - especially considering that in-house web developers are pretty high-paid specialists.

So what is a web studio to do? Web development outsourcing is the answer for more and more studios these days. By hiring dedicated web developers in one of the attractive outsourcing destinations, you can boost your web studio business in several ways.

You Can Win More Customers with a Better Price

Of course, the quality of work is the priority for any customer, but most often it’s the price they base their decisions on. If you offer a lower price than your competitor with the same experience and level of expertise, the competitor simply has no chance. Plus, small and medium-sized businesses are always looking to cut down their expenses, so an attractive price is a top factor for them.

Offshore web developers work at rates that are sometimes 50% lower than in Europe or the US, so you can do the math and see what a great price you can offer without reducing your profit margin.

You Can Increase the Profit Margin

With the lower coders’ rates, web development outsourcing allows you to invest less while charging the same price for your services. That way, you increase your profit margin and start earning much more, even if the number of your customers remains the same.

You Can Hire a Valuable Specialist Who’s in Demand

If your web studio is located away from big cities and university centers, the talent pool is somewhat limited. When hiring an in-house developer, you recruit in your local area only. In this case, there is a good chance you won’t find the specialist you need, especially if your team needs an expert in a new or rare technology.

Web development outsourcing offers you millions of developers to choose from, so you can hire dedicated web developers you couldn’t find in your region. An offshore specialist in this or that popular technology can become a valuable asset for your studio, and their expertise may help you win certain projects.

Of course, it’s easier to work with co-located coders, but web development outsourcing offers good opportunities for your business to grow and prosper, so it’s worth the challenge.

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